My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 165

Yvette Jordan was particularly moved. Does Chuck Cannon want to buy a car foimself? However, how expensive it is to buy a car now!
She hesitated, “Husband, you…”
“You said it yourself, you must not refuse it,” Chuck Cannon said.
Yvette Jordan put the soup bowl in his hand, then reached over and hugged Chuck Ce, anhispered, “Husband, you are so kind to me…”
Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan was so pure, and so embracing himself, Chuck Cannoidn’t even have any evil thoughts.
“Then you agreed?”
“Well, I promised, but I will decide what car to buy, otherwise I will not agree,”
“it is good.”
After the two had finished the soup, Chuck Cannon said to go now. Anyway, it was still early.
Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to buy a car for Yvette Jordan. Maybe he also liked it, and he couluy his third car!
“Is it good tomorrow? I will have a meeting in the company this afternoon.” Yvette Jordahispered, worried that it would dispel Chuck Ce’s mood.
“Tomorrow?” Chuck Cannon hesitated and promised Zelda to go home with her tomorrow. Ihouldn’t work tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
“Have you a problem tomorrow? Well, the day after tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan said.
So empathetic, Chuck Cannon suddenly felt sorry for Yvette Jordan, and should not agree to
Zelda’s request, but Chuck Cannon was really bad at refusing, he had already started, and let
Zelda’s mother Liu Meili think that she was Zelda’s boyfriend Too.
Chuck Cannon sighed.
“Well, the day after tomorrow.”
Chuck Cannon said, anyway, I will go tomorrow. I will come back after dinner. If I don’t spenhe night, I should be able to come back all night.
“Okay, husband, then I’m going to the company,” Yvette Jordan opened the car door, waved to
Chuck Ce, and she returned to the company.
She sat down and looked at her cell phone and car. She screened 50,000 to 80,000 cars.
“Mercedes-Benz BMW can’t be watched. It’s too expensive. It’s better to buy a cheaper car. I’lake money later and buy it again. No, I’ll make money to buy one for my husband.”
Yvette Jordan watched it for a while, and took a fancy to more than 70,000 Volkswagens. Thiar is ok. Yvette Jordan liked it at a glance. She was sure, she didn’t look at anything else, shurned off her mobile phone, she thought sweet.
“Her husband, you buy me this time, I will buy you a BMW and a sports car next time,”
She thought so, looking forward to Chuck Cannon buying a car for her. The day after tomorrow,
hurry up, I can’t wait, my husband will buy a car for me…
Yvette Jordan was very happy. She could not help Chuck Cannon to show her immediately. Ahis time, someone knocked on the door in the office, and Yvette Jordan said.
It was Queenie who opened the door. She had to come over and talk to Teacher Yvette, thanou and thank you. After all, there was no farewell last night.
“Teacher Yvette,” Queenie walked in.
Yvette Jordan smiled, and Queenie looked good.
“Well, where did Chuck Cannon look for you?” Yvette Jordan wondered.
“It seems to be… I don’t remember.” Queenie thought about it and said, she really didn’t read it.
“It’s okay, I’ll see where you live in a few days.” Yvette Jordan would be relieved so much. Shas curious. Where did Chuck Cannon look for Queenie?

Chuck Cannon came out of the square and first went to the furniture city to order some simplurniture for the house where Queenie lived. How could Queenie live there would not make heoo wronged.
A total of more than 30,000 yuan was spent, and there are still forty or fifty thousand yuan in thard. When buying a car for Yvette Jordan the day after tomorrow, he must definitely call hiother to make money.
Looking at more than three o’clock, Chuck Cannon simply used navigation to find the boxinym introduced by his mother. He was looking forward to it, but the result made Chuck Cannoarticularly surprised. Chuck Cannon thought it was in a large gym or there was Your own biign.
However, this boxing gym is particularly remote and the signboards are relatively old, but mother is definitely looking for it.
He walked into the boxing gym. There were many people practicing in the humble interior. Alf them were strong and tall. Chuck Cannon was a little dazed after seeing it. The room was fulf sandbags.
“Hey, who are you looking for?” A woman looked over, her voice blamed, and Chuck Cannoalked over and said her name directly. The woman looked up and down at Chuck Ce, “You are
Chuck Ce?”
“Yes,” Chuck Cannon was particularly surprised. The woman in front of her had extremely shorair, and her skin was a bit dark because of exercise. However, the facial features are pretty, anhe has a very good figure, especially the waist, which is very thin, but the legs, hands, and ook Knowing that it is particularly explosive, this is a master.
“Come here,” the woman said, and Chuck Cannon walked aside. The woman squatted down, af wearing knee pads, and brought a circle of cloth to Chuck Ce, but there seemed to be iroeads inside.
It’s a bit heavy, it should be leg training.
“It’s one kilogram, don’t take it down when you take it with you,” the woman said.
“Always carry?” Chuck Cete surprised.
“Yes, your mother usually brought thirty kilograms of things on her body, and never relaxed.”
The woman said.
Chuck Cannon was scared, could his mother bring such a heavy thing? Why didn’t I see it at all!
“Your mom studied a metal in Miguo State-owned Technology Company. It’s not big. It can alse used as a wristband watch, but it’s very heavy. Your mom brought that metal,” the womaontinued.
Chuck Cannon was really shocked. His mother is also a boxing master? This… isn’t she oman?
Chuck Cannon is unimaginable. My mother has money and can still fight. This…
“Okay, let me tell you, at least three times a week, every half day, now teach you the most basioxing moves, and then you start to exercise, your physique looks okay, but does not resiseating, you must exercise , “The woman is very serious.
Of course, Chuck Cannon did not have any objections. This is an opportunity to improve herself.
You must work hard. Then the woman began to teach Chuck Ce.
This woman is called Dragon King, a very man’s name. She personally taught Chuck Cannon take others in the boxing gym look envious.
Of course Chuck Cannon does not care about this, and works very hard, but the first day came, ias a simple move, and then exercise. The Dragon King emphasized physical fitness, and Chuck
Cannon is currently not up to standard.
When it was more than eight o’clock in the evening, the Dragon King let Chuck Cannon go bacnd sat in the car. Chuck Cannon was shaking all over, as if his limbs were not his own, so tired.
Chuck Cannon drove to pick up Yvette Jordan, and when he arrived at the square, Yvette Jordaas surprised to see Chuck Ce’s soaked appearance. “Her husband, what’s wrong with you?”
“I’m learning boxing,” Chuck Cannon paralyzed in a car seat, feeling weak.
Yvette Jordan was shocked, boxing? She sat in the car, Chuck Cannon drove her back, Chuck
Cannon took a bath, and fell asleep on the sofa. It was so exhausting that Chuck Cannon didn’ave any idea.
Yvette Jordan came out of the bathroom and looked at Chuck Ce, who was sleeping shirtless.
She walked over with a smile and covered Chuck Cannon with a quilt. “Husband, good night…”
Early the next morning, after Chuck Cannon sent Yvette Jordan to the square, Chuck Cannoold her that he might come back later today because he was going home with Zelda.
Yvette Jordan thought that Chuck Cannon was going to learn boxing again, so let Chuck Cannoay attention and don’t hurt your body.
Chuck Cannon said a little guilty. After she joined the company, Chuck Cannon called Zelda.
Zelda said she was in the square. Chuck Cannon was surprised, and soon Zelda took the elevator.
Today Zelda is very beautiful. The tight jeans outline a charming curve. Heels and casual suitre really charming.
Zelda was upset last night, thinking that Chuck Cannon would be in trouble. She didn’t worrntil she received a call from Chuck Cannon just now.
Zelda sat in the car, and a scent came in. Chuck Cannon coughed. Isn’t it tempting for Zelda tress like this?
“Don’t mess around, you are exercising recently and you can’t give up your efforts,” Zelda said.
Chuck Cannon was speechless and asked where was her home? Zelda said it wasn’t too far away.
Chuck Cannon was relieved for an hour and a half. He was too far away. He could not buy
Yvette Jordan tomorrow.
Zelda saw Chuck Ce’s legs shaking, was this the consequence of last night…?
“Chuck Ce, you last night…” Zelda whispered, what could he do with Yvette Jordan?
Chuck Cannon understood and shook his head bitterly, “No, I went to learn boxing yesterday.”
“Boxing?” Zelda surprised. “What are you doing boxing?”
“It’s simple, I want to be the strongest man!” Chuck Ce’s eyes widened!

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