My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 179

After seeing this message on the screen of Chuck Ce’s mobile phone, Yvette Jordan was verurprised and a little lost. As a classmate, Lara added you on WeChat, but you didn’t add me.
Yvette Jordan didn’t continue to watch, but it was a bit strange in his heart. Lara actually owed
Chuck Cannon the money? And what about Chuck Cannon going to her shop?
Shaking her head, the more she thought about Yvette Jordan’s headache, she simply didn’t wano, and soon Chuck Cannon came out to take a shower, and Yvette Jordan blushed.
Chuck Cannon said that he was going to practice boxing, so that his muscles were obvious, anis abdominal muscles were one by one. Yvette Jordan felt nervous in his heart.
Thinking about your husband’s nervousness?
When he came over, Chuck Cannon was sore all over, and practicing boxing was really a painfurocess. However, when he thought that he could immediately learn to fight with his mother,
Chuck Cannon was excited, at least it should become like Betty, a fight More than ten!
“My wife, I’m asleep…” Chuck Cannon was lying on the sofa. He was really tired and fell asleep.
After a while, Chuck Cannon fell asleep.
“Are you tired? Have a good rest.” Yvette Jordan smiled, stretched out his hand and covered thlanket with Chuck Ce, then went to take a shower.
After taking a shower, she hesitated and wanted to go back to the room, but thought of sleepinext to Chuck Cannon last night. She was so relieved that she crept over and sat next to Chuck
Ce, looking at his angular face, Yvette Jordan Blushing together and kissed Chuck Ce.
Is she ashamed to be a nympho?
“Husband, good night.” Yvette Jordan leaned on Chuck Cannon and closed his eyes, feelinweet in his heart…

In the morning, Chuck Cannon opened her eyes and saw that Yvette Jordan was actually sleepinn her arms. Chuck Cannon smiled. Yvette Jordan was wearing a pajamas and her body waooming, especially her face, which was full of collagen, which could be blown off, skin serfect.
My wife is beautiful.
Yvette Jordan opened his eyes and saw Chuck Cannon looking at herself so straight, the red shrushed on her face became an apple, her heart was particularly nervous, and her body was stiff.
“My husband, early, I’ll make breakfast.” Yvette Jordan got up from Chuck Ce’s arms, Chuck
Cannon just hugged her like this, and looked at her like that, not letting go.
Yvette Jordan’s heartbeat accelerated, and he wasn’t struggling anymore, just let Chuck Cannoug him, and his heart calmed down quickly. What’s the tension? This husband.
She pressed her face to Chuck Ce’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. Her heart was veromfortable. “Her husband, I slept well last night,”
Indeed, she slept very well, even though the sofa did not have a comfortable bed, but she jusanted to sleep here, maybe she also felt used to it, from small to big, and suddenly she did noleep in a room one day, she would feel empty .
“I am the same.” Chuck Cannon was too tired last night, and felt something soft against him, lik pillow.
“Then, I will make breakfast, and then go to the square together.” Yvette Jordan said, it walmost time, she had to go to the company.
Chuck Cannon nodded reluctantly and released Yvette Jordan. Of course, when she let go, shid not forget to take a shot. Yvette Jordan blushed and hurried to the room to change clothes.
Her heart was pounding, her husband was Not hip control?
Fortunately, I usually do squats and buttocks, my body is born, it is particularly obvious tractice a little, it is only a little bit worse than those in Europe and America, it seems that I havo strengthen training, it is better than those in Europe and America, Because my husband liket.
Yvette Jordan made a good breakfast, Yvette Jordan drove Chuck Cannon to the square, the caas bought, the brand was on these days, Yvette Jordan thought about taking the time to go the brand these days.
She didn’t want to step on the gas pedal at this time. She was cautious when she was in the car,
for fear of hurting the car, because she liked it more and more, and her husband bought it.
“Her husband, then I went to the company, are you going?” Yvette Jordan asked. In fact, she wahinking of chatting with Chuck Cannon in the office, which was also very good. Even when
Chuck Cannon appreciated her body, Yvette Jordan Feeling shy and happy, let Chuck Cannon go the office to see, isn’t it good?
Chuck Cannon was actually fine today. He just saw Lara’s message when he was sitting in thar, but ignored her. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to know what Lara asked him to see in her shop.
But today Chuck Cannon intends to drive the car repaired in the BMW shop back, and there arther minor things. Chuck Cannon shook his head and said something wrong, Yvette Jordamiled, “Well, then I went up.”
The two went into the elevator, but the elevator door opened, and Yvette Jordan saw a persoho was a little familiar, standing at the door of Lu Youwen’s office. She wondered where shad seen it, but couldn’t remember it.
But after the man saw the elevator door open, he walked over with joy, “Chuck Ce…”
Yes, this person is Wang Wei, the son of Wang Hao, the former boss of the square.
Chuck Cannon was not surprised, how to say that when he met him last time at ktv, he saiomething to discuss.
“Her husband, then I went up,” Yvette Jordan wondered, who is this person? It looks very rich,
should be a rich second generation, the key is that his eyes seem very polite to Chuck Ce, why?
“Well,” Chuck Cannon nodded.
Yvette Jordan went to the company, Chuck Cannon walked over, Wang Wei said to find a placo talk? Chuck Cannon nodded, and the two went downstairs to find a place to sit. Wang Wectually felt a little regret in his heart. How to say this square has been picking up recently, it io problem to make money at that time, he regrets that his dad sold this square And, moregrettably, he heard a message saying that his favorite star actually came to this square to shooor shooting. He really regretted that he was going to bleed.
But what is the use of regret now? All he wanted to do was think of Chuck Cannon as a helpend let him “be the boss” again, so that he could get close to his favorite star.
“Ye Zimei, do you like it or not?” Wang Wei asked nervously. As a matter of fact, Chuck Ce, ahe boss, must know that there is a crew in the square to come to the scene.
Chuck Cannon was surprised, why did he ask what this did? He didn’t chase the stars, so hhook his head, “I don’t like it,”
He didn’t feel anything about Ye Mei, but now she is the actor in Chuck Ce’s own investment ihe film, nothing more.
Wang Wei was relieved, but he knew that Zelda was Chuck Ce’s girlfriend. Zelda was so goond so beautiful. How could Chuck Cannon like the beauty of the leaves that was worse than
“This is the case. I heard that Ye Zimei is coming here to film, and I just like her. Can you hele,” Wang Wei was a little embarrassed.
Chuck Cannon smiled and understood what he was going to do. This meant Chuck Cannobdicated and asked him to be the boss again.
Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter. Anyway, Ye Zimei doesn’t know that he is the boss here. Anyway,
he doesn’t like her. Anyway, let Wang Wei take the opportunity to get close to Ye Zimei anursue it. It has nothing to do with Chuck Ce.
“OK, no problem.” Chuck Cannon said.
Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and Chuck Cannon was too happy. “Thank you, if this cae done, I invite you to play.”
Chuck Cannon shook his head and said no.
“Thank you anyway.” Wang Wei wondered, “That’s right, no crew had come here to film, what’he reason this time?”
He was particularly strange. He had never heard of it before. How could a crew come suddenly?
Chuck Cannon shook his head and said it was not clear. Wang Wei looked at Chuck Cannogain. “It’s your reason? Did you invest in Yezimei’s play?”
Chuck Cannon didn’t want to say too much, shaking his head, “How can I have so much time tngage in other things?”
Wang Wei nodded, which is also true, “Nu Luwen, please help me talk about it.”
Chuck Cannon nodded with a smile, this matter would be enough to talk about later, and Lu
Youwen would know how to do it.
However, it was also a coincidence. As soon as the two of them talked about it, Chuck Cannoaw that some people were passing by. Looking at the clothes, it should be that the crew hnvested in came to start shooting. The speed was quite fast.
“The leaves are beautiful, I see the leaves are beautiful, Mr. Chuck, then I will go.” Wang Weas pleasantly surprised. He arrived at a man with sunglasses masks and was brought into thquare by two assistants. He liked the leaves beautifully. How could it not be recognized?
Chuck Cannon nodded with a smile, Wang Wei ran out immediately, and Ye Zimei came over,
then the popularity of the square would increase immediately, and Chuck Cexin was vereautiful, but thinking about how much money this drama can make?
Chuck Cannon finished drinking coffee and went out to prepare a look. It happened that Laras passing by. She had some grudges, “Chuck Ce, don’t I have coffee there? Why don’t you go my shop to drink?”

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