My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 167

All relatives in their own family look down on Chuck Ce, which makes Liu Meili feel annoyend can’t look up. Why do these relatives think Chuck Cannon has no ability?
Everyone thinks Chuck Ce’s square is fake, will Chuck Ce’s square definitely lose money?
Liu Meili sighed and didn’t know how to explain it.
“Second Uncle, Third Uncle, don’t say that, Zelda’s boyfriend square is good.” Liu Meili shooer head.
“Yeah, the three of us watched it last time. Although the square is not big, but it is very powerfuor a young man. Zelda boyfriend not only has a square, but also…” said the young woman iight jeans. Suddenly realized that it was too embarrassing to say the last thing that broke thase, so she shut up.
“What else?” a relative asked.
“Also, he is good anyway, a phone can solve many things,” the young woman in skinny jeanouted.
“Solve many things? What did you solve?”
“Solve, solve…” The young woman in skinny jeans is no longer in support, should I say it, it’s tombarrassing to say it.
The young woman in hot pants immediately pestered her, Liu Meili’s face was unnatural, and shouldn’t say the last thing.
The three women did not speak.
Can’t tell?
These relatives shook their heads. At this time, it doesn’t matter who has any relationship. Call tolve some trivial matters. What is this skill?
At best it was a fluke to know a few people.
Alas, why is Zelda in such a good condition that he will find such a boyfriend?
They feel so pity.
Isn’t this a flower on cow dung?
“Are there any squares,” a relative asked. Liu Meili and three people are so supportive. Who stilelieves this?
“Yes, there is.” Liu Meili said quickly.
“Beautiful, everyone is a relative, and it is all for the sake of Zelda, there is no need to engage ihat set.” A relative sighed and shook his head.
Everyone is a family, so why lie for face?
Now that you can’t get around with this lie now?
Everyone sighed, and felt that Chuck Cannon was even more disagreeable. This was totally Gao
Pan, which let others know that he had such a relative, and his face was not bright.
Liu Meili is in a hurry, why is it getting worse?
“My daughter’s boyfriend really has a square. He is next to several schools. I went to…”
“Come on, beautiful, don’t say that, he has a square!”
“Yeah, don’t say it, we all believe it.”
Several relatives sighed and shook their heads. Where is this letter? This is totally catered terfunctory.
Liu Meili was even more anxious, and her two girlfriends were helpless.
The whole atmosphere became awkward.
After Liu Shiyu and her boyfriend Han Wenqing looked at each other, he smiled and Han
Wenqing was proud.
Zelda felt even more sorry for Chuck Ce. Today she brought Chuck Cannon here to fill thcene. She did not expect her family of relatives to look down on Chuck Cannon so much.
Zelda looked at Chuck Ce, showing an apologetic expression, and felt distressed in his heart.
This boy, who was a freshman, was so despised by his relatives.
Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter. Anyway, after lunch, his job of pretending to be Zelda’s boyfriens finished, and he can go back today. After all, Chuck Cannon himself can’t wait to buy a car for
Yvette Jordan tomorrow.
“Come on, don’t talk about it. You already know Zelda’s boyfriend. Let’s eat, everyone iungry.” A relative suggested that he had no interest in talking about Chuck Cannon anyway.
“Well, it’s boring, eat, eat.”
Other relatives also said that Liu Meili sighed and arranged for the relatives to sit down foinner.
“Chuck Ce, let’s eat.” Zelda whispered, she all embraced Chuck Cannon to comfort him a bit,
how to say she was ten years older than Chuck Ce.
I think it should be done, but there are too many people. Why is she so embarrassed?
“Well.” Chuck Cannon nodded, not counting it in the morning, but now it is indeed hungry.
Everyone is seated.
Zelda whispered to her mother, what about father? Why is dad not here when it is so importanoday? Liu Meili said that there are important business to talk about temporarily.
Zelda exclaimed.
The dishes came up quickly, Chuck Cannon looked quite appetizing and was ready to eat.
At this time, Liu Shiyu said, “Wenqing had a friend from a French winery who gave him threottles of Lafite from 1982. Today’s special situation, I took a bottle. Several uncles and auntave to try it. ”
Han Wenqing took out the wine in the bag, the packaging is exquisite, and it has a very sense ohe age. Before opening the wine bottle, a kind of wine scent will be released. This is really Rafn 1982!
“Wow, I’m blessed today,”
“Wow, I want to drink this wine for too long. I usually drink some fake, authentic Frencineries, absolutely authentic!”
“Shi Yu, your boyfriend is really good, has the ability!”
Several relatives were immediately excited, Liu Shiyu smiled, Han Wenqing opened the bottlith a smile, and with a bang, the fragrance came out.
“Aunts and uncles, wait a minute to wake up and wake up, so it tastes better.” Han Wenqing said.
The relatives present can’t wait, this authentic Rafi is hard to drink.
When the wine was awake, Han Wenqing poured wine for everyone with a smile. When heached Zelda, Han Wenqing said, “Drink it, this wine is very good,”
“Thank you, I will have to drive while I can’t drink.” Zelda shook his head.
“Well, then your boyfriend can drink a little, such wine is not often drinkable,” Han Wenqinooked at Chuck Cannon and said that he had poured a little to the glass in front of Chuck Ce.
Zelda frowned, how could this sentence be so twisted?
“This wine is really thick and good wine!” said a relative.
“Wenqing, thanks, let me drink such a good wine today.”
A few relatives were particularly happy and felt that it was good to come here, with good wine.
Liu Meili felt that she couldn’t lift her head and was messed up today. She thought abountroducing Chuck Ce. But she didn’t expect her relatives to look down on Chuck Ce. Now heimelight has been robbed by Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend.
She was a little ashamed and bowed her head to eat silently.
Her two girlfriends are even harder to say.
“Come on, Chuck Ce, let’s have a drink!” Han Wenqing raised his glass.
Chuck Cannon nodded and the two clink glasses.
“How is it?” Han Wenqing asked with a smile.
“It’s delicious, sweet.” Chuck Cannon said, he had a good drink before, just drank a little lasime, but this wine is very delicious, Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to deny it.
The relatives on the table laughed, all ridiculously.
Will you drink? Rafi in 1982, did you drink it and said it was sweet?
Han Wenqing smiled, but also felt pride in himself, this wine was wasted for him.
“Since it feels sweet, then drink more.” Han Wenqing said.
Several relatives shook their heads and looked down on Chuck Cannon even more. They didn’ven know how to drink red wine, or the square owner? Who believes this?
Sure enough, it was just for the sake of face, it must be a student, a student with little money.
Liu Meili blushed, “Everyone eats food, otherwise it will be cold,”
“By the way, Chuck Ce, what is the name of your square? I still know a lot of square owners.
You said that I should know,” Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend Han Wenqing continued, and the relativen the table appreciated him. , He felt very cool.
“Small Square, you don’t know what you said,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, eating, jusanting to finish eating quickly.
“You said I would know, everyone is a family, let’s talk about it, we will go to your square tlay it!” Han Wenqing continued, unfortunately other relatives, I can’t tell the lie?
Both Liu Meili and her two girlfriends looked at Chuck Ce, and everyone else looked at Chuck
Ce. They couldn’t tell it, because they lied.
“City Square.” Chuck Cannon said.
“The City Square in Haishi?” Han Wenqing suddenly smiled, a little weird.
Other relatives are curious, what’s wrong?
“Yes.” Chuck Cannon nodded.
“I happen to know the boss of this square. I went there once last year, but the boss doesn’t seeo be you. Wang Hao, Wang Hao is the boss of the city square!” Han Wenqing said with a smile,
it was a coincidence, it was a lie. Speaking of things you know, this is bad luck for you!
“What? It’s really not his.”
“Ah, is it necessary to lie?”
“Now young people, their mouths are full of lies!”
Relatives on the table sighed and shook their heads, even feeling a little angry. Why did a liar eaith them?

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