My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 197

Yvette Jordan made the matter clear. She was relieved. The classmate had agreed to help herself,
which was relatively simple for a lawyer.
Yvette Jordan felt that this classmate would be worth it today. She said thank you and went the private room.
After Yvette Jordan left, the classmate sneered. “Is it poor? Has he borrowed a loan shark? Nonder he was pitted…”
She snorted and went inside to use the toilet…
Yvette Jordan walked to the door of the private room and heard a coaxing sound inside. Shondered what happened. She opened the door and went in, and immediately became angry.
“What are you doing?”
She saw that Chuck Cannon was being persuaded by her classmates. Chuck Cannon had alreadrank a little wine and was almost finished. Now she is persuaded?
“Her husband, don’t drink!” Yvette Jordan walked to Chuck Ce’s side, glaring at the monitor.
It’s really annoying. I went out and bullied my husband?
Yvette Jordan was really annoyed.
Chuck Cannon twitched his lips, he had no intention of drinking this wine.
“Yvette Jordan, drink between men. What are you doing together?” The squad leader’s brourrowed, it was really uncomfortable.
Yvette Jordan, I was kind to you when I was in school, right? In front of so many people, whot give yourself a face?
“Yeah, everyone is a man, just drinking and drinking, your little husband doesn’t drink, isn’t it an?” Another classmate cheered.
“Everyone is happy, don’t you be so displeased? If you don’t drink any wine in the glass, how caou waste it? If you can’t play, don’t come out and waste your money…”
“That’s why you can’t drink a glass of wine. What are you doing out there? If you eat it, if it’s not
Jiaming, did your little husband drink such an expensive wine?”
Other students are a little displeased, who? Can’t play, why do you come out?
Not to drink a glass of wine, wasted!
“Drinking wine, right?” Yvette Jordan cooled down, holding a wine bottle and pouring wine inthe coaxing classmates’ glasses. “You like drinking so much, you drink too, don’t waste it.”
Someone dropped the wine glass on the table and sneered, “Yvette Jordan, what do you mean?”
“Don’t you say you don’t want to disappoint? Then why don’t you drink?” Yvette Jordan stared aim.
The student was flushed with rage, “Can’t play, don’t take him out, it’s disgraceful!”
“That is, everyone is a classmate’s party, don’t drink a glass of wine, what do you bring him ouor?”
“Is it impossible to play? You are playing with my husband! It’s not about your business if musband drinks it. Drink it yourself!” Yvette Jordan said coldly.
“Then Guan Jiaming’s thing? This bottle of wine is more than a thousand, poured into his glass.
He doesn’t drink it, is it a waste?” said the squad leader coldly.
Yvette Jordan glanced at him and filled his glass with a wine bottle. The squad leader frowned,
“What are you doing? Didn’t you see that I’m drinking almost?”
“I’m paying for this bottle of wine, so my husband doesn’t drink it. It’s not your business if I
wasted it. I’m asking you to drink it now. You drink it! Don’t waste it on me!” Yvette Jordatared at him.
“Hey, Yvette Jordan, you’re enough!” The squad leader got angry.
“I still have to ask if you are enough. I will bully my husband without me. Are you enough?”
Yvette Jordan’s voice was particularly cold.
The squad leader’s face was flushed, and the other students sat down hummingly. Yvette Jordaaid so, what did they say? But looking at Chuck Cannon is contemptuous, hiding behind thoman, her mother and man are not counted.
Chuck Cannon smiled, his wife is really good.
“Her husband, are you okay?” Yvette Jordan cared. When she came just now, she saw Chuck
Cannon was uncomfortable. Now she was bullied. He must have been aggrieved. Yvette Jordaelt guilty.
Chuck Cannon came here on this occasion, it must have been tormented, and returned home aight. He had to comfort his husband.
“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. What could he do? Just now, he was ready to takare of these people, but Yvette Jordan just came in.
“Jiaming, you say something!” The squad leader could only move Yang Jiaming out.
He didn’t speak for a long time. How can I say that all the expenses are paid by him today? Not is so unpleasant. He just needs one sentence to let Yvette Jordan and Chuck Cannon leavere.
Other students looked at Yang Jiaming, waiting for him to speak.
Yang Jiaming smiled slightly, “It’s nothing. Everyone has finished their meal. Let’s go to the bao play.”
On this occasion, he certainly can’t talk. After all, Yvette Jordan is in a hurry. Isn’t Yvette Jordaven more angry when he speaks now?
Men must maintain their demeanor.
It is very simple to go to Yvette Jordan. In his experience, as long as Yvette Jordan feels that heusband Chuck Cannon is garbage, then Yvette Jordan is a breeze. After all, who likes garbage?
My husband is rubbish, and he will definitely find a good person, so is he just right?
“You go, my husband and I will not go.” Yvette Jordan shook her head. She didn’t want to let
Chuck Cannon be wronged anyway. Anyway, her purpose of coming here had been achieved.
“This is the money for the bottle of wine just now, as well as the money for dinner with musband. Thank you for the hospitality today.” Yvette Jordan took out more than 4,000 out of thag. She really didn’t want to eat others a little cheaper.
“Jian Yinan, are you wrong? Jia Ming has said that he is responsible for all the expenses fooday. What do you mean by taking the money yourself? Look down on Jia Ming?”
“That’s right, Jia Ming asked our old classmates to eat and relax. What do you mean by givinoney halfway? So rich, there is a way to close all of today’s accounts!” Another classmatneered.
“You drink too much today. Why should you give me money for dinner?” Yvette Jordarowned.
“Everyone is an old classmate. What if you give money once and invite everyone to dinner?”
said the monitor.
“Then why don’t you give it?” Yvette Jordan scolded.
“Yvette Jordan, I didn’t say that I would give the money. You pretended to take the money out,”
the squad leader said.
“You!” Yvette Jordan was angry.
“Giving money means pretending?” Chuck Cannon suddenly smiled. “Then you are not sayinhat Jiaming in your mouth is also pretending? After all, he gives money.”
The squad leader’s brow furrowed, “What are you thinking of? Do you dare to say Jiaming??”
“That is, do you know how much money Jiaming made? You can’t make money in eighifetimes, and don’t look at you like this. Without Yvette Jordan, you don’t even have thualification to see Jiaming!”
Other students sneered and ridiculed, what jokes? Yang Jiaming was originally a rich seconeneration. This time, he made tens of millions, did you make it? It won’t work out!
He also said that everyone is pretending to be forced, does it have capital?
“What am I, you are not qualified to know.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“Ridiculous! I don’t have the right to know? You are so good, then you bought today’s order!”
The monitor sneered.
Yang Jiaming’s mouth raised a sneer. Today’s consumption is not a few thousand. There are teottles of wine in just over 1,000 bottles. There are five dishes without adding more than threhousand dishes. Other sizes are large and small. Yes, today’s consumption is 50,000 or 60,000.
This force is not what you can pretend to be! Yang Jiaming saw that Chuck Cannon was a maith a soft meal. How could he pay this money?
“Why do you want my husband to buy for dinner?” Yvette Jordan couldn’t help it. She hanough of 4,000, and the aa exceeded it.
“He said it himself, he is so good, he can’t afford a single one, what is it?” The class leadeisdain.
“My husband hasn’t said that, you have been targeting my husband.” Yvette Jordan’s voice waold. She really wanted to hit someone. Was Chuck Cannon particularly wronged at thiime? Yvette Jordan wanted to hug Chuck Cannon when he was distressed.
“Aim? Why don’t I target Jiaming? He has to force himself. Now he can’t afford the money, leou help him out?” The squad leader shook his head.
Other classmates despised, soft rice boy!
“You don’t have to buy it, swipe your card!” Yang Jiaming smiled and took out a card. The timas almost up. It was okay. He didn’t think Chuck Cannon would have the money to buy thiist, fifty or sixty thousand, but it was not just for everyone.
He was so cool, because some people called it!
The manager came over to hold the card and looked at Chuck Cannon with contempt. “Pretend!
If you don’t have money, you can still act like that? Who gave you the courage? Isn’t Jiaminiving money in the end?”
Other students disdain mocking.
“Wait, you are the manager here, right? Come here, swipe your card!” Chuck Cannon took out ard.
“I’m fucking, I’m still acting!”
“Jia Ming said to pay, what are you doing pretending? I can’t stand it anymore, all of them!”
All the students in the private room were ridiculed.

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