My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 20

When Chuck was done paying the bills, and was exiting the barbing salon, the pretty hairstylist asked for his contact and urged him to come again the next time he decided to groom his hair again.
Chuck was actually quite impressed with her work. The haircut really suited him and complemented his already dazzling look. He looked brand new and the fact was still hard to register in his head. Who knew that he could be this good looking?
When he was walking on the streets, he noticed many people were turning their heads in his direction. All the pretty ladies who walked past Chuck couldn’t help but look twice at him. He stood out because of his charisma despite looking normal. Coupled with the fresh haircut, his handsome face was even more attractive.
For the first time, he was turning heads. He felt odd and a little nervous at the same time. After all, people were looking at him in a new light. But as he put one foot in front of the other, his confidence rose steadily and he looked more at ease.
From now on, everything was going to change for the better. Chuck wolfed down a bowl of noodles at a random restaurant and then went to the university by car.
Lara meanwhile was busy capturing pictures in the classroom to try to seduce the baller later tonight. She chose the best looking one for their conversation later.
Queenie Carson was quite depressed. She was still waiting for the car owner’s call. Why hadn’t she heard from him? She had been waiting anxiously for a few days, and she really wanted to talk to him. She sighed and decided to discuss it with Chuck later. She felt like she was on the verge of breaking down if this persisted.
There was the sound of high heels clicking outside of the classroom, and suddenly the noisy class became quiet. Yvette Jordan, their teacher was approaching and it was time for class to start.
“Ah, why is Chuck absent today again?” Queenie could not help but worry when she saw that the seat next to her was empty again.
“That jerk isn’t coming anymore, he is totally different now, since he just hooked up with….” Lara was still browsing through her photos while throwing a jab at Chuck sarcastically. Last night, there must have been something wrong with her to actually call up Chuck for those reasons. Thinking back on it now, she couldn’t picture how she would feel if Chuck really took the bait and went for her. She would definitely feel sickened by that.
Fortunately, Chuck did not accept her invitation.
“Who is Chuck hooking up with?” A classmate asked.
A wave of panic swept over Lara. She was glad she kept her mouth shut just in time. If she had blurted out Zelda Maine’s name like this, the consequences would be severe.
She stopped talking and threw a cold glance at her classmate, before turning back to continue working on her own matters.
“Yeah, I think he most probably hooked up with a rich woman.”
“Haha, I don’t think he is the rich woman’s type. They usually look for attractive, handsome guys; he is not even in my league yet. It is hard to imagine that any rich woman would want him.”
“You can’t really blame him for not showing up. I heard he suddenly had a windfall. He is probably spending that ridiculous sum of money in some high-end place as we talk.”
“Haha…..” The whole class burst into sarcastic laughter.
Queenie was the only one who was not laughing, her face reddening at those comments. Following the sound of incessant laughter, Yvette walked into the classroom in a strict manner and put down the textbooks.
She glanced at Chuck’s empty seat and frowned. What was going on? Did he really get ahead of himself just because of hooking up with a hotel owner? Even going as far as skipping classes?
“Everyone, let’s start the class.” Yvette signaled the class to get ready. She decided against waiting for Chuck to arrive since it was not the first time he skipped class.
All of a sudden, she saw a figure of a boy panting breathlessly at the door from the corner of her eye. “I’m sorry, I’m late.”
Everybody in the class recognized this voice instantly. They all looked at the door and was ready to pick on the person, but they froze when they saw Chuck’s transformation.
Who was this? Chuck Cannon?
“Is this f*cking Chuck? Are you kidding me?” One of the students was the first to exclaim.
“It’s really Chuck! What’s going on?” Another student’s eyes widened.
“It’s really him. Where did he get his haircut from? It sure looks good on him. His clothes are from CK, right? I’m pretty sure it costs about a few thousand dollars.”
“I bet it’s fake goods. It’s impossible that he can afford those!”
“True, not everybody can afford clothes from CK. But it is true that this guy looks like a completely different person, the fake clothes look like the real thing on him. This is unexpected!”
“What do you mean they look like the real thing? Anybody would look that good if they were dressed like him, the only difference is that he has a new haircut. I’ll ask him about it later, let’s go get a haircut at the same place next time.”
“You are right, he only looks good because of his haircut! I’m sure it’s all the work of his hairstylist, nothing to do with him.”
In a few seconds, the whole class was talking about him, some were amazed while some were bitter.
For a while, the class was as noisy as a market, sounds of classmates chattering away in bewilderment could be heard everywhere.
Lara was stunned by Chuck’s appearance. She always thought he was nothing but a loser. Even if he hooked up with Zelda, her opinions still remained the same. But now, Lara didn’t think so, Chuck’s appearance today really blew her away. That crisp haircut really brought out his already excellent features, complementing his simple but classy clothes. It was as if he was a completely different person, someone who was full of confidence. He was really eye-catching today, Lara thought to herself.
If he looked like this last night, she wouldn’t mind sleeping with him for a night, nor would she feel disgusted either. What about asking him out tonight again?
At that thought, Lara immediately shook her head. So what if Chuck looks more attractive now? Her target was the baller and not him. Looks are just looks, and she should just focus on seducing the baller.
Although she felt that way, that didn’t stop her from stealing glances at Chuck. So people really looked so different after putting some work on their appearances, huh? Lara really hoped that the baller looked as good looking as Chuck as well. If so, she would be in for a fancy treat!
Lara was on cloud nine just imagining that if she was with someone who was rich and handsome at the same time. It was a pity though, how could Chuck have anything to do with the baller?
Queenie’s heart was beating very fast. She was awestruck by how handsome Chuck was. “Handsome” was the first word that came to her mind when she saw him. She realized the feeling of anxiousness when she and Chuck secretly slept in the owner’s house that night. If Chuck had knocked on her door that night, would she have rejected him?
Queenie’s heart was in a frenzy. Her heartbeat seemed uncontrollable, beating faster and faster as she started to panic. What was going on? Why was her heart beating fast? Could it be? This was love?
Queenie shook the thought out of her head. Chuck was just her classmate, nothing more……
Yvette’s eyes couldn’t conceal her astonishment. The Chuck Cannon of today looked refreshing, and even she was captivated by his looks.
She had known Chuck for so long since they had spent a lot of time together when they were young. She had always thought of Chuck as somebody ordinary, weak and lacking in masculinity. Yvette couldn’t stand being in the presence of someone like him.
However, today, although she wasn’t sure whether he was wearing authentic attire or fake, his fashion sense, haircut and overall charisma had managed to even win her over. Based on her high standards, Chuck was actually looking quite handsome today!
His eyes shone with a glint of unseen confidence, givinghim the masculinity that he had lacked all along.
If Chuck had looked like this all the time, by now they would have probably even had a child.
Yvette was consumed in her imaginations, and suddenly wished that the baller also looked like this. But it was just wishful thinking, she just couldn’t wait any longer to meet him.
She took a deep breath and said in an unusually soft tone, “It’s okay. Don’t be late next time. Come in.”
Chuck was surprised at her, she would usually reprimand him harshly if he was late. He was already prepared to face her wrath in front of the whole class.
With the class’s eyes on him, he walked casually to his seat, soaking in all the attention. He had already felt the attention when he walked into the university just now, so he felt more at ease.
It was true that improving one’s appearance really made a difference. People really do need a makeover.
Chuck sat on his seat and noticed that Queenie’s face was as red as an apple. He asked obliviously, “What’s wrong with your face?”
“I’m fine. It’s nothing.” Queenie shook her head in a hurry. She took a deep breath, reminding herself to stay calm and pushed away her weird thoughts. She couldn’t have feelings for him since they were just classmates. Even so, that didn’t stop her from breaking into a sweat and hearing her heart pounding hard. She blushed fiercely as her face turned a bright scarlet. She thought, “Have I really fallen in love with him?”
Please don’t!
Seeing Queenie and Chuck exchanging small talk in the corner of the classroom, Yvette felt a small prick in her heart and shouted, “Let’s start the class!”

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