My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 206

Chuck, who was sitting in the private room next door, was shocked when he heard Yvette say that Wilbur Wendel is not a “Baller”, but he was very helpless very soon. Yvette was able to be a university teacher, and when he was in elementary school, When you arrive at university, your grades are basically first. How can you not be smart?
Maybe it was the last time Yvette met Wilbur Wendel that he was tempted.
Chuck sighed, he still underestimated his wife’s ability too much!
What should I do now?
Chuck wondered how to end it, because Yvette would definitely continue to find the “Baller”.
However, Chuck continued to listen.
“Really? You haven’t seen me before, so you just say I am not. That makes me a little sad.” Wilbur Wendel sighed and stood up, as if he was about to leave.
“But you really are not.” Yvette shook her head. She was really sure of this. Wilbur Wendel was not a
“Baller” to help herself.
But… she was puzzled again, the “Baller” didn’t have to lie to herself, and that his sadness and sigh was really revealed at this time, is she definitely wrong?
“Yes, you must think that the person who helped you is very young and handsome. You must have fantasized about me as a star. When you see me as a real person, you think it is too different from what you think, so you are disappointed, right?” Wilbur Wendel sighed, showing loss.
Chuck next to him gave a thumbs up. Wilbur Wendel usually picks up girls, and he just opens his mouth for all lies.
“No,” Yvette shook her head. She is not a nympho, she doesn’t have any special feelings for handsome men, just think… “The last time I saw you, I reminded you, but your reaction told you I, you are not a Baller who helps me.”
“Are you saying that I hide too deeply?” Wilbur Wendel smiled.
“No, it’s you…”
“I didn’t mean to indicate my identity at the time. I definitely won’t show any expressions. What’s more, if I am not a “tyrant”, then how can your company continue to open? Continue to renew? Do you think there are others Can this be done?” Wilbur Wendel continued to ask.
Yvette was awakened by this sentence, yes, he is the owner of the square, and his company can renew the contract. It is also a matter of his one sentence, he… really a Baller?
Yvette suppressed the doubts in his heart and sat down, “Are you really a Baller?”
“You still don’t believe me? The first time you went to the hotel and got drunk with the two bosses, or did I see it and saved you…” Wilbur Wendel was helpless.
Yvette was embarrassed when it came to this, it should be him, but… why don’t you feel grateful for him? It may be the first time I met him, so chatting with WeChat is different.
Yvette did not continue to wonder, as he said, who else was beside him?
Don’t think about it. He is the “Baller” who helps yourself.
“Sorry, I’m sorry for what I just said.” Yvette apologized.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Wilbur Wendel smiled.
Chuck next to him breathed a sigh of relief. Wilbur Wendel really has his own way. Yvette believed in a few words, but Chuck was a little uncomfortable. He was clearly a “Baller”. Chuck sighed and felt that he was cheap. Did you let Wilbur Wendel pretend?
I just didn’t know that Yvette knew that she was wrong and that Wilbur Wendel was not a “Baller” and that she was. How would she react?
“Order.” Yvette called the waiter. The two ordered a bit of food. Wilbur Wendel began to enter the subject. Because Yvette already believed in Wilbur Wendel’s reasons, he took Wilbur Wendel as a friend and chatted with friends. Of course Let Yvette say something.
Yvette sighed, “My company has improved a bit recently, and business has improved a bit.”
This is true. The employees of the two bosses who have been to the airport twice have already come for training.
“Then your company should be doing well! The profit this month is not bad, right?” Wilbur Wendel began to routine.
“There is profit, but the income is not enough. The main reason is…” Yvette sighed. She remembered that when she was in Beijing, she lost nearly half a million for the necklace, so she had to consider starting loan usury.
“What’s the main thing? It doesn’t matter, you can tell me, are we two friends?” Wilbur Wendel was also curious.
Yvette was enLoganled whether or not to talk, but he definitely couldn’t talk to Chuck about things in the capital.
“I went to the capital before. I rented a necklace and broke it. I lost nearly half a million yuan.” Yvette said it out, but she felt calm, but she regretted it again. How good is his husband Chuck?
Chuck was particularly surprised. Why didn’t Yvette tell him about this? Chuck sighed. It seems that it was because of this incident that Yvette’s capital turnover was not enough, and she considered borrowing usury.
But when this matter was told, Chuck could help her solve it.
“Why don’t you tell your husband about this?” Wilbur Wendel also felt strange.
“My husband is younger than me, I am five years older than him, he is younger, handsome, and… very good to me, how can I tell him this? I am worried that it will be troublesome to him, and I am worried that I will be troublesome. If he is, he will start to hate me…” Yvette shook his head, her voice was a bit bitter, she felt that Chuck shouldn’t know about it, and it’s best to never know.
Yesterday, Chuck was told that he borrowed loan sharks, and other bad things cannot be let him know.
Otherwise, Chuck will definitely think that she worships money, and then begins to hate herself, and finally separates from herself… Since childhood, she has been used to Chuck by her side. If one day she is not there, she will not get used to it. She can’t imagine what her future life should do. .
Wilbur Wendel was envious, who would bear to hate such a beautiful wife?
Chuck heard what Yvette was saying. He really wanted to just rush in and tell her how could he hate her for such a thing?
But now that he rushed in, Yvette would definitely feel very guilty that he couldn’t face him!
“Then what then? What do you use to make up for your shortfall of 500,000?” Wilbur Wendel asked, and Chuck had already told Wilbur Wendel all the details.
“I…I went to borrow a loan shark and borrowed 700,000 yuan.” Yvette sighed and said, feeling a little more relaxed in his heart.
Only seven hundred thousand? It was almost the same as her own estimate. Chuck was not surprised.
How can Yvette not spend much money on her own, 700,000 is enough.
“Seven hundred thousand? Why don’t you continue to talk to me?” Wilbur Wendel continued to ask.
Yvette can’t say anything, could it be said that he borrowed loan sharks to repay your money? Then you will definitely not receive the 500,000 in WeChat.
“I can solve it myself.” Yvette didn’t say anything else. She was borrowed from usury, and she was even more unlikely to say it. “Please take the 500,000 yuan first!”
“Take it first and use it,” Wilbur Wendel said the original words Chuck had just explained.
“No, this is my money back to you, please put it away, I am very grateful for your help, I really appreciate it!” Yvette said seriously.
Yvette is really grateful for this “Baller”. If it weren’t for the “Baller,” when he was in the hotel that day, he might have been strengthened by those two people… If that were the case, Yvette would not be able to face him. To Chuck.
I was Chuck’s wife since I was a child, but the first time I was gone, what would Chuck think? Yvette is scared now when he thinks of it.
After that, Yvette didn’t say much. After eating, he went to the company gratefully. Chuck walked over and Wilbur Wendel smiled, “You are lucky to find such a wife.”
Chuck also felt that he was able to grow up with Yvette since childhood, and that she was still his own wife. Chuck felt very lucky.
“Then what do you do now?” Wilbur Wendel was curious.
What can I do? I can only use WeChat to continue to transfer 700,000 yuan to Yvette, let her pay the money first.
In this way Yvette will continue her company with peace of mind.
Chuck decided that he would transfer 700,000 yuan to Yvette later, anyway, he didn’t need to ask his mother to ask for it. Yolanda had money.
“Okay, she believes me anyway. When will I continue to pretend to be, call me anytime…” Wilbur Wendel said.
Chuck nodded. It is true that he has to show up several times. Wilbur Wendel smiled and said, “Chuck, it’s okay in the afternoon. I will take you to a good place and I promise you like it…”
You know his smile. Of course Chuck understood. He was about to shook his head and refused. But at this time, the door of the private room opened and a surprised voice appeared, “Husband, why are you here.”
No, didn’t Yvette go to the company! Why are you back? ?

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