My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 168

Han Wenqing’s words are very clear. The boss of the city square is not Chuck Ce, but Wang
Relatives on the table had a lot of discussions and looked down on Chuck Cannon even more.
Liu Meili froze with her two girlfriends. Isn’t the square owner Chuck Ce?
This should not be possible, but Han Wenqing’s words are not wrong, so what is going on?
“Then your news is too ill-informed, Chuck Cannon has turned the city square down long ago,”
Zelda was angry, but the boss in front of the square said it personally. She was also surprisehen she heard it, but now she believes it completely Too.
“is it?”
Han Wenqing smiled, “Although the city square is not big, but the land is still very expensive,
and the whole turn down, it is impossible without six or seven billion!”
“Sixty-seven million? So expensive!”
“That’s absolutely impossible for him. Where does he look like he can pay so much money?”
“Alas, this cowhide must be blown at least to make people believe it. It is blown out now, it’oring,”
Several relatives sighed and sneered, especially the last sentence, which made Liu Meili feembarrassed. What is going on?
Isn’t the city square Chuck Ce?
Her two girlfriends were even more surprised, “No, are there any misunderstandings?”
“I think so, Chuck Cannon should be the owner of the square. Otherwise, how could he solve throblem of breaking the vase last time?”
The two girlfriends said that Liu Meili felt better, which may be misunderstood.
They looked at Chuck Ce.
“Zelda, can you explain it? The city square can be followed by ordinary people? Six to seveillion is not a small number. For too many people, it is an astronomical number that is difficulo reach in a lifetime, I think Isn’t Chuck Cannon wrong? He just drank too much and said thame of his square is wrong. You let him think about it again…think clearly and say it again.”
Han Wenqing laughed deeper, his tone was Mocked.
Zelda was particularly angry. Wasn’t it obvious that Chuck Cefa was bragging about drinking?
“What else do you think? The square is his.” Zelda was serious.
Han Wenqing twitched his lips, which was a disdain.
“Zelda, stop talking.” A relative shook his head.
“We all know your boyfriend, don’t talk about it, it’s really boring to talk about it, but uncle,
some words today have to talk about, young people down to earth, don’t talk nonsense all day,
such people, no Worth trusting for life, think about it!”
“Yes, if Wen Qing didn’t know many people, knowing what the boss of this square has otheeople, we may have been deceived by him. In front of our elders, we still talk so much, and wan usually imagine it. Alas, I don’t want to sit down with him for dinner.”
The relatives present were all disappointed. Zelda was particularly wronged. Why didn’t yoelieve it? The owner of the square was really Chuck Ce.
“Zelda, let me introduce you to a good one, and it is divided now! He, we don’t like it, we are seceiving, and we can’t keep cheating you all day long, you will be very painful.” Anotheelative said .
“Auntie.” Zelda’s eyes were red and angry.
She saw disappointment on her mother Liu Meili’s face. Indeed, Liu Meili was disappointed.
Chuck Cannon didn’t say anything to make her doubt, she was disappointed.
Even her two girlfriends wondered what was going on?
Zelda felt pain in his heart, and felt sorry for Chuck Cannon today. He must have been wrongen his heart!
Zelda stood up and bit her lip, not wanting to let the aggrieved tears flow out, “Chuck Ce, let’o.”
“Zelda, let him go by himself, we are all a family, all right!”
“Yes, let him go. The person who opened his mouth is a lie. Don’t stay here.”
Several relatives said.
Chuck Cannon looked up and saw Zelda wronged. He suddenly wanted to comfort her. Whaoes this woman who has helped herself twice look like in her heart?
Chuck Cannon didn’t know herself, anyway, seeing her crying at this time, Chuck Cannoanted to comfort her.
This may be because my brother comforts my sister!
“It’s okay, I haven’t finished this meal yet!” Chuck Cannon said, holding her hand and let her siown.
Zelda’s tears came out, mainly because I was sorry for Chuck Ce. It should have been a gooeal, but actually got the situation now.
At this moment, Zelda decided that if Chuck Cannon made any request at this time, she woulgree, as long as he mentions…all, she would agree!
“How about, you still have a face sitting here?” Han Wenqing smiled, and a man running a traiull of mouths was not worthy of his smile.
“I haven’t finished my meal yet, I’m hungry, I want to add a dish.” Chuck Cannon said, took ouis mobile phone and made a phone call, “Sister Li, I eat at Yipintang and want to eat the disheou said yesterday, I can eat Here?…Well, did that dish? Well, well, it’s just as good as a total oifteen people. Well, then I’ll wait for you.”
The phone hung up.
Chuck Cannon put away his phone.
The relatives on the table frowned, adding vegetables? Call for takeaway? This is Yipintang, but’s a luxury resort, but takeaways are not available!
Still talking nonsense!
“Wait, I added a dish and delivered it within 20 minutes.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Yeah.” Zelda bit her lip and nodded.
“Auntie, wait a minute, this dish is very good!” Chuck Cannon said to Liu Meili and the three ohem.
The three of them nodded with sighs.
“Add food? Don’t be so troublesome, what do you want to eat, I invite you, but you have to go tnother table to eat.” Han Wenqing said.
“You may not be able to order the food I added,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Can’t call it? What a joke, did you eat anything in this class? You said!” Han Wenqing sneered.
There are so many dishes in Huaxia, what dishes does he have that can’t be called?
“Forget it, isn’t it a waste of money to invite him to dinner?” Liu Shiyu pulled his boyfriend.
She can be seen as the boyfriend of Zelda. She doesn’t have the ability to pretend to force her.
She said the name of a square. It wasn’t for a long time. What more food do she say now? Shan’t stand it anymore, how could she eat with such a person?
“Just lose it and feed the dog!” Han Wenqing sneered. “Say, don’t you say anything you added,
roast chicken or duck…”
“My name was steamed yellow-lip fish just now, but…” Chuck Cannon said.
“What? Steamed yellow-lip fish?” Han Wenqing disdains. He must know the yellow-lip fish.
This is really priceless. It’s more than ten thousand pounds, and you can’t buy it. Just call thiish?
“This kid is talking again!”
“Yeah, I grew up so much, I have heard of yellow-lipped fish, but I have never eaten it. This disosts 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, and it doesn’t cost us a catty. With so many of us, each one of uas no chopsticks. ”
“Alas, how did Zelda find such a boyfriend, opening his mouth is a lie!”
A few relatives are disgusted, think, if you add vegetables, just add them. What else do you sabout yellow-lip fish? You tell others to believe this lie!
Liu Meili and the three of them were surprised. How could Zelda not know the yellow lip fishen he was a restaurant? How did Chuck Cannon get it?
“How did you get this dish?” Han Wenqing said, he can get it, but it’s too far. It takes two houro come here, let alone say it.
“Just call,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Haha! Are you kidding me? Well, if you take a step back 10,000 steps, you can get it, but it wilake a few hours to ship it. Do you let us wait for you for a few hours?” Han Wenqing disdain.
“Within twenty minutes.” Chuck Cannon said.
“It’s nonsense!”
A relative yelled, “This is Yipintang. The whole resort is Yipintang. It is a mountainous area thaas been developed. It will take you more than 30 minutes to drive here. Why do you call it in 20
Chuck Cannon glanced at him, “Uncle, right? It’s very simple, there is more than one kind oransportation in the world.”
“It’s more than a vehicle, but you’re talking about bicycles? Electric cars?” Han Wenqinneered.
Liu Meili blushed and felt ashamed, she sighed, how could it be like this today!
“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“No? Then tell me what tools are there?” Han Wenqing laughed and mocked, but at this time, oaring sound suddenly came from the far side, like thunder, and quickly spread. Over here.
The relatives on the table froze, and some other people who ate nearby also froze, looking ouubconsciously.
“Look! What is this!”
Someone’s fingers were stunned, because in the distance, a black spot flew towards here.

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