My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 205

“Unimaginable? Haha, Ye Zimei, are you kidding?” Yang Jiaming sneered, thinking this joke was particularly funny. What kind of background can someone who relies on his wife to borrow usury loans?
The background of the garbage station?
“No, I didn’t joking with you, Mr. Yang.” Ye Zimei shook her head, “So tell you, I ask Mr. Yang, if you go to the capital, the five-star hotel will use the highest hospitality standard and use Rolls-Royce to pick you up?”
Yang Jiaming wrinkled his brows. His own family was worth more than one billion yuan. Going to a place like the capital didn’t count at all. How could it be possible for a five-star to dispatch the highest standard of reception?
“Are you kidding? You mean Chuck did it?” Yang Jiaming looked ugly.
“Yes, besides, when you went to the capital, can you beat a boss with billions of dollars in public? There is nothing…you can do it?” Ye Zimei asked again.
“What are you talking about?” Yang Jiaming began to be shocked, giving him ten guts, and he didn’t dare to beat people with billions of dollars!
This is big, isn’t this person going to retaliate wildly? It was not something he could resist.
“Ye Zimei, what you said is true?” Yang Jiaming was sure.
“Do you think I will be joking with you, Mr. Yang?” Ye Zimei was calm, but her heart was even more irritable, very inexplicable.
Yang Jiaming is hard to understand, how could it be? If Chuck has such a background, how could Yvette borrow usury?
Is there something wrong with this? For example…Chuck brags to Ye Zimei, and he blows that Ye Zimei believes it, and is it convinced? possible! No, it must be so!
Yang Jiaming sketched a smile, “Leave this person alone, Ye Zimei, are you free tonight? I want to invite you to have a supper.”
It’s very simple, but it’s different from what Yang Jiaming said. You must know that he spent 500,000 yuan here today!
Ye Zimei knows her financial resources!
“No, I have to film tomorrow.” Ye Zimei shook her head.
“It’s okay, what are you afraid of filming?” Yang Jiaming smiled.
“I’m afraid, I’m afraid that Mr. Zhang fired me, because he invested in my drama… Mr. Yang, please.” Ye Zimei finished speaking and stepped onto the stage.
Keep Yang Jiaming’s dull face, invest in movies? Is Chuck invested in her movie? A movie is at least tens of millions of dollars in investment, right? how can that be? Could it be that his background is really great?
Yang Jiaming thought of what he thought Ye Zimei had said just now, and a cold sweat broke out behind him…

Chuck drove Yvette home. On the way, Yvette kept his head down without saying a word. When he got home, Yvette walked to his room. Chuck took her back, “Wife, you borrow How much loan shark did you have? I’ll pay it back to you, stop borrowing…”
He could think of Yvette’s sudden departure just now. She must have been mocked by her classmates and laughed at her for borrowing usury.
“Husband, I’m sorry, can I solve it myself?” Yvette tried hard to raise his head, Chuck helpless.
Yvette’s character is like this. When she encounters a problem, she will figure out a solution by herself, but how much has she borrowed?
“Husband.” Yvette came over, and two of them sat down, Yvette lay on his heart, “husband, am I very useless?”
“No, how could it be?” Chuck sighed, Yvette was independent, how could it be useless? With her ability, it will be a matter of time before the company gets up. Now it is just a difficult period for Yvette.
Yvette lay in Chuck’s heart for a long time before she went back to the room. Chuck thought about going, and had to figure out how much money Yvette borrowed. After all, loan sharks are not a joke.
He saw that Yvette was lost and returned to the room. Chuck carefully took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat. He was about to let the “tyrant” retreat, but there was no way he could only ask Yvette.
Yvette transfers money every day, but Chuck didn’t accept it. He sent a WeChat message.
“how are things?”
Chuck heard Yvette’s cell phone ring in the room. Sure enough, Yvette returned quickly. You finally took care of me. Why didn’t I pay you back? I’ll get the money soon and I will feel at ease.
“It’s okay, you use it first, and I’m not in a hurry to use the money.”
“Thank you, but take the money!”
Chuck saw this, helpless, Yvette was too strong, he could only go back to me and pass by your company, and found that your company’s business is not very good, can you tell me about your company?
This message was sent for a few minutes, but Yvette didn’t reply. Chuck thought that when she didn’t reply, it was okay for her message to arrive. Please collect the money.
“Why don’t you see me tomorrow? Tell me if the company is having trouble.” Chuck thought.
“Meet? Yes, maybe it’s not in the restaurant downstairs in my company.”
“Can’t you go somewhere else?”
“Not so good, it’s not okay, but because I don’t want my husband to see the misunderstanding, he also works in the square, he sees better, please don’t mind.”
“Yes, then I will find you tomorrow.”
“Well, I also want to take this opportunity to thank you.”
Chuck turned off his mobile phone, walked to the balcony, and called Wilbur Wendel. In other words, he was just asking Wilbur Wendel to pretend to be a “Baller”. He asked how much Yvette borrowed and how the company was doing.
Wilbur Wendel answered the phone and was pleasantly surprised. He asked Chuck if he wanted to come and play. He was in the nightclub. Of course, Chuck said no. He briefly explained the situation, mainly about all the chat details, Chuck said.
Wilbur Wendel was surprised, “No wonder Yvette asked me about this. It turns out that the Baller is you.
Okay, no problem. I will go to her company to find her tomorrow and help you to ask about this.”
Chuck was relieved. How could Yvette be embarrassed to say in front of him that he could only use this method. Chuck hung up the phone and saw Yvette as soon as he turned his head. Chuck was taken aback, what did she do? Do you suspect that you are a “Baller”?
“Husband, I want to hold you to sleep,” Yvette whispered.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief and walked in. Yvette put his arms around Chuck. She has become accustomed to Chuck’s arms around her these days, and can’t sleep without holding her arms.
“Husband, let me tell you that I will meet a friend who has helped me for a long time downstairs tomorrow…” Yvette wanted to make this clear. If a policy is misunderstood, she will not be able to explain it clearly. .
After listening to her, Chuck was moved in his heart. He felt that he still had to find a chance to talk about the Ballers, but this time it was better to let Wilbur Wendel replace them. How can this not be a
“glorious thing for Yvette” “.
She was embarrassed to tell her husband.
May be worried that I look down on her.
“En.” Chuck nodded.
Yvette looked up at Chuck’s lips. She… I don’t know how to say it. Today she saw Chuck’s lips with lipstick. This is a woman’s lipstick. Whose?
Yvette felt uncomfortable in his heart, put his arms around Chuck and closed his beautiful eyes.
The next day, Yvette woke up early to make breakfast. The two ate. Chuck drove Yvette to the square in a sports car. Yvette went to the company first. Wilbur Wendel called and the two met. Chuck said carefully again, and Wilbur Wendel nodded, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this little thing.”
Chuck rest assured. But I’m worried, what if Yvette doesn’t believe it? He can only hope that he took Wilbur Wendel to a restaurant, which happened to have a cubicle. Chuck was next to him, and Wilbur Wendel met Yvette in the other room.
Chuck wanted to hear what Yvette said.
He sent a message to Yvette and asked her to come down, and Yvette would be there soon.
Yvette looked at the phone. For some reason, she didn’t have the expectation of meeting a “Baller” for the first time. She was very calm, as if she was just seeing someone who helped her.
She calmed down and went down quickly. She went to the door of the private room. After taking a deep breath, knocked on the door and went in. She saw Wilbur Wendelnian smiling inside. Yvette was surprised. She walked in, “Are you a Baller?”
“Yes, the Baller is me,” Wilbur Wendel was calm. How could he not be able to handle such a thing as a rich second generation? Very familiar.
Yvette looked at him with beautiful eyes turning, shaking his head for sure, “No, you are not a Baller!”
Last time she knew that Wilbur Wendel was the owner of the square, she asked, but Wilbur Wendel’s expression at the time told her that it was definitely not, so she was sure that Wilbur Wendel was definitely not a Baller!

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