My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 202

Yvette was surprised. Chuck himself admitted to knowing Ye Zimei, but by whom did Chuck meet? How did you meet?
Yvette was really curious.
Yang Jiaming can’t say anything to Chuck. Just now Thaksin believed that Chuck’s car belonged to him, but the female classmate said that he bought it with loan sharks. He definitely doesn’t believe it now.
People who buy a sports car with loan sharks can know him. Popular star? ?
“Since you know each other, you will sing a song with her later.” Yang Jiaming sneered.
“I don’t like singing, so you should try to spend the most money and sing well with her.” Chuck is incomplete. Isn’t it a joke when he goes up to sing?
Yang Jiaming is even more sure that Chuck does not know Ye Zimei first, and second, there is no money in his pocket! !
Sure enough, it was pretending!
In the daytime, swipe your card to eat and use up all the money in the card!
At this time, under the constant calls, the bar manager took the microphone to make the atmosphere of the bar boil, and the beautiful Ye Zimei came out from it and smiled.
Today, Ye Zimei wore a dress, pure and beautiful, especially the beautiful legs on exquisite high heels.
The snow-white slender, exuding charming luster, made many men show their coveted look.
These legs are so beautiful, it’s a good time for legs.
Yang Jiaming’s eyes are bright, and Yvette can’t sleep today. It would be nice if he could sleep in Ye Zimei.
He decided that he must win the highest spending tonight!
“How about it, you said you know Ye Zimei, why didn’t she look at you!” Yang Jiaming joked.
Chuck glanced at him, and then said to Yvette, “My wife, I’ll go to the bathroom.”
“En.” Yvette nodded.
Chuck went to the bathroom.
Yang Jiaming smiled more happily and ran away, haha!
“Yvette, how much did your husband’s car cost?” Yang Jiaming asked.
“I don’t know,” How could Yvette know? She didn’t pay attention to sports cars, but knew they were expensive.
“Don’t you know? Didn’t you borrow usury to buy it for your little husband?” Yang Jiaming smiled slightly.
Yvette was stunned. She looked at the female classmate with a sneer on her face. After a little silence, she sighed in her heart. She believed her classmate too much.
But she was not angry about this, but angry Yang Jiaming said nonsense, Yvette shook his head and explained, “No, I borrowed a loan shark, but my husband’s car was bought by him…”
Yang Jiaming smiled deeper.
“What? Yvette, you borrowed a loan shark? Oh my god, what’s wrong with you?”
“Fuck, you borrowed usury to buy your husband’s car? Are you so good to him??”
“What I said, Chuck must have no money to see that sling. How could he be able to afford such an expensive car? It turned out to be a woman!”
“It’s really rubbish, what kind of tugging on a car bought by a woman, it’s maddening, I didn’t let me sit just now…”
“Yes, rubbish! A soft man who spends money on women!”
These classmates are despised, who is it? So shameless to ask his wife to borrow usury to buy a car?
Yvette was anxious and angry, “Don’t talk nonsense, my husband bought the car by yourself, don’t talk nonsense!”
“Yvette, I think you should break up with your little husband. Didn’t you borrow usury to buy the car?
Take it back!”
“I also think I have to take it back. What if he drives the car you bought him someday, gets up to pick up girls, and go fooling around?”
Several classmates expressed their opinions. They no longer believe in Yvette. When Chuck comes back from the toilet, they have to frustrate him. What is it? Rubbish spending women’s money!
“Yvette, did your husband’s car come like this?” The monitor was disdainful, relying on women? If you want a woman, he can do it every minute.
Yang Jiaming is more proud of it, Yvette, I will show you how rubbish your husband is, and then you will know how good I am!

Chuck went out to the toilet and heard Ye Zimei’s singing. Presumably Yang Jiaming would start to spend the most money. Chuck was too lazy to pay attention to him, but he would still have fun with him today!
However, when Chuck passed by a private room, he was surprised. He actually saw Zelda inside. How could she be here?
Chuck was curious, thought about it, opened the door and went in, and saw Zelda drinking alcohol alone.
“Didn’t I say, I don’t want anything, nothing, don’t introduce me ducks, don’t… my 31st birthday, today my 31st birthday, no one is with me, no one,… “Zelda took the wine glass and drank.
She had gone to her restaurant by herself, but on her birthday, she went out for a drink and wanted to drink so much, so she came here.
Just now the reception asked her if she wanted a young master, because she was here alone, and others thought she was here for fun, but how could Zelda agree?
She doesn’t want anyone, except Chuck…
Chuck saw that Zelda was about to be drunk, and he felt very sorry and guilty about what he said. No wonder Zelda wanted to accompany her today. It turns out that today is her birthday!
Chuck sat down.
“All said to leave. Leave…Ah!! You, why are you here?” Zelda was angry, but when she looked up, she found that she was a familiar person. She was stunned and moved in her heart.
“Sister Zelda, happy birthday.” Chuck said.
She should just say it today, saying that it’s her birthday, then Chuck should be… Well, Chuck sighed.
Zelda was moved to tears, she hugged Chuck, “Well, you know if my birthday is right, you call me deliberately to say that I am not free, you said deliberately, and then surprise me, right?”
Chuck didn’t speak, what can you say? Could it be said that I went to the bathroom by myself and I accidentally saw it, so I came in? ? Then Zelda would be even more disappointed.
Zelda let go of Chuck. She woke up from alcohol and thought it should not be. Chuck didn’t know his birthday, how could he know?
“Sorry, you are busy with you, I’ll be fine.” Zelda lowered his head.
Chuck smiled and poured himself a glass of wine, “Sister Zelda, have a drink!”
The two clinked glasses, and Zelda felt that seeing Chuck, the grievance and loss in his heart suddenly came out.
“Sister Zelda, I will buy you a birthday gift tomorrow. What do you want?” Chuck thinks, why should I buy a special birthday gift to make up for today’s fault.
To be honest, Chuck saw Zelda drinking boring wine just now, and he felt uncomfortable in his heart. To say that he had no feeling for Zelda at all, that would be impossible. How can Chuck give her the first time…
Although it is not formal, Chuck still remembers that feeling.
What’s more, Zelda’s understanding makes Chuck particularly comfortable every time he stays with her, but…
Chuck thought of this in his mind, suppressed his thoughts, and couldn’t think about it anymore, and couldn’t do anything that I was sorry for Yvette.
“I don’t want any gifts, as long as you…” Zelda’s eyes are blurred. She drinks and sees everything is blurred, but looking at Chuck, there is a thought in her body that has been suppressed for too long. She is too single. It’s been too long, for today’s birthday, she wants to indulge once, and this time, he will not refuse today.
Zelda’s lips came over and kissed Chuck.
At this moment, Chuck’s eyes widened, and he was forcibly kissed by a woman? ? He was at a loss and didn’t expect that the rational and sensible Zelda would be like this. He should have almost drunk.
“Chuck, would you like me…”

Yvette kept looking at the restroom, why didn’t her husband come back?
“Did your little husband run away?” Yang Jiaming smiled triumphantly. Chuck hasn’t come out for so long, so what is it? Knowing that they knew that his sports car was bought by Yvette with loan sharks, so they didn’t dare to show up without any conceit?
The other classmates laughed ridiculously, everyone really has them, there are people who pretend to be forced by loan sharks!
“I’m still waiting for him to say hello to Ye Zimei. Didn’t he say that he knows Ye Zimei? Yang Jiaming sneered. It’s so cool now, but it’s a pity that Chuck might have slipped away or his face would slap!
Yvette was worried. She worried that Chuck knew that she had borrowed from usury, so would Chuck look down on herself? Will you break up with yourself? Yvette became more panicked the more he thought about it. No, she must take Chuck away. She can’t let Chuck know that she is borrowing usury, she will solve it, and then frankly ask for forgiveness with Chuck.
Yvette got up in a hurry to find Chuck, husband, I’m here to find you!

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