My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 161

“Wife, don’t need it.” Chuck Cannon smiled and went to his mother’s hotel. How could he ushe money?
Chuck Cannon thought he would take Yvette Jordan directly to the top floor to see his mother.
Seeing your mother, this kind of belief that you are rich second generation, right? And it is stiluper rich second generation, and Yvette Jordan is so beautiful, my mother will definitely like ihen she sees it.
“Husband, how about holding it?” Yvette Jordan is very serious. Although she is quite poor now,
but this is her company’s business, how can she let her husband pay for dinner?
What’s more, it’s not cheap to eat in a five-star hotel. Thousands of thousands are the norm.
What’s more, she has never been to a five-star hotel with Chuck Ce, and now wants to have ood meal with him.
“Husband, I know you have money recently, but use mine. I am older than you. I must use minecause I have to take good care of you.” Yvette Jordan continued.
Chuck Cannon was moved by this sentence. Yvette Jordan really said this when he was a child.
At that time, he was seven or eight years old, and he didn’t understand anything. However,
Chuck Cannon liked to hug her at night, and Yvette Jordan didn’t refuse. , Let Chuck Cannoug for so long.
But Chuck Cannon had no choice but to keep it and go downstairs with Yvette Jordan.
parking lot.
Two women, President Yan and President Cao, are waiting.
“You said they would really invite us to eat in a five-star hotel?” Mr. Cao was a little skeptical.
How did she say that when she came down, the consumption of five-star hotels was not cheap.
Yvette Jordan would be so generous ?
“It should be right, our two businesses are not small, please invite us to eat in a five-star hotel,
shouldn’t we?” President Yan shook his head, should this be okay?
“Yes, but invited Buick to invite us to eat in a five-star hotel, which is a bit pretending, but I likt. You pretend to be your pretender, and I eat my food, there is no conflict.” Mr. Cao smiled.
“I wonder, they want us to introduce some customers, so they are so generous.”
“It’s okay to introduce customers. It’s just a matter of waiting for only one or two thousand. Iou eat five or six thousand, seven or eight thousand, you can introduce a few,”
“Hee hee, I think so too. Oh, I remembered it. I still have an old friend here. I simply asked heo come over and eat.” Yan always thought of something.
Last time she promised a friend to invite her to dinner, and now it happens, anyway, go to a fivestar hotel to eat, call this friend and have face, why not do it?
“Will they agree with this? After all, if there is one more person, there will be hundreds or evehousands.” President Cao hesitated.
“She doesn’t agree to try it? I don’t agree, I will leave immediately,” President Yan said with ip. “Anyway, just one more person, isn’t it just a pair of chopsticks, what’s the matter?”
“It’s nothing, but…”
“Don’t be it, I’ll just say it myself. I’m here. I don’t agree. Don’t tell me to introduce customers,
even if I don’t give her this business. I won’t do anything basic. Ah?” President Yan shook hiead, very serious.
“Well, shh, don’t say it first, they are here,” Cao said, and the two shut up.
At this time, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan had come down. Chuck Cannon pressed the locnd the door opened, and everyone sat up.
Chuck Cannon was going to drive, but General Yan, who was sitting in the back, said, “Waiirst, President Yvette, I just have a friend here. I told her to come over for dinner together,
should you be fine?”
Yvette Jordan was stunned, and Chuck Cannon was stunned.
“Mr. Yvette, anyway, my friend didn’t eat too much, but when he came, he just added a pair ohopsticks.” President Yan continued, his tone was a little haughty, hum, you don’t agree, I wilet off now.
More than one person is unwilling. Such a person, she always does not want to deal with more,
too stingy.
Yvette Jordan smiled after being silent, “Yes, you can call your friends now,”
President Yan smiled, and was still reluctant to be a man, okay, our company employee trainins here for you.
She took out her mobile phone, found a number, and dialed it. It was quickly connected. “Hey,
Mr. Zheng, it’s me. I’m in the sea… No, no, I’ll invite you to dinner, just a few Friends together,
are you in the company? I’ll come over to pick you up, okay, okay, you’ll be downstairs in thompany in about ten minutes and wait, I’ll almost be there, um…”
When the phone hung up, Mr. Yan was satisfied, “Go and pick someone downstairs in R&F
Building, my friend is waiting there,”
Chuck Cannon nodded. He knew that there were many companies over there. If Mr. Yan saihat the person is also the boss of the company, that would be fine.
Soon the car arrived at R&F Building. President Yan called and asked where she was. Soon
Chuck Cannon saw a young woman with a charming charm coming here, but her eyes were ittle contemptuous, as if she looked down on the car.
President Yan got off the bus and greeted him. After the woman came in, she saw Chuck Cannond Yvette Jordan driving, frowning. “I said Lao Yan, where are you going to invite me to eat? I
don’t go anywhere. ”
“Five-star hotel.” Yan said, and then nodded to Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannon nodded and drovilently to his mother’s hotel.
“Five-star hotels are almost the same, but there are many fake five-star hotels now. You have te optimistic about Lao Yan. Don’t go to a fake five-star hotel to eat. The money is spent and thood is not tasty. That’s not worth it.” This woman Said.
Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, and drove to his mother’s hotel.
“No, I must be the only one who eats in a five-star hotel, rest assured.” President Yan is satisfied,
because she has seen a building from afar, a very good building, should this be the hotel?
Unexpectedly, Yvette Jordan was quite generous.
“Almost coming soon?” Mr. Yan leaned over and signaled that he would eat here. After all, hompressive was the building in front of him?
Mr. Cao was also very satisfied. She saw the name of this hotel.
President Zheng’s eyes flicked out, “Here? Barely, can I? I’ve been there a few times before, it’ot bad.”
“It’s good if it’s good, OK, just here, just go in and park it.” Yan said.
Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon and was curious. Is this a hotel? Chuck Cannon shoois head, “Not yet!”
“I haven’t arrived yet?” President Yan frowned. This hotel she took a fancy. There must be a facn eating here. She could see that the eyes of General Zheng who she called were visible, and thepresentative was also satisfied with it.
“Well, still a little ahead.” Chuck Cannon said.
“A little ahead? There are some garbage hotels in front,” said Mr. Zheng, disappointed. The fooere is delicious. She just heard that it was here. She was very satisfied, but she is not here now?
Do you go to the garbage hotel to eat? How ugly!
Mr. Yan is a little unhappy. Why doesn’t Chuck Cannon have any eyesight? Can’t you see thaou want to eat here? What a magnificent building, it’s great to take a few photos and send it tour circle of friends.
“There are still good hotels in front.” Chuck Cannon said. Yvette Jordan had doubts in his eyes,
but it soon became apparent, which hotel?
“My friends have said that they are gone. Now you turn around and go to the restaurant yoassed by just now.” Mr. Yan told me that I felt very shameless. I went to a general hotel to eat.
Why did she ask her? lose face.
“There is a five-star hotel in front.” Chuck Cannon was helpless.
President Yan leaned back and murmured in his heart. I see where you found me a five-staotel.
Don’t try to fool me with a garbage hotel!
President Zheng is also particularly unhappy. Where else is there a five-star hotel? Huh, eating eal is still deceiving, when you have no knowledge?
“Hey, there is a building in front of it that is so tall, it looks so impressive.” Mr. Cao, who hadn’aid much, couldn’t help but speak.
President Yan and President Zheng looked out, their eyes brightened.
Both of them are knowledgeable. This building looks several times larger than the atmospherust passing by. The trouble is to eat here?
President Yan wondered, “Well, it’s good.”
Mr. Zheng was pleasantly surprised. She hadn’t been to this hotel yet. She was quite famouome time ago. She always wanted to come here, but I heard that the consumption is not low, buhe food is delicious.
“Old Yan, is this?” President Zheng smiled, looking forward to his tone.
Mr. Yan was proud, feeling that the face was back, she nodded, “Yes, this is the place, drive in,
we will eat here.”

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