My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 173

Yvette Jordan reached out and wiped away her tears. She couldn’t cry in front of these people.
She absolutely couldn’t. She bit her lip and endured it.
Climbing up, she was kicked a few feet and felt very painful. The woman said that her belly waregnant. In this case, Yvette Jordan felt certain that she could not stay any longer. After leavinere, she did not speak. She just felt around. The wind blows pain on the face.
She was slapped twice in a row, blushing and numb.
She just came here to check out the car. How did she think this would happen?
At this moment, Yvette Jordan saw the woman’s angry husband supporting her, and shemembered Chuck Ce. She murmured, “Husband, you didn’t come today because you are busy?
Well, are you busy, I wait for you……”
“It’s not too fast! I hurt my baby, my mother will find someone to die you!” The salesmaneered with a cold face.
Such a woman is spreading goods all over, looking at the car or looking at the cheapest. She doeot believe that Yvette Jordan will have any background, maybe she came to rub the aionditioner.
“Come on, you didn’t come to see the car, how could you be ashamed to look at the car?”
“That’s right, fortunately, Xiaohua baby is fine, if something happens, we will call the policmmediately!”
The other salespersons also spoke, and it was really not like having encountered such a customer.
Why would you want to beat a pregnant woman? Why is it so vicious?
Yvette Jordan looked down at her shoes, the heels were broken, she took off her shoes, and lefere barefoot. There were too many people here, and she could not do anything at all.
She walked to the street, and there was an endless road in front of her. The people passing bearby saw a beautiful woman so embarrassed, looking sideways, pointing, ridiculed, despised,
and more surprised…
At this moment, Yvette Jordan, who was alone around her, burst into tears. She took out heobile phone and found Chuck Ce’s number. She was surrounded by tears and kept looking aer eyes. She did not dial. , Just look at it.
“Beauty, what’s wrong with you? Do you need help?” A handsome guy came over with concern.
“No, I have a husband.”
Yvette Jordan shook her head and she walked with her shoes in hand.
“Husband, you are not here today, it must be because of something, forgot, or busy, then you arusy with you…” Yvette Jordan went to the place where she was unkempt, her clothes werroken, and her shoes were broken , How to return to the company like this? She is going back…
“Alas, how can I make my wife like this with a husband?” The handsome guy sighed.
“Hum, finally gone.” The salesperson snorted softly. She had looked down on Yvette Jordaery much. She just wanted to beat herself. When she was found, she said she had something oer skirt and something from Nima.
“Wife, are you okay? Would you like to go to the hospital for examination?” The manager camver and touched her belly with his hand, as if feeling the movement of the baby inside.
“My husband, only three months old, I can’t feel it,” the salesperson was sweet.
“I’m not afraid that you were scared just now and moved your fetal qi?” said the manager. At thame time, he was relieved. He just wanted to continue to fight Yvette Jordan and dare to movis wife? When you don’t exist!
“No, the woman with the pen is not scared of me just now, hum, sneak attack in front of me? Thext time she dare to come over, I will definitely fan her!” The salesman said coldly, just such oman, she can do any one Hit three or four.
“However, if she walked so fast, would she secretly call the police?” The manager said afteesitation, after all, it seemed not very good to hit people.
“What are you afraid of? The silly woman dared to call the police. My mother saw her call ince,” the salesperson said, disdained. “Again, she was wrong, and she came to call me? It’s heault to call the police. As for calling someone over, how many people can come over because oer stupidity? When I hit her just now, I didn’t dare to say anything, and I made up the baords to know what kind of garbage she was.”
She didn’t believe that Yvette Jordan could call someone over. Besides, wouldn’t she call it? Noo mention so many people in the shop, she dare to call? Dare to make trouble here, she dare! !
The salesperson sneered.
“Okay, don’t be angry for such a stupidity, it’s not worth it, what if the fetal gas is moved? Let’o to the lounge to rest for a while, by the way…” The manager also thought it was because hhought about it and was beaten. The person who walks directly is the bottom of the society, whas no strength and no background.
He said, his eyes were shining, just because he was in the lounge, so he would get pregnant.
The salesperson was shy, “Her husband, I’m pregnant for three months. What’s the matter, will ie all right?”
“No. Wife, let’s go. I was angry just now. I have to vent.” The manager took her and walkenside. But he is the biggest manager. Who dares to say?
The salesperson looked forward to it. She thought that Yvette Jordan had come well, and she waappy, and now…
“Don’t watch it,” the manager said.
The other salespersons dispersed, but still muttering, “The woman just now, even pregnanomen, must be beaten. It is conceivable, where is the garbage? If anyone marries such oman, it would be a downfall of eight lives. Moldy.”
“A woman like her is only suitable for usual fun. Get married? Don’t die.”
They said one thing, he said one sentence, believing that Yvette Jordan was a joke.

Chuck Cannon woke up in a daze, and it was too late last night, causing him to sleep late. Hpened his eyes and found that Zelda was lying in his arms and sleeping, like a sleeping man.
Like a kitten.
Opening your eyes, you see such a picture. Chuck Cannon is more puzzled than embarrassed.
Zelda, a strong woman who fell asleep, was so cute. Although she was 30 years old, her skin wao different from a girl. This is the reason why she usually maintains and exercises. At this time,
Chuck Cannon has the most say. Really put it down.
However, this posture is rather ambiguous. Chuck Cannon has a dim sum. After all, he is also ormal man with big beautiful women in his arms.
Chuck Cannon shook his head, he couldn’t be sorry for Yvette Jordan, no, he moved his bodarefully, but Zelda woke up, and the two watched so closely, close at hand.
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, Zelda felt something, smiled, she said, “Young people aroung people, this morning…”
She said, Chuck Cannon was even more embarrassed, “Sister Zelda…”
“Do you want to?” Zelda said.
Chuck Cannon shook his head, of course she understood what she meant, “Let’s get up and gut, it’s time for breakfast.”
You must go back, Yvette Jordan should be waiting for himself at home.
“What anxiety, your body is much more honest than your mouth,” Zelda said. Last night, sheally never slept so sweetly, embracing a man, that kind of security is too good, this kind oeauty is last night Chuck Cannon gave her.
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed and speechless.
Fortunately, Zelda didn’t go on. She left Chuck Cehuai, sat up, stretched, and she didn’t want tet up.
“Okay, don’t tease you, you go to the bath first, let’s go to dinner,” Zelda said.
Chuck Cannon nodded and got up, went to the bathroom to take a shower with cold water, but huddenly remembered a problem, last night seemed to have a spring dream, then…
Zelda tidied up the bed, but when she saw what was on the sheets, she was stunned, and shhuckled, “I am not good for this fool, it is the sister who helped you, I did not want to pesteou, Ugh……”
Zelda said with a sigh, she collected the sheets and had to wash them.
After Chuck Cannon took a shower, he walked out awkwardly and saw that the sheets were seside. “Sister Zelda, I…”
“It’s okay, the young man’s anger is normal, especially normal, don’t think about it.” Zeldmiled, she came over to arrange clothes for Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannon was at a loss, buventually did not back away.
“You are so young, it’s normal to have ideas,” said Zelda. Chuck Cannon relaxed. Zeldncouraged him a lot. Chuck Cannon also believed that he would become stronger and stronger.
“Then go out for dinner, my mother should prepare the meal.”
“En.” Chuck Cannon also felt hungry, but he looked at the time subconsciously, he was startled,
actually two o’clock in the afternoon? Oops, today is the day to buy a car for Yvette Jordan!

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