My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 189

“The square is yours?”
The assistant laughed at his stomach. He felt that he had underestimated Chuck Ce’s thick skin.
What kind of shameless words can be said?
“Is the boss of the square not Wang Wei? When my ears are deaf? People Wang Wei jusdmitted that you are a little manager. When someone said you were fired, you fired one of youittle managers, thinking that you would buy it for your boss. Building, you’re awesome? You’rust an obedient dog in your old eyes, what are you doing with a cheeky face!” The assistanisdained, he was the first time he saw such a shameless person.
You must force someone to believe it!
Murong Qing frowned, she stared at Chuck Ce, “Go away, did you hear?”
She really didn’t want to see this man who was lazy in her skirt again.
Damn it, disgusting! How could there be such a person? ?
It’s shameless!
Chuck Cannon glanced at her and took out her mobile phone. “There was a missed call just now,
should it be yours?”
“What about pretending? Call to find a reason to leave, right? I’m seeing more of your pretense.”
The assistant sneered.
Chuck Cannon pressed the phone, less than ten seconds.
The phone rang, especially in the quiet parking lot.
Murong Qing felt particularly harsh, her look changed slightly, and her assistant was stunned.
What happened? Really called?
Murong Qing stared at the assistant. He took out his phone and looked at it suspiciously. Wahis number not given by the square manager?
“Boss, is this number wrong?” the assistant wondered.
It was definitely the manager who just didn’t want the boss’s phone number, so I just gavnother manager, the person’s number, absolutely.
He doesn’t believe that the square owner is him!
Murong Qing took down his mobile phone and stared at Chuck Ce. “It’s just a phone call. Who you convince me that you are the square owner? With this phone number?”
Ye Mei will not lie to herself. Wang Wei is the owner of the square, but Ye Mei said it himself.
The person in front of him was nothing but Wang Weiming.
How could it be the Plaza boss?
She absolutely doesn’t believe it!
Chuck Cannon hung up the phone. This phone number is extraordinary. It must have been calley Murong Qing just now. Of course, Chuck Cannon could see it at a glance.
“Do not believe it? That’s okay, you will believe it soon.” Chuck Cannon took the elevator.
“Boss, let’s go, this kid pretends to say so, deliberately, and he will slip if he is afraid of losinace.” The assistant said, he was more certain. The reason why Chuck Cannon was able to mak call just now was that beautiful manager’s intention.
Anything else I will believe soon, you have to make excuses to escape, and also believe in Mao!
Murong Qing frowned, she nodded after being silent, “Go drive!”
Indeed, she did not believe this person who peeked at the bottom of her skirt.
The two turned around, but Ding!
The elevator door opened, and Chuck Cannon walked out, holding any documents in his hand.
The assistant was stunned and wanted to pretend!
“Show it to you once.” Chuck Cannon handed over the document in hand, Murong Qing’yebrows were twisted, and Meimu kept staring at Chuck Ce, impatiently next to the document,
opened it and looked at it. This is the square transfer contract, signed It is Wang Hao and Chuck
Wang Hao, Wang Wei… this father and son?
Murong Qing was stunned in an instant. She had a dreaming feeling. Is this square really his?
The assistant was also dumbfounded. He saw it, but the name of Chuck Cannon was clearlritten in black and white on it. Is the boss of the square really him? ?
Then he is really qualified to let people leave!
“Read it? So I left here immediately, I don’t welcome you,” Chuck Cannon took the contract.
“What’s the matter? Isn’t the square owner Wang Wei?” Murong Qing still didn’t believe that sheally liked this square. If the square owner is him, then…
“It’s simple, Wang Wei wants to soak in the beauty of the leaves, so I cooperate with him.”
Chuck Cannon said.
Murong Qing’s face is particularly ugly, really his!
“Don’t go yet? Do you want me to send you away?” Chuck Cannon looked at Murong Qing.
“Since you are the boss, then I buy here, you make a price!” Murong Qing said, she did not wano give up here, let alone, do not want people to blast out!
Be your own boss here! !
“Do not sell!” Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused, joking, why did he buy it? I have jusone it a little, and it will be easy to make big money in the future, he will not cheap this
But Chuck Cannon still admired her, that is, this woman has a good vision!
“Why don’t you sell?” The assistant was annoyed.
“Just because I am the boss here!” Chuck Cannon calmly.
The assistant was speechless and didn’t know how to refute.
“One billion, you agree that I will transfer the money to you now.” Murongqing’s tone indoubtedly one billion, which is much more than the value of your current square.
“Sick.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.
“1.2 billion!” Murong Qing gritted his teeth, this person, she must make him regret!
“You like people to sell so much, why don’t you sell them yourself?” Chuck Cannon said.
Murong Qing raised his hand in annoyance to slap Chuck Ce, but how could Chuck Cannon let oman fight? Eyes fast grabbed her wrist quickly.
“You mother let go!” the assistant scolded, but this is when the hero rescued the beauty.
Chuck Cannon glanced at him, without saying a word, he kicked his leg up, and the assistancreamed while covering his stomach.
“What do you want to do? Let go!” Murong Qing’s eyes were like a female leopard, full oanger.
“You sell it yourself! Someone likes you like an old woman.” Chuck Cannon said.
“You are shameless!”
“Fuck you!” Chuck Cesong’s hand, Murong Qing hummed, fell to the ground, the round buttockit the ground, embarrassed, Murong Qing’s eyes were about to burst into fire, she felt her buturt, It hurts.
“Go, have you heard?” Chuck Cannon stared at her.
Murong Qing got up from the ground, “Chuck Ce, I remember you, you remember it for me, I
must take down this square!”
“You sell it a few times, I will sell it to you, you go.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“You shameless bastard!” Murong Qing was angry, she wanted to kill.
“Who the hell are you talking about?” Chuck Cannon came over and pushed her. How could
Murong Qing stand a man’s push? She fell to the ground again, but her hips hurt even more.
Such a woman does not fight, why do you keep it?
“Boss.” The assistant gritted his teeth and ran up to support Murong Qing. Murong Qing raiseis hand and slapped it out. “Where do you touch the grass and mud horse?”
The assistant covered his cheeks and there was bitterness in his eyes. He just deliberately jusanted to touch, but he was found…because he was full of Murongqing’s hips.
Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, “I remember everything today, and you are ready to get out oere!”
She said she limped to the side of her car and opened the door to get in. She couldn’t do iecause the hips hurt too much.
The assistant gritted his teeth to drive and took Murong Qing away.
Chuck Cannon shrugged, you let me go? Okay, let me see how you bought me this square, whehe mother bought your company, and see what you dragged.
“Her husband, you are in the parking lot, go home together…what are you holding in your hand?”
Behind it, Yvette Jordan’s voice, she was a little puzzled because she saw the city in the hand of
Chuck Ce. Four words in square.
Chuck Cannon was taken aback and was busy collecting the square contract in his hand. “It’othing.”
“Yes.” Yvette Jordan came over. This should be the information of Chuck Ce’s part-time job ihis square. “Her husband, go home.”
“Okay.” Chuck Cannon got into Yvette Jordan’s car and collected the documents, so she coulot see them for the time being.
The two left.

“Boss, what are your plans now!” the assistant asked in a low voice.
“Send me to the hospital,” Murong said quietly.
“Deaf ears?”
“Okay, okay.”
Soon the assistant took Murong Qing to the nearest hospital. Murong Qing let the assistant wain the car and she went to the doctor herself.
An hour later, Murong Qing stood and waited for the news. She just checked. Her buttocks hao be smeared. She fell three times in a row. She felt that her bones were injured and she had tpply medicine. Because for Murong Qing, This part is the part that she is most proud of,
absolutely nothing can go wrong! !
The doctor came in with the results of the examination, “Murong Qing? Well, your buttocks haveen injured, slightly red and swollen, but your hip bones are intact. It will be fine after a feays. Now take off your clothes and I will help you.”
“Wipe Nima!” Murong Qing yelled in exasperation, and went out to buy medicine with thesult. A male doctor rubbed the medicine with himself? ?

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