My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 200

Chuck Ce’s Porsche 911 all came down, close to five million, and Yang Jiaming’s Land Roveame down close to four million. The difference in price is more than one million!
It is indeed much more expensive!
At this moment, because of Chuck Ce’s faint words, it was deadly silent!
The muscles on Yang Jiaming’s face were twitching, and his face was particularly ugly. It wahe same as being beaten with a fist. Was this car really his? ?
Such contempt should be said from his mouth. Now, actually speaking from others, Yang
Jiaming’s heart is full of anger!
“It’s a little more expensive, but is this yours? I have a friend who rents a car. Porsche, RollsRoyce, you shouldn’t be…” Yang Jiaming smiled and spoke until the end, but Everyonnderstood.
This is absolutely the case. I just went out for a long time, and I must have gone out to rent a car.
Other students look at me, and I see you, they all came back from the shock, they all whisperend started to question, they also questioned.
“Jia Ming is right, now there is a lot of car rental companies on the street, and the procedures arimple, I think it is rented!”
“I think so, last time my friend rented one, it was only a little over a thousand a day…”
“What? More than a thousand? I have a friend who rented it for only eight hundred!”
Yvette Jordan was stunned. She felt familiar with this car, wasn’t it the one in the parking lot ohe square? I saw it last time, together with Chuck Ce…
Yvette Jordan also said that he would buy one for Chuck Ce, but he didn’t expect that he alreadad it…
Chuck Cannon gave Yang Jiaming a glance, opened the car door and entered, took out hiriving license, and in a flash, the audience was stunned!
Yang Jiaming’s face is particularly ugly!
Others took a breath! The squad leader was completely shocked!
Really his!
“Is it mine now?” Chuck Cannon asked quietly.
Yang Jiaming stared at Chuck Ce, feeling that his face was hot and painful, as if he had beelapped by Chuck Ce.
“It’s yours.” Yang Jiaming gritted his teeth.
“Well, don’t you want to go to the bar? Are you still going?” Chuck Cannon asked.
“Go, go! Everyone gets in the car!!” Yang Jiaming snorted and walked into his car. The squaeader also came back. He was curious, “Jiaming, he looks very new in this car, it should havust been bought. I just don’t know how the performance is.”
To be honest, he hasn’t been in a sports car yet.
“Then take a look in his car!” Yang Jiaming sneered.
The squad leader stopped talking awkwardly.
“Wow! Can I take this car?”
“Yes, I want to sit too, I haven’t made a sports car yet!”
“It’s so beautiful, there must be some wind sitting inside.”
Several classmates came over expectingly. Just from Yvette Jordan’s car, the three impatienlassmates also came over, all with light in their eyes.
“Sorry, there are not many people in this car.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Don’t be like this, squeeze is good, I haven’t been in a sports car yet.” Some classmates are cute.
“Yeah, squeeze, don’t be so stingy.”
“There are only two seats. How do you take it? You can take someone else’s car!…… Wife, get ihe car!” Chuck Cannon said to Yvette Jordan.
Yvette Jordan was stunned. She recovered and she nervously sat in Chuck Ce’s car.
“Alas, he actually has a sports car. Why is he so rich? Was Yvette Jordan kept by him?”
“I think so, alas, how can I not find such a rich boyfriend?”
“Really envious.”
“Don’t talk, go to other cars and squeeze.”
A few girls are full of envy, and they reluctantly go to other cars…
Yang Jiaming stared at Chuck Ce’s sports car, and there was a hint of coldness in the corner ois mouth. Waiting for the bar to be the real start!
He drove to the bar and the others followed.
The roar of Chuck Ce’s sports car engine sounded and followed.
“Her husband, when did you buy this car?” Yvette Jordan was particularly curious. This was thirst time she took a car like this. She hadn’t taken a car before and didn’t want to take it. At thaime, when she was in college, there were many A rich sports car came to pick her up, but Yvette
Jordan did not go.
“I bought it for more than twenty days.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Husband, you have always parked your car in the square, why don’t you drive?” Yvette Jordasked in a low voice.
“I told you, I have a car, you don’t believe it.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“Why don’t you believe it? I didn’t expect you to buy such an expensive car, close to fivillion… Husband, why are you so rich? Where did it come from?” Yvette Jordan was reallurious.
The recent changes in Chuck Cannon are upsetting.
Now that there are sports cars, the representative of the driving license is Chuck Ce, and he alsought himself a Mercedes-Benz. How can he earn so much money? Zelda gave it? Or was irom the man in the Rolls-Royce in Beijing?
“I told you, I am…” Chuck Cannon stopped.
“Husband, do you want to say that you are a rich second generation?” Yvette Jordan wapeechless and grew up with you since childhood. Are you rich second generation? I don’t knoet? ?
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, and felt helpless. My mother said that, for the time being, let’ot say it for the time being, you have to see Yvette Jordan’s person and talk about it, so Chuck
Cannon just stopped.
Now it seems that even if I said just now, Yvette Jordan would not believe it.
“Her husband, I am very happy that you have money, but you must not do something that breakhe law, you can’t do it or not? Do you know me?” Yvette Jordan whispered and sincerely.
Suddenly there was so much money. Apart from the fact that Zelda bought them for Chuck Ce,
the biggest possibility was that they had gone astray. This was what Yvette Jordan was mosorried about.
“Well, I won’t do it.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
Yvette Jordan felt more at ease, and she suddenly thought of the BMW 7 Series next to her cahis morning. Of course, Chuck Cannon also said whether she should go in and sit, is it also
Chuck Ce?
“Isn’t the BMW 7 Series that stopped in the morning yours?” Yvette Jordan asked in a low voice.
“Husband, you lied to me, absolutely yours, you also said let me go in and sit, not yours, yolso said? And, several times, I have seen that BMW seven series several times…
…Husband,…”Yvette Jordan was a little mean.
She was embarrassed and shy in her heart. Chuck Cannon said it several times, let her go in anit down, but she didn’t believe it at the time. Now thinking of the reaction at that time, Yvette
Jordan felt blushing.
Yvette Jordan’s voice is charming, and this is a voice that Chuck Cannon didn’t hear before.
Chuck Cannon couldn’t bear it.
“Wife, you must be serious!” Chuck Cannon was serious.
Yvette Jordan smiled while covering his lips. “Husband, is that really yours?”
“Well, take that car tomorrow, you can drive.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“But, isn’t that car more than 2 million? I’m afraid that it’s encountered. It’s very expensive anxpensive to repair.” Yvette Jordan whispered, without confidence, she didn’t drive such axpensive car. But I want to try it.
But… she was surprised that the BMW 7 Series was Chuck Ce, and this sports car was also
Chuck Ce, and only bought a new car for himself. How rich is Chuck Ce? Really rich seconeneration? No, definitely not!
Chuck Ce, like himself, has no parents since childhood, and is definitely not a rich seconeneration.
Yvette Jordan shook his head. If so, how could Chuck Cannon be poor for so long?
At this moment, Mrs. Yvette Jordan was curious, not Chuck Cannon of the rich seconeneration, why is it so rich? And suddenly so rich?
“It’s okay, just hit it casually.” Chuck Cannon said, his wife likes it, as long as it is safe, as econd generation of Chuck Cannon super rich, it is no problem to crash one scrap a day.
“No, I have to be careful when driving. I’ll be especially distressed when I hit it.” Yvette Jordaas serious, really, a car that was too expensive, she didn’t dare to increase the throttle.
Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, stretched out his hand, and took Yvette Jordan’s hand. Yvette
Jordan blushed. It really felt like a dream today. He actually took a sports car and Yvette Jordaelt shy. At that time, she said that she wanted to give Chuck Buy one…
“Her husband, although you have this car, but I have money, I will still buy it for you. You caest assured.” Yvette Jordan was very serious.
Men love sports cars, she knows…
Chuck Cannon was touched and felt that he must treat Yvette Jordan and his wife who grew uith him. They must not fail. At this time, Chuck Cannon saw Yang Jiaming’s car stopped iront of a bar. Chuck Cannon looked at With the name of the bar, he smiled…

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