My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 152

Chuck Cannon shook his head and said that it was not bought, but borrowed. After all, he said ias bought, and Yvette Jordan didn’t believe it either.
What’s more, he said yesterday that he has a BMW. Why would he suddenly buy this car again?
Yvette Jordan was stunned and immediately disappointed. She was not disappointed. This caas not Chuck, but borrowed by disappointment. So Zelda borrowed it?
It should be.
This is indeed a woman’s car. It is very easy to see. It is very clean, and there are traces anragrances left by the woman after driving for a long time. Yvette Jordan has a car, how can iot be seen?
“Well, then drive. Exam today. You have to go early,” Yvette Jordan fastened his seat belt.
Chuck Cannon nodded naturally and drove to school. He didn’t expect much from the exam thiime. It seems that Yvette Jordan still had to make up for himself during the summer vacation.
Chuck Cannon thought this way, and his heart blossomed. Why is this a plot of island movies.
“Hello, husband, what are you thinking?” Yvette Jordan whispered, feeling scalp numb, hoould Chuck Cannon laugh so lasciviously? Are you thinking about that kind of thing again?
Queenie, who was sitting in the back, saw Chuck expression through the rearview mirror. Shnderstood it instantly. Chuck Cannon was thinking wildly. Who is this fantasizing about?
Queenie was thinking about Yvette Jordan, or, to help himself that night?
“It’s nothing.” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to do it quickly, but he was so excited to think about it.
If his wife wore a uniform or something, she would make up for herself, then…
Yvette Song tone.
However, Chuck Cannon also saw Queenie through the rearview mirror, and Chuck Cannon wambarrassed. The two looked at each other, and suddenly Chuck Cannon thought of that excitinight.
Yvette Jordan was sleeping in bed, and he and her…
Chuck Cannon sighed, Queenie immediately bowed his head, daring to look at Chuck, it seemehat the two thought of going together.
The atmosphere in the car became awkward, but Yvette Jordan didn’t even realize it.
Soon to the school parking lot, Queenie knew that Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan were a pair.
Of course, he said that he would avoid the classroom first.
After she left, Chuck Cannon said, “Wife, think about it, buy a car, and I will buy a car for you.”
“No, husband, I have to work hard on the exam today!” Yvette Jordan wanted to get off, but
Chuck Cannon pulled her.
Yvette Jordan was nervous, but this is the school parking lot, what is it for?
“Her husband, here is the school.” Yvette Jordan whispered.
“I should take an exam today, shouldn’t you encourage me?” Chuck Cannon means of course that
Yvette Jordan took the initiative to come and kiss him.
Yvette Jordan blushed, “I can’t pass the exam, but should I encourage? No,”
Yvette Jordan drove out, but found no one around, she said, “Her husband, work hard! If thxam can pass, I encourage you.”
Chuck Cannon is speechless, this is still okay, he did not read it seriously, how? Although hanted this encouragement.
“Just work hard. I’m going to the office. Go to the classroom and don’t run around.”
She turned and walked to her office. Today she is going to take the exam. Chuck Cannon lookt Yvette Jordan’s back. The hips of these tight jeans are really perfect.
Chuck Cannon smiled, but this is his wife.
He opened the door and came down, but…
“Ah, I think who it is, Chuck Cannon in our class will actually drive. Whose one does this caorrow?” A discordant voice sounded.
Chuck Cannon gave him a glance. This is Guo Zifan, a classmate who has a car in his class.
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of him, and left.
Guo Zifan snorted and glanced around the Buick, “Huh, poor ghost, can you afford gas?”
When Chuck Cannon was on the road, she called Betty and asked her to help contact a junioigh school. Queenie’s sister had to continue studying. Although she had already taken the exam,
it was enough to wait for the school to start half a year.
Betty asked for the name and said that the young master would wait.
When Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and came to the classroom, the students looked at hiontemptuously.
Guo Zifan’s eyes were even more disdainful, but he told Chuck Cannon about driving a secondhand car, which immediately aroused the mockery of the whole class.
“Look at who is coming, Chuck Cannon in our class also has a car family.”
“Haha, now everyone has a car. What’s the matter of driving a second-hand Buick? If you havn accident, you can take it down.
“I see, borrowed, where can he afford a car? Don’t say 30,000 or 40,000. It’s hard to buy alectric car. It’s definitely borrowed, but it’s worth bumping a few thousand pieces? But you havo pay for it. If you drive a car once and pretend to force it, you have to take thousands of risks,
tens of thousands of risks, and you have a lot of courage?”
These classmates ridiculed, they really laughed at Chuck Cannon when they got a chance. Whalled Chuck Celian and Hua Lu Youwen came to him? Who do not despise him, despise?
Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, so he made his seat and prepared for the exam.
“Oh, if you don’t speak, I’ll say you borrowed it. Haha, I bumped into it. I don’t know if I havoney to pay.” Guo Zifan said disdainfully.
“If there is no money to pay, then shamelessly telling the owner that it won’t be over withouoney?”
“Haha, this method is good, it is estimated that Chuck Cannon thought this way when borrowin car,”
The whole class laughed.
“Her mother can’t finish it? People can drive a BMW. Will her mother not be able to pay for a
Buick?” Lara was looking at the phone for review and was disgusted by these disgusting voices.
Although she didn’t know how Chuck Cannon suddenly opened Buick, but she was angry, shas thinking, Chuck Cannon pretended to be poor, who is this to be soaked?
Chuck Cannon glanced at her, and Lara hurriedly bowed her head, and his heart was awkward,
bad, and he said that he was leaking. Should he not be angry and want to send his own photos?
Lara was anxious.
“BMW? Haha, Chuck have BMW? Lara, are you going to laugh at me?” Guo Zifan mocked eveore.
“Isn’t Chuck Cannon driving a Buick? When did I drive a BMW? Why didn’t I see it? Let hiee the BMW!”
“Isn’t it a BMW electric car? When I passed an electric car store a few days ago, I saw a “BMW”
electric car that you can arbitrarily label. Anyone can match the key with Rolls-Royce. Lara yoon’t Would it be this kind of car?”
“Haha, I think so.”
The students in the class all looked at Lara and laughed.
Queenie muttered to himself, Chuck Cannon opened the BMW? What BMW?
Lara was red-faced, she didn’t dare to say that she secretly looked at Chuck Ce, and she founhat Chuck Cannon was expressionless. Indeed, Chuck Cannon was getting angry, and he wanteo speak, but Lara spoke first, “I’m chaotic Say, don’t believe it.”
She thought Chuck Cannon was angry with her, so she hurried to clarify.
Chuck Cannon was speechless.
“I’ll say, Chuck Cannon can drive a BMW? What’s the difference with a sow on a tree? If Chuck
Cannon has a BMW, Lao Tzu immediately goes to eat Xiang!” a classmate said vowedly.
Chuck Cannon glanced at him, this guy wanted to eat so much?
The phone vibrated a little, and Chuck Cannon turned on the phone, it was a message sent by
Lara Chuck Ce. I didn’t mean it just now. It’s really not. You should never send me fruit photos.
Chuck Cannon looked at Lara in front of her. She turned back to pleading eyes, and Chuck
Cannon ignored her.
Lara was even more anxious. She felt uneasy in her heart. Chuck Cannon begged you not to.
At this moment.
“It’s time for the exam!”
It was Yvette Jordan who supervised the exam. She came in with the test paper and all helassmates got serious.
Chuck Cannon looked at the test paper for a few times. He looked up at Yvette Jordan, hixpression was awkward, and Yvette Jordan was funny. He told you not to work hard.
All the students were struggling to write a book, only Chuck Cannon struggled to think about it.
It was really the reason why he didn’t study so much. Over half of the exam time, Queenie nexo him threw a note, Chuck Cannon caught it subconsciously and looked up at Yvette Yi. Nan.
She stared at Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon smiled wryly and was found.
Hearing Yvette Jordan humming faintly, she looked down and pretended not to see…
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, happy in your heart, wife, you are so kind.
Chuck Cannon hurriedly finished copying, it seems that he must study hard in the second half ohe year.
Yvette Jordan, who was sitting on the podium, looked at WeChat, only to find that the “locayrant” actually confiscated the money, and the money was refunded to her account. Yvette
Jordan accidentally sent a message to the “local tyrant” and asked him why he did not accept it.
Chuck Cannon felt the phone moved, he secretly took out his phone and found Yvette Jordan,
but… Chuck Cannon suddenly heard the sound of high-heeled shoes, he subconsciously lookep and found that Yvette Jordan came towards himself …

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