My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 209

Murong qing felt that she had no strength, and she had no strength at all when her body was held in such a way. She bit her lip fiercely, the pain caused her to wake up a little temporarily. She stared at the assistant who had kissed herself, and she exhausted her strength. Push up your thighs!
The assistant’s face was distorted, his hands were released, and he screamed while holding his crotch to the ground. Murong Qing took the opportunity to open the door and ran out.
“Grass and mud, I must sleep with you today!” The assistant endured the severe pain, he got up from the ground and chased it out.
Murong Qing wanted to call someone.
But the assistant who chased her out said foul language that she was stealing people, and the people in the hotel subconsciously pointed.
Murong qing was drugged. She was limp and ran unhurriedly. She didn’t get her mobile phone, her car key, and no money on her body. She just ran out deliriously. She didn’t know who to call or what to do.
Do, the desire makes her only know to escape here.
She didn’t know how long she ran. Her eyes were all red. She felt that her body was as hot as a stove.
She felt uncomfortable. She wanted to stop, but she would be overtaken if she stopped.
“Does her mother want to run?”
The assistant caught up. He sneered and grabbed Murong Qing and wanted to kiss her. In the other hand, he held the phone and took pictures of Murong Qing who was blushing. He wanted to take evidence and take pictures of Murong Qing’s ugliness. The appearance of Murong Qing’s fruit body threatens Murong Qing, then he will have money to spend in his entire life.
“Get away!” Murong qing’s eyes were blood red, she didn’t have the strength to struggle, her body seemed to be unable to stand, she slapped it out, but it hit the assistant’s face like itchy.
The assistant laughed. The slap was comfortable and he felt even more excited.
“Go away? Boss, you’ve been single for so long, don’t you want to? You are alone every night, haha, I will accompany you tonight. At this time, enjoy it or enjoy it!”
For such a superb woman, the assistant could not bear to grab her and drag her into the alley. He wanted Murong qing to solve it on the spot, rectify the Fa on the spot, first conquer her, and then bring her back to the hotel to appreciate it slowly…
After all, Murong Qing’s figure is superb. If he doesn’t make good use of it this evening, how can he do it?
Murong qing felt desperate. She hated being a man younger than herself the most in her life. She closed her eyes and shed tears of despair. Now she has no strength to resist, but when she wakes up, she will die with this man!
She was dragged into the dark alley, and suddenly she caught something, human, human hand.
Murong Qing seemed to be desperate when someone to rescue her suddenly appeared, “Please, save me, save me…”
Murong Qing begged bitterly, she hadn’t begged for so many years, but now she could not ask for it.
“Please, please…” Murong Qing shed tears.
In the darkness, a pair of eyes appeared.
“Fuck!” The assistant was startled, there are still people in this ghost alley?
He was so excited that he didn’t notice that there were still people in this alley.
“Fuck, did you hear? I’m your own woman, did your mother tell me?” the assistant scolded, if this is called to the police, then he is finished, and he will be arrested before he goes to Murong Qing. How not worth it!
At the very least, I was caught, and it wouldn’t be a disadvantage if I went to Murong Qing!
In the dark alley, these eyes glanced at him, and then at Murong Qing who was begging hard, without speaking. be quiet! Very quiet!
“I fuck!”
The assistant was angry, gritted his teeth, and regressed, “Okay, don’t do anything else, you have seen such a superb woman? Have you seen such a superb woman? With such a good body, look at her buttocks and take care of her every month. It’s impossible for you to meet this kind of woman in your life. I will share it with you. Isn’t that okay?”
“Don’t!” Murong Qing heard these words, the hope that had just emerged immediately turned into despair, she was confident of her figure, and men would lose their minds if they saw it. If this man joins the battle group, then she… today…
In the dark, the owner of these eyes still did not speak.
“What do you want? Fuck, it’s okay if I let you come first, right?” The assistant was angry, her mother was so unlucky today? ?
“Go!” The owner of the eyes said, his voice without emotion.
“Fuck, I’m telling you that you don’t want to, and your mother still wants to eat alone? I…” How can the assistant bear it? He worked so hard and finally succeeded. With this opportunity, how could he give up?
He knelt down, grabbed a brick casually, and hit the eyes in the darkness, but the owner of the eyes moved.
Hit it with a punch. The assistant squatted on the ground and screamed like a shrimp.
“Fuck,…” The assistant gritted his teeth, he got up, but when the people in the dark came out, he was stunned, “It’s you!!” boom! !
A kick came over, and the assistant was kicked out for more than a meter. He ran away with his stomach under his stomach. He couldn’t beat it, and he must have only ran away, but he regretted it. This opportunity is a rare opportunity in a thousand years. I just filmed the video. Although Murong Qing was not on Murong Qing, Murong Qing’s ugliness has already been exposed. If this is seen by others, Murong Qing’s face will be disgraced!
The assistant ran away. With this video, there is still a chance!
The dark man came out, and in the alley, a beam of light shining against his face, Chuck, yes, it was Chuck who shot.
He himself didn’t expect to make a move. He just came out of the boxing gym and was going home, but he heard the movement. He hesitated and walked over to see what was going on. But Murong qing grabbed his hand and he saw it. After Murong qing, she also saw her eyes blurred and her blushing like an apple.
Chuck knew what Murong Qing was in, and was succeeded by the assistant.
He just wanted to turn around and leave. After all, he has no affection for Murong Qingzhen and hates this woman. But Murong Qing’s desperate pleading just now caused Chuck to feel compassion.
If she left like this, letting her be insulted, would she be too perverted and not a man?
After struggling for a while, Chuck sighed, forget it, and just help someone he doesn’t know.
The assistant left, Chuck was about to leave, but a fiery body hugged himself from behind, “I want, give me, give me…”
This was the blurred voice of a woman. Murong Qing had completely lost his mind. Chuck frowned. How much medicine did this assistant take? Is this going to waste Murong Qing?
“Let go!” Chuck didn’t bother to care about her.
“No, give it to me…” Murong Qing kissed Chuck. Chuck was taken aback. After struggling, Chuck heard the sound of his head hitting the wall, then thumped, Murong Qing was silent.
Chuck was scared again, what the hell is this? died? Chuck squatted down and touched Murong qing’s neck. He still had a pulse. He probably fainted. Chuck was enLoganled. If he left now, it must have been picked up by someone else. What difference would it make to save her?
Chuck sighed, good guys do the right thing. He picked Murong Qing and left, but… this woman is really good. Chuck was surprised what happened to Chuck. No wonder what the assistant said just now, Murong Qing went to take care of what buttocks. , It turned out to be true.
Just touch it as a reward. Chuck hugged her out of the alley and saw the hotel on the opposite side that was thirty yuan a night. Chuck felt distressed and actually paid you thirty yuan?
But there is no other way, I can only find a place for her.
The aunt at the hotel saw Chuck hug such a beautiful woman. The aunt was also surprised and asked where Chuck picked it up? ChuckBetty gave her a glance, of course he didn’t say anything.
The aunt said that she knew how to look, and opened a room for Chuck. When she left, she also sold her to Chuck. After entering, Chuck threw her on the musty bed.
But thinking of Murong qing’s appearance, he was drugged. Isn’t it okay to go like this? He thought for a while and saw that there was a basin in the bathroom. He picked up the water and filled it with water.
He put Murong Qing directly in the basin without taking off his clothes. Murong Qing snorted, probably feeling too cold.
Let you cool down. After doing all this, Chuck leaves. He has to go home to accompany his wife.

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