My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 16

“You’re just pretending, aren’t you? Who are you to have dinner in Moderm Restaurant?”
Lara Jean was very happy. She was angry that she had sacrificed herself for nothing just now. But now, she was overjoyed to see Yvette Jordan despise Chuck Cannon.
Did he really think that by picking up a few trashy dollars, he could forget the nature of being a poor man? He was just a loser, it was hilarious!
Conrad Lee’s face was contorted with a mixture of loathe and joy. Still pretending? He won’t be able to any longer now!
“Chuck Cannon, you’ve disappointed me too much!” Yvette shook her head with disgust in her eyes. She knew that he was working part-time at the agency, but was the money from his part-time job enough for him to come here to spend? He was definitely lying to her!
What’s more, he was talking so big about spending money. In his world of lies, he really would not have any success in his life. Yvette was truly disappointed.
It was the right decision to stop him from sleeping in her own bed.
“Well, guess what? You’ve also let me down!” Chuck shook his head.
She was just like a docile woman, speaking softly to Baller in such a sweet and soft tone, even begging Baller to come meet her. However, towards himself, her attitude was so different just like the difference between heaven and earth. She was always disappointed in him, like a vengeful woman always coming after him.
If Yvette knew that the two people she faced with two different attitudes were actually him, what would she think? Chuck suddenly did not want to argue anymore.
“You’re disappointed with me? You are not qualified to say that! If you say you are here for dinner, where is the message for the VIP room reservation? Show me your proof!” Yvette retorted coldly.
“I don’t have any proof.” Chuck shook his head.
“Have you ever been to a high-end place? This kind of place needs to be reserved, but you don’t have to. You have the privilege, because you are a waiter here!” Lara did not miss any chance to ridicule him.
“That’s right. It is a privilege for you since a waiter just comes in and clean the VIP room. At least, you can come in and go out at will. Unlike us, we have to make troublesome arrangements just to reserve a seat to eat here. Chuck definitely has it much easier. You can just come in with a dirty rag. Once you take off your clothes, you can pretend to be eating here. Just so simple! I envy you.” Conrad mocked.
“Teacher, he used his identity as a waiter here to simply call girls over, and even pretended to spend money here as a customer. I only came because I felt he was pitiful, but who knew he was a person like this! Teacher, let’s go. Ignore such trash!” Lara said to Yvette arrogantly.
Yvette was deeply displeased. “You don’t even have a reservation text message. How can you be so self-righteous? You lie so naturally without even thinking it through. Remember, when you lie next time, check it out first. There is no seat without a reservation. Do your research more, then your lies will sound more legitimate.”
After saying that, Yvette turned away and left. Lara scowled at Chuck and pulled Conrad outside by his arms.
But precisely then, a tall and beautiful woman walked in confidently. Her red lips parted to reveal a cool, unfazed voice. “Miss, who said that there is no seat here without a reservation?”
“Who are you?” Yvette frowned. She did not know this woman, but the woman’s temperament told her that she was not simple.
“Hello, my name is Zelda Maine!” The beautiful woman said.
“Zelda Maine? Are you the owner of this restaurant?” Yvette was surprised. She usually invited people for dinner here. How could she not know this?
But what was she doing here?
“Yes.” Zelda nodded. “Miss, our restaurant’s VIP guests don’t need to book. There will be seats for them anytime.”
“Well, I know that.” Yvette nodded.
Lara couldn’t help sneering. Did the manager just say that Chuck is a VIP here? How could it be possible?
She had never been here to spend money, but she also knew what conditions she needed to become the VIP of a restaurant. First of all, the expenditure must reach their standard. For a restaurant of this level, it would cost at least 300,000 dollars to be a VIP!
Chuck had always been poor. It was only recently that his luck took a turn and he managed to pick up some money, but it was only 20,000 dollars. Even if he spent all of it, he was still far from the standards of the restaurant’s VIP guests!
How could it be? She looked down on Chuck even more. Seriously, even if he asked other employees to cooperate with his acting, he had to do some research on his own too! Lara felt that the word “VIP” now had a derogatory meaning.
Hearing the laughter, Zelda glanced at Lara and asked gently, “Were you going to complain about our employees just now?”
“That’s right, it’s me! It’s so nice being a waiter here!”
Lara sneered, “A waiter actually managed to make other employees cooperate with him to lie to us, even saying something like he was just here to eat….”
Yvette looked at Chuck disappointingly.
“So you think this gentleman in front of you is a waiter here?” Zelda asked calmly.
“Of course! Look at his cheap clothes. He doesn’t look like a customer who can spend half a day here. He is definitely a waiter. As a boss, I think you should severely punish staffs with this kind of behavior! He should be fired immediately!” Lara’s voice toned down, full of the pleasure of revenge!
“Sorry, I can’t do that.” Zelda shook her head.
“As a boss, you still want to side with your employees in front of your customers? Well, the way Modern Restaurant deals with this really shows us customers some things. Isn’t the customer always right? Now employees are godly correct instead? Haha, so rare!” Lara snickered.
“First of all, you are not our customer”, Zelda retorted calmly.
“You…. Why do you say I’m not a customer here?” Lara was angry.
“Secondly, he’s not an employee here, but a VIP in our restaurant! That’s why I can’t fire him!” Zelda glanced at Chuck as she spoke. Chuck was a little surprised.
Yvette’s expression changed, a hint of astonishment appearing on her pretty face. She couldn’t help but gawk at Chuck, and she was even more surprised by him. It was because she suddenly realized that Chuck was so calm. If he encountered such a situation previously, he would have panicked and try to look for help from others pleadingly. But, today was different. It seemed that he had changed…. He was weirdly confident.
What was going on?
Lara widened her eyes and tried to cover up her shock, “Do you think I will believe it? People like him, a VIP of your restaurant? Do you really think I don’t know the standards for VIPs in your restaurant? If you don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you would never get the title of VIP. If he is your VIP, then your restaurant is not as high-end as I thought, maybe even low-end! Because if a garbage like this can become a VIP of this restaurant, it means that you’ve abandoned the word high-end.”
Conrad chuckled slyly. She’s just adding oil to the fire. Why didn’t she fire Chuck earlier? What’s there to pretend?
“You’re right. The VIP room needs a large sum of money, but this gentleman is my friend. As my friend, can’t he be a VIP?” Zelda’s expression did not change, and her tone was still so indifferent.
Conrad was surprised that Chuck was Zelda’s friend. After all, his father was an interior designer who did many high-end restaurants such as the one owned by Zelda. How could such a person think that Chuck was a friend? Conrad found it incredibly impossible!
Yvette was surprised. She didn’t expect his words were true. He really came here for dinner. Was she jumping into conclusions?
She examined Chuck once again, her eyes scanning his expression carefully. For some unknown reason, she felt that he has suddenly changed. The confidence that he had was something she had never seen before. Chuck was changing…..
Lara frowned and glanced at Chuck. “You know such a friend? Look at his cheap clothes. Don’t you think it is a disgrace to know such a person?”
“I don’t think so.” Zelda glanced at Lara.
Lara was so angry that she clenched her teeth in frustration. How could it be possible? She didn’t even know such a rich person, so how would Chuck know her? Lara was envious. After all, Zelda’s politeness to Chuck was obviously genuine. He really knew such a rich person!
Lara was going crazy.
“So this gentleman is a VIP, he doesn’t need a booking. How can I fire a VIP?” Zelda looked at Yvette, but her sentence was actually directed towards Lara. Lara’s face turned red. She felt so embarrassed today.
Yvette was silent. “Well then, how do you two know each other?”

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