My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 157

“Chuck Ce, come here, take us in to play.” A female student glared at Chuck Ce.
The other students were looking forward to Chuck Ce. How could everyone be classmates?
Chuck Cannon would definitely agree.
“You want to play, you have to open the private room and play, everyone should be enough.”
Chuck Cannon said this, and went out with Queenie.
“Sir, go slowly!” The front desk smiled.
The remaining classmates are dumbfounded, what’s going on? Why is he like this, all classmates,
actually did not bring classmates to play? !
“Hey, Chuck Ce, come back!”
“Damn, Chuck Cannon is abominable!”
“Yeah, it’s awful, they are all classmates, what are you doing so seriously? Just now, you have tquat leader to kneel, and you have to go to Liu Xiang to eat Chess. People are playing tricks.
What’s the truth about Chuck Ce? Really sick! Race.”
“Yes! I see, Chuck Cannon is deliberate! Take us as classmates! We are still in the same class fo year!”
“Alas, people also have intentional capital. This gold card holder is really his, this is really og.”
“I see, Chuck Cannon became a dog and licked the rich second-generation Wang Wei just now,
so there will be a gold card!”
“Yeah, I think it is like this. People like Chuck Cannon have been like this for a lifetime. The onho climbs the flames is licking the dog. Last time I picked up the money, it was reallisgusting.
“Ah, forget it, everyone is here, do you want to spend money together to play?”
“I don’t want to play! It could have been free, why do I need to pay now? I’m gone.”
“me too!”
The students in the class left one after another, and Guo Zifan gradually recovered, he sneered, iurned out that he did this by licking the dog!
I said to someone like you, how could someone give a gold card to a poor ratio?
“Don’t pretend to be your mother, Chuck Cannon is gone,” Guo Zifan looked contemptuously ahe classmate who was lying on the ground and still pretending to be dead.
The classmate got up and was afraid, “I was scared to death just now, let me go to eat Xiang,
Chuck Cannon is really cruel, her mother and I played with him, he actually took it!? Suceople have… …”

It was too late, Chuck Cannon and Queenie ate something together, and then Chuck Cannon took
Queenie away.
Send Queenie back first, then pick up Yvette Jordan.
While in the car, Queenie said that she was going to work part-time and had to make money parttime, otherwise the tuition fees for the second half of the year would not fall. Anyway, when shas on vacation, she could directly find a job for two months.
“I will help you,” Chuck Cannon said.
“No, you have helped me enough, and I really don’t need it,” Queenie said very quietly, but has very serious.
Chuck Cannon is helpless, Queenie is simple, and has his own perseverance and self-esteem.
At this point, Chuck Cannon understood that if she helped her, she would feel humble.
“Also, I’m going to move out of Teacher Yvette’s house these past few days,” Queenihispered. She didn’t want to trouble Teacher Yvette. Although Teacher Yvette didn’t mind, ias bad.
“Move out? I’ll find a place for you… Don’t refuse, you should have no money to rent a housow.” Chuck Cannon said, he had planned for a long time, bought Yvette Jordan’s house for song, it was empty. It is better to live with Queenie and her sister.
“But…” Queenie’s voice was very low. Chuck Cannon was right. Queenie didn’t have muconey to rent a house. “Chuck Ce, you, you are so good to me, I really don’t know how to repaou…”
She said here, her heart is also tangled.
Except for the kind of remuneration that helped him that night, she really didn’t know what kinf remuneration she had to use, but Chuck Cannon had Mr. Yvette Jordan as a girlfriend, and sheeded to help herself?
It can only be said that it feels different, and when you change your feelings, you will let yourselo that.
The atmosphere became awkward because of this sentence.
Chuck Cannon glanced at her hand, and the two stared at each other.
Queenie blushed, he looked at himself, did he want to? ?
Queenie is nervous. Isn’t this sorry Mr. Yvette! But I can’t refuse it.
Chuck Cannon hurried to continue to drive seriously and shook his head, “Don’t think about it,
you just have to live first, you can read smart, and you will make a lot of money later.”
Really, Queenie is clever. If she graduated from college, it would be good to let her help managther industries.
“Well,” Queenie nodded.
“Then tomorrow I will take you to the place where I said,” Chuck Cannon said, she left, then
Chuck Cannon can live at Yvette Jordan’s house, do nothing.
“This is your friend’s place?” Queenie asked.
“It’s true,”
“Then I will take me there now, anyway, it’s still too early, I don’t want to trouble Teacher
Yvette, neither of you…”
“Now?” Chuck Cannon was surprised, but it was not too late. It used to be over there. Tonight,
they hit the floor and buy furniture and the like for them tomorrow.
“All right,” Chuck Cannon nodded.
Soon Chuck Cannon took Queenie back to Yvette Jordan’s house. Queenie came out of the cand immediately went to pick up things with her sister. The original things were nothing. Soohe two came down and sat back in the car again. Chuck Cannon took them Before the two weno Yvette Jordan’s house.
It is also coming soon.
Queenie was surprised that she had never been to this community, but looking at the rent thahould be quite expensive, she took her sister out of the car, followed Chuck Cannon upstairs,
opened the door, and the three entered.
Queenie was surprised, this house is very good, which friend of Chuck Ce?
“You wait a minute, I’ll go down and buy you quilts and daily necessities.” Chuck Cannon saihat he had gone downstairs.
“Sister, this home is so beautiful,”
Queenie also nodded, and after more than ten minutes, Chuck Cannon came back with somethinn his hands, and simply helped to clean up. Chuck Cannon said that they would rest assured thahey should stay calm, and Yvette Jordan would not come back here again, it’s fine, this Thouse, Chuck Cannon did not intend to tell Yvette Jordan that he bought it.
Chuck Cannon thought this way, simply said a few words, and went downstairs. He had to pick
Yvette Jordan.
Queenie sat on the bed, wondering what he was thinking…
She sighed, except for that, how can she repay him?

Chuck Cannon opened the community, called Yvette Jordan, and asked her where she was.
Yvette Jordan said that at the door of a restaurant, their teacher had just finished the meal. Chuck
Cannon asked her to wait for a while, and he would arrive immediately.
Hanging up the phone, Chuck Cemei was mad, Queenie moved out today, then…tonight…Chuck
Cannon was helpless thinking of this, but her mother must exercise!
Yvette Jordan must see himself with a strong body!
At the door of the hotel, Yvette Jordan and the teacher came out and had a holiday. She coullso put herself into the operation of her company. Her heart was relaxed and nervous.
“Teacher Yvette, you didn’t drive today?” one teacher asked.
“No, my car crashed, and I sold it,” Yvette Jordan said. He sold more than 20,000 yuan. Yvette
Jordan was particularly distressed, but it was better than nothing. After buying the car, it woule fine to do the bus anyway. Did you do it when you didn’t have a car?
“Then I will send you back.” The vice-principal of the school was speaking. He drove a
Mercedes-Benz, and sent the beauty back, which was enough.
“No, I have someone to pick me up.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.
“Take it? As far as I know, Teacher Yvette doesn’t have a boyfriend!” The vice principal smiled,
and the other teachers who walked out with him naturally left consciously. Everyone knows whahis means.
The vice principal always wanted to get along with Yvette Jordan, but Yvette Jordan ignoreim.
The other teachers left.
“I have no boyfriend,” Yvette Jordan shook his head, but I had a husband.
“Then I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ll send you back.” The vice principal smiled, which implieimself?
Yvette Jordan glanced at him and wanted to talk, but the phone in her pocket rang. She took iut and took a look. It was Chuck Ce. She answered, “My husband, I am at the door,”
The vice-principal didn’t come to school usually, and didn’t know Chuck Ce.
“Well, I’m here soon? Then I’ll wait for you.” Yvette Jordan hung up the phone.
The vice principal frowned, husband? When did Yvette Jordan get married? Impossible, heesume is unmarried, hum, I want to see who your husband is? The vice principal sneered, anoon he saw a car approaching this way. After seeing the car logo, he was disdainful. It turneut to be Buick!
Poor ghost!

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