My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 212

“What are you talking about?” Murong Qing narrowed his eyes and stared at the assistant with red cheeks.
“Do you want to know that? I’m afraid you like the person who saved you!”
The assistant laughed loudly. He was really surprised when he heard Murong qing ask him that.
You must know that he has been with Murong qing for so long, and he also knows Murong qing’s habits.
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Anyway, during the time he knows, Murong qing has always been single. It is estimated that he has been lonely for too long, and wants to find someone to comfort him.
After all, the beauty is saved by the hero, and it is the woman who will be happy.
The more you think about it, the more funny the assistant If you knew that the person who saved you was an annoying person who peeped at you before, and the person under the skirt, how would you react?
But how could he say it? Murong qing wanted to know, then let him go and give him money, he just said.
Murong Qing raised his hand and slapped it, his beautiful eyes were like ice cubes, “You better speak honestly.”
The assistant laughed and felt that he was right. Murong qing was so anxious to find the person who saved her, did he really like this person.
Sure, Murong Qing has such a hot figure, and he is still unconscious. It is estimated that Chuck has already fucked her, so Murong Qing never forgets.
“I won’t tell you this person who saved you. You will never think of money. Give me five million on the card. I will tell you. Otherwise, if you kill me, I won’t say it!” The assistant sneered.
Murong Qing stared at him, “You better be honest!”
“Give him five million in the card!” Murong Qing ordered.
“Yes!” Murong qing’s new assistant immediately complied. She soon showed the transfer record to this assistant.
After seeing this, the assistant smiled more clearly, “Murong qing, you spend five million to find this person, so do you want to know him?”
Murong Qing Meimu was very cold to tell the truth, she was a little nervous, who would be the one who saved herself?
She wanted to know too much.
The hotel aunt said that he was handsome and young, and Murong Qing was actually very nervous.
When she dreamed of the person who saved her these days, she could not see his face and nothing else.
Two people are lingering, crazy, yes, she has dreamed of spring in the past few days, all because of this person…
“Let me go,” the assistant said.
Murong Qing frowned, “Let him go first.”
Her new assistant nodded and did.
The assistant let go, he stood up and moved his body. He felt so cool. He felt that it was right for Chuck to save Murong Qing. He actually made five million for himself, and he still had a video in his hand!
“Okay, let me say, but you can answer one of my questions first.” The assistant glanced over her body.
He was still upset when he thought that Murong Qing had been put on by Chuck. Such a superb woman should have belonged to him that day…
“Did you feel good that night…”
Murong Qing slapped out, “You want to die?”
The assistant sneered with his hands on his cheeks, “It seems so, if you want to find him so much, you are in pajamas? Haha…well, since I took the money, I tell you, this person is…”
Murong qing was not angry anymore, she became nervous, holding her breath, she finally wanted to know who this saved her was…

Yvette is in the car. There is always a group in her mobile phone, that is, when she has not started the company, she can do a lot of part-time jobs. She has been thinking about it for so long, how can she earn 600,000 yuan this month? Give it back to the “Baller”?
She thought about it and decided to do a part-time job like selling real estate. If the commission is high, she can withdraw a lot of money in one day, but it depends on her luck. It’s just that she has just been looking for a morning, and the work is okay, but just ordinary At work, with her academic qualifications and abilities, she can find anything with a monthly salary of 20,000 to 30,000, but Yvette is helpless, this money is not enough to make her pay back the “Baller” in a month.
So she plans to do this. The money for real estate sales and real estate will come sooner. She is now in a newly opened real estate. She has already contacted her and has previous experience. She can go to work in the afternoon and go back at five o’clock in the evening. Buy vegetables to cook for Chuck.
She ate the pancakes she bought just now. Now that she has no money in her hand, she must save some flowers. She got off the bus after eating. Twenty minutes later, Yvette put on a sales uniform and started sales.
When she was in college, she did such a part-time job. At that time, she remembered it very clearly. For the most one month, she made more than 70,000 yuan.
I hope I can make more money this month. I can definitely pay back the “Baller” money in a month.
Yvette is confident that this new real estate is in the center of the city and it is very popular. It costs several million for a house. If you can buy a few units a month, the salary will be a lot. Yvette began to receive it. Room people.
She was in a uniform, very beautiful, and she made other salesmen envy and envy when she came out.
“What kind of building does this look and figure sell? Go and sell it. It costs tens of thousands a night!”
“That’s right, what kind of job do you grab with us?”
“I don’t know, right? It’s okay for someone to accompany the customer to sleep and sell the property.”
Several female salespersons murmured, Yvette was very angry when he heard these words, but what could be done? She sighed, stepped aside, and began to familiarize herself with everything about this property, then it would be convenient for her to sell the house.
Work hard by yourself and everything will be fine!
Yvette was confident. At this time, a potbellied man walked over with his eyes bright. He came to buy a house, but when he saw such a superb woman, he had an idea in his heart.
When other salesmen saw this person walking towards Yvette, they were even more envious and jealous!
“Sir, is it right to buy a house?” Yvette smiled.
“Yes, I’m going to buy a house, you can introduce it to me!” The man looked at Yvette, his blood was boiling, his body was really good!
Yvette immediately introduced with a smile. She was already familiar with the advantages of this property just now. After the man heard this, he waved his hand. He had already paid attention to this property. “Beauty, you said well, so I plan to buy it, but You need to tell me how to buy a few sets.”
“How many sets do you want to buy?” Yvette was surprised, after all, she hadn’t finished the introduction.
“Not bad…” The man smiled. He is rich. He often buys a house and then sleeps for sale. He has slept more than ten before and after. They are all top quality, but no one can compare with Yvette.
So five sets, he is willing to spend five sets of money to sleep Yvette.
“Then you said you want a few sets, I’ll help you register.” Yvette was nervous.
“Don’t worry.” The man took Yvette’s hand, “Beauty, I want to buy a house, but you should take me to see it alone. Five sets, as long as you take me to see… ”
The man gave Yvette an expression that you understand.
The smile on Yvette’s face disappeared for an instant. The moment she was grasped by the man, she withdrew her hand and she backed away. “Please respect yourself!”
The man can’t hang on his face anymore, what kind of pretend to put on, you can’t sleep with five sets? His brows frowned, “Beauty, don’t you think you are too young? Five sets are more than 20 million, close to 30 million, you can mention more than 100,000, still less?”
Yvette stared at him back, “Please find someone else to introduce you!”
Yvette turned and left. The man was upset. This method has been tried and tested. Today he unexpectedly failed. “Beauty, your service attitude is not good. I want to complain to you! Manager, manager!”
The man yelled, everyone from the sales department came over, and the other female salespeople were watching the excitement. Didn’t the price negotiate?
What pretend to be pure?
Yvette frowned. At this time, the manager came over. She asked Yvette to come over for a part-time job because she took a fancy to Yvette’s appearance and figure, and asked her to sell the property with her body. The manager was very angry and disappointed.
“Sir, I am the manager of the sales department. What can I do for you?” The manager is polite. He knows that the man who runs a company is very rich.
Can’t offend.
“What’s the matter with you? Actually invite such a person to work? I don’t think you, the manager, want to do it, right?” The man snorted coldly, very angry.
“You calm down, I will let her apologize to you.” The manager smiled, and then said coldly to Yvette,
“Yvette, you quickly apologize to the boss!”

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