My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 199

The students in the parking lot all smiled, and Yang Jiaming smiled, “Really? Then why don’ou drive over?”
“He pretends, who wouldn’t say that?” the squad leader sneered.
“My wife’s car is very comfortable, why should I drive?” Chuck Cannon said.
“If it doesn’t open, then it’s gone.” Yang Jiaming smiled.
Just kidding, this car is close to more than 4 million. There are many cars that can exceed thirice, but do you really have it? ?
Yang Jiaming doesn’t even believe what Chuck Cannon said!
“There must be no, it is more expensive than Jiaming’s Land Rover. It must have been more than
4 million cars. I don’t think he can afford it. He just said that deliberately and said that his wife’ar is comfortable. If you don’t open it, you don’t have it, and you make the pretense so fresnd refined, I also admire him.”
“Yes, just drive it out!”
The students sat in Land Rover mocking, how could they believe Chuck Ce’s words?
Do not believe a punctuation mark.
“Why, have nothing to say? In the end, if there is, just open it, if not, say no.” Yang Jiaminalked over, he felt very cool.
He wants to debunk Chuck Cannon and let Yvette Jordan know how rubbish Chuck Cannon is,
then he will have a chance.
Yvette Jordan is a normal woman, how can he not distinguish between good and bad? Afteebunking him, it will be clear at a glance. Yang Jiaming is confident that he can send Yvette
Jordan to bed for up to three days.
“Do you really want me to drive here?” Chuck Cannon was plain.
“Just drive over if you have one, so that I can see what you’re talking about. What does the caore expensive than my car look like?” Yang Jiaming sneered.
“But I was drinking,” Chuck Cannon said.
“How much did you drink? Come on, let me have a good look and open my eyes.” Yang Jiaminmiled, this excuse is really not level!
The other classmates laughed even more, and kept making excuses to not open.
“Her husband, you are drinking, don’t you drive?” Yvette Jordan worried.
She could see from Chuck Ce’s confident eyes. Chuck Cannon really had it. Although Yvette
Jordan didn’t know when Chuck Cannon bought it, Chuck Ze was drunk and could not drive.
What if something went wrong?
“Also let your wife protect you so much? In a word, don’t delay the time, can you let us see anee?” Yang Jiaming laughed.
Chuck Cannon hesitated, he did drink, and his mother said that drinking can’t drive, not tention Yvette Jordan’s worried look, which made him unbearable, so he decided not to open.
“In a word, is there anyway?” The squad leader opened the door at this time, and he had to seizhis opportunity to laugh at Chuck Ce.
At this time, in another car, I just wanted to help Yvette Jordan’s classmates despise. His wifad to borrow a loan shark and drove more than 4 million cars?
Is this possible? You are so ruthless, you even cheat yourself!
“You fucking sick!” Yvette Jordan was annoyed. “Did my husband drink you didn’t see it?”
“How much did he drink? Isn’t that an excuse? No, no, what pretends? Just now I just said a littlit more expensive than Jiaming’s car, it’s better, but you drive it!” The squad leader sneered .
Chuck Cannon gave him a look, “Well, if you want to see it that way, then I’ll drive over,”
“Okay, you now drive Yvette Jordan’s car to drive you over four million cars!” the monitomiled.
how could it be possible? Is this pretending to be over? Make you pretend! It’s about you.
“Wife, give me the car key. I will show you my car.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Well, husband, be careful, drive slowly, or I will drive you to get it,” Yvette Jordan worried,
Chuck Cannon just drank a little wine, although Chuck Cannon was not drunk, but Wan What iomething goes wrong?
“Hey, that’s not okay. Both of you are gone. Are you going to release our pigeons?” The squaeader shook his head.
“Yes, want to find a reason to slip right? No, we are still waiting for insight!”
Yvette Jordan was annoyed and Chuck Cannon smiled, “It’s okay, wife, you’ll wait.”
Chuck Cannon said that it was just over ten minutes away from his own square, and he camack after a quick 20 minutes.
“Well, husband, be careful, this is the key.” Yvette Jordan gave the key to Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon took it, and the classmates who just got into the car had already “can’t wait” tome out. They also wanted to see and see!
Chuck Cannon looked at them and came out so positively? There will be no place for you later.
Chuck Cannon got into the car and slammed on the accelerator to drive out of the parking lot.
Sure enough, more than ten minutes, Chuck Cannon drove to his square parking lot. He came ouf the car and called Lu Youwen.
“Hey, you took everyone in the square to dinner at the Spade Hotel. I have ordered food.” Chuck
Cannon said.
“Ah?” Lu Youwen was surprised. The Spade Hotel was expensive to eat, and there were morhan 30 employees in the square. How much did it cost?
“Chuck Ce, if you want to have dinner, can you go somewhere else?” Lu Youwen said, she hao save money for Chuck Ce.
“It’s okay, I’ve ordered it and the money is given. You just take them tonight,” Chuck Cannoaid.
“Well, I will take them.”
The phone hung up, Chuck Cannon opened the door and entered, the accelerator slammed, thoar of the engine made Lu Youwen on the first floor stunned, this is Chuck Ce’s car? Where ie going? ?
There was this sound in Lara’s ear sitting at the door. She looked out in confusion and saw that ports car came out of the parking lot. This is Chuck Ce…

“Lu Youwen, your little husband won’t care about you?” The squad leader laughed, more thawenty minutes, this is obviously running away, there is no car, where is he going to drive?
“Can you shut up?” Yvette Jordan glanced at him.
“How come I’m honestly upset?” The squad leader smiled heartily.
Other students were impatient. After waiting for so long, they were ridiculed. They wernhappy that day. Now that they have passed for so long, the so-called 4 million cars haven’riven yet. ?
“I see, your little husband has found a place to hide himself, how could he appear? I don’t thinveryone will wait, go to the bar and be smart,”
“Don’t wait, how could he have more than 4 million cars like that? When we are stupid?”
The other students said impatiently.
“My husband said that he would come back and come back!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes cooled down.
Chuck Ce’s words now she believes, especially. With his confident eyes, Yvette Jordan believehat Chuck Cannon really went to drive.
“You believe him so much?” Yang Jiaming laughed, and it hasn’t appeared for so long. This onlroves that he is garbage!
“Yvette Jordan, don’t think about it anymore. I asked to go to the bar. He won’t be back,” Yang
Jiaming said. He was proud, so he wanted to get Yvette Jordan? Cool!
“Yes! Definitely!” Yvette Jordan stared at him.
Yang Jiaming frowned, Yvette Jordan, right? Will you come back after so long?
“You believe in him that way, but I don’t believe it. I don’t want to waste time. Let’s go…” saihe monitor.
But at this time, a low roar came from a distance, like a beast, crazy, making people feel surging!
Yvette Jordan subconsciously looked at the past, Yang Jiaming, all the students looked at it.
At the entrance of the gray parking lot, a blood red appeared. When the roar came, the parkinot was roaring. It was like a precious piece of art in the world. Blood red, like gems, attractettention.
This is a sports car!
Porsche 911!
The roar of the engine makes people’s hearts surging and blood boiling!
The car stopped in front of everyone, the door opened, and a person came out, it was Chuck Ce!
The audience was shocked!
“Porsche 911, I’m fucking, this car will be close to five million!”
“Really! This car is really his?”
These people have been stunned, completely shocked by the eye-catching sports car.
Yvette Jordan froze, she was stunned, her eyes turned, staring at the license plate of this sportar.
She thought that Chuck Cannon would go to drive Rolls-Royce, or some other car, but she didn’xpect Chuck Cannon to actually drive a sports car, this car is really more expensive than Land
Also, is this license plate so familiar?
Yvette Jordan felt that he had seen it before.
Chuck Cannon came over and said to Yang Jiaming, “This is my car, a little more expensive thaours!”

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