My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 170

“How do you want to eat? Auntie? What do you mean?” Chuck Cannon looked at Liu Meili.
The relatives on the table have been stunned for a long time, even the kitchen king, even thitchen king is coming. Who is Zelda’s boyfriend?
They are silent! It was completely shocked by a series of things today.
Han Wenqing’s face was even paler, the kind of powerless white, he thought he was rich enough,
he could get such a big yellow lip fish, but he could not get the helicopter to send the yellow liish!
What’s more, there is more than 900,000 pieces of fish glue, as well as the chef king who camver to cook, this…
He can’t do it at all. In such a moment, Han Wenqing smiled bitterly in his heart. What was he iront of such a person? Not shit!
Liu Meili was somewhat flattered, and the envious eyes in her relatives made her happy. Shalked intermittently, “Chuck Ce, you, you have decided.”
“What about the two aunts?” Chuck Cannon looked at the young women in tight jeans and hoants.
The two of them were stunned, and soon recovered, and quickly said, “You, you have decided,
listen to you.”
“Hey, Chuck Ce, do you have a face-lifting? Do it according to the method of face-lifting, sucn expensive fish glue, I have never eaten it…” The young woman in tight jeans looked forward.
Chuck Cannon smiled and then asked the chef king, “Is it possible?”
“Yes,” the chef nodded.
“That Chuck Ce, can you give me a little bit, I want to give my daughter a little bit, just a littlit,” the young woman in hot pants came over and looked forward to Chuck Ce.
The two women are still good today, Chuck Cannon nodded, “Okay, wait for the chef king teave you some.”
“Thank you.” The young hot pants surprised.
Other relatives on the table were envious. Three pounds of fish glue was more than 900,000. Jusne or two or two was more than 100,000.
Chef Wang asked others, Chuck Cannon said whatever you want. Anyway, the materials havlready been delivered. There is certainly no problem with the cooking skills of his chef Wang,
just wait.
“Yes, then wait.” The chef nodded. The four men with ingredients followed the chef to thitchen of Yipintang.
“Wait a minute,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Okay, okay, Chuck Ce, you are amazing! I have heard of fish glue, but I have never eaten it,
thank you.”
“Yeah, I haven’t eaten such expensive things in my life, it’s all up to you!”
Relatives on the table have greatly changed Chuck Ce. Helicopters sent millions of ingredientver, and let the chef king come to cook. Is this what ordinary people can do?
square? What if they are not the square owner? Don’t even think about a square!
Chuck Cannon smiled and shook his head. Zelda looked at the man sitting next to him. He had weet feeling in his heart. He seemed to really like him…
Liu Meili was so happy. The relatives’ admiration gave her a bright face. She really felt that heaughter’s vision was so good this time.
Liu Shiyu stared blankly at Chuck Ce, and then looked at her boyfriend next to her. She suddenlelt that the gap was too big. She sighed, how could she find a boyfriend who is not such erson? One million for a meal, which really shocked her. You know that the most expensiveal that Han Wenqing took her to eat was only more than two thousand. It can’t be compareogether!
I didn’t expect that my cousin was so lucky, and found such a rich boyfriend, Liu Shiyu sighed,
she looked at Han Wenqing around him, his face was ugly, she was even more unhappy, hum,
bring a bottle of red wine, why not Bring a little more?
“Oh, when are you going to get married!”
“I think it will be better soon. Zelda’s boyfriend is good, very good. Get married early!”
Relatives began to say this. Zelda blushed and bowed her head to not speak. She looked at Chuck
Cannon secretly, but found that his smile was a little stiff. Zelda lost her heart and sighed.
The dishes are up.
The scent made the nearby guests salivate, and some people even came to take pictures and ator more than an hour. All the dishes were finished. This was made by the chef king. It waelicious.
“Today’s food is so delicious, I will never forget it in my life.”
“Yeah, the fish glue just slipped and slipped. It was absolutely beautiful after eating.”
“By the way, Chuck Ce, your square is in the sea market, then I have time to play with it.”
Several relatives admired, staring at Chuck Ce, as if still wanting to have dinner…
Of course, Liu Meili made a few words of courtesy and was ready to leave at checkout, but thoss of Yipintang came over in person and said that he was exempt from the bill.
The relatives on the table were even more surprised. Even the boss came out in person. Chuck
Ce’s face was too big!
Han Wenqing felt that he could not lift his head. The boss of Yipintang was also very rich. Hame out like this, and he was very kind to Chuck Cannon throughout the journey, just likabies are kind to old people…
“That master, let’s go back first.” One of them said.
Chuck Cannon nodded, and the four of them took the helicopter to leave under the watch of otheuests. The chef came over and said a few words to Chuck Ce, asking how was the dish jusow? Chuck Cannon thought it was particularly delicious. Chef Wang smiled and said that heeded any instructions at any time, and gave Chuck Cannon a business card.
Chuck Cannon put it away, thinking that there must be a chance to use it.
Everyone came out of Yipintang, and other relatives left enviously.
Liu Meili and her two girlfriends pulled Chuck Cannon and Zelda.
“Sometimes come back. Don’t go back tonight. Tomorrow. Let’s go tomorrow.” Liu Meili held
Zelda, what a joke? Just leave after eating? Where does this seem to go home? It’s like thiefore you get married. Will you come back after getting married? ?
“Mom, there is still something over there in my restaurant, and there is something over Chuck
Cannon Square. I have to go back today.” Zelda said, but she agreed to go back to Chuck Cannooday. How can she say something?
“Both of you are bosses. Is there anything you need to deal with in person? You can’t sanything today! You must go home!” Liu Meili looked serious.
“Yeah, don’t leave today. It’s not a matter of urgency for the restaurant square.” Her twirlfriends also catered.
Zelda was very helpless. She looked at Chuck Cannon and felt very embarrassed. Chuck Cannohought about it. Forget it, Liu Meili and the three of them would definitely not let themselveeave. They stayed for one night today and went back tomorrow morning. Buy a car for Yvette
“Okay, auntie, we won’t go back today.” Chuck Cannon said.
Zelda accident, not going back? “Chuck Ce, you…”
She was touched suddenly. Chuck Cannon didn’t embarrass herself, so to say so?
“It’s okay, go back tomorrow.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“Well.” Zelda lowered his head, happy in his heart.
“Well, let’s go home!” Liu Meili smiled.
Or Zelda drove, Chuck Cannon was sitting, and after arriving home, Liu Meili said, “Tonighou will live in the room where Zelda lived.”
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, and Zelda also felt embarrassed. How did the two sleep? When
Zelda just came, he thought that his mother would definitely do this, but now she really does.
“You two go in, Zelda, you take Chuck Cannon in to see what you need, and tell me now, I’ll but,” Liu Meili urged.
The two girlfriends also said, “Go, drive for so long, and get tired, go to bed early.”
Zelda bit his lip, Chuck Cannon didn’t matter anyway, anyway, sleeping in a room, it wouldn’t bver without doing that kind of thing? Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan have been like this foo long.
“En.” Chuck Cannon nodded.
Zelda’s face was even redder, did he really agree? Then at night…
The two entered the room and had to say that the room where the woman had lived was fragrant,
the door was closed, and the room was very quiet, with only the sound of two people’eartbeats.
“Chuck Ce” Zelda whispered.
“Sister Zelda, I’m sleeping on the floor today, don’t worry,” Chuck Cannon said, anyway, it’s fino sleep on the ground in this weather, and there are blankets on the ground, so it’s comfortable tall asleep.
“Don’t you sleep on the bed, I sleep on the ground.” Zelda shook his head, how could Chuck
Cannon sleep on the ground? What if I catch a cold? Then she will be distressed.
“Sister Zelda, don’t argue with me,” Chuck Cannon laughed and sat directly on the ground,
letting a woman sleep on the ground, Chuck Cannon could not do it.
Zelda bit her lip, “Actually, you also sleep in bed, I don’t mind at all, just to see you… think about.”

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