My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 217

What do you want to do to force a woman?
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her, drew the curtains, did one hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, took a bath and hugged Yvette to sleep.
Early the next morning, Yvette made breakfast and the two ate. Yvette went out to find a job.
Chuck didn’t stop him. Yvette’s character was such that it was useless to stop. He drove to the square and asked Yolanda.
“Do you know that Teacher Yvette’s company has changed?” Yolanda was surprised.
Chuck nodded, how to say, the training company is very diverse now, the competitiveness is too great, Yvette invested so much, and the results are not very effective, Chuck thought to simply let Yvette change his mind, Chuck so Say, Yolanda sat down.
She first checked the information, and then said, “There are actually many profitable industries.
In fact, the ability of Teacher Yvette to succeed is still very easy, but it requires certain funds.”
“Money is not a problem,” Chuck shook his head, mainly because Chuck didn’t want Yvette to work so hard. Now Chuck opened a project for her and let Yvette come directly to do it, then Yvette didn’t have to go out to find a job Too.
“I know, but under the conditions of Teacher Yvette, you can actually make money without any capital.” Yolanda smiled.
“You invest another movie and let Teacher Yvette be the heroine, isn’t that enough?”
Chuck was speechless. In fact, he had thought about this problem. When looking for the heroine, Chuck thought of Yvette. After all, Yvette’s figure and appearance are super first-class. Real acting, acting skills and nothing. , Then appearance is popular, that is not a problem.
She looks beautiful, her body is hot, and her acting skills are not important. As long as Chuck talks to Aunt Logan, then Yvette’s explosion is only a matter of time. It may be possible with Aunt Logan’s ability in three months.
But Yvette was not interested in these.
Now that the film crew has been in the film for a few days, Yvette didn’t see much, and Chuck knew that she didn’t chase the stars since she was a child, so Yvette was definitely not interested in entering the entertainment circle.
At that time Chuck came up with this idea, and he denied it.
Chuck thought so. He looked at Landing Yuwen strangely. She is so beautiful and her body is hot. In fact, it can be.
Chuck said, Yolanda smiled and shook his head, “I am not as interested in these as Teacher Yvette.”
“Are you afraid of that rule? It doesn’t matter, you just have to enter, no one will move you.”
Chuck is serious, there is no bragging, his mother’s ability, plus Aunt Logan’s ability, then let Yolanda was clean in the circle, it was easy to do.
Yolanda was embarrassed, “No.”
She mainly didn’t think about it. When she was walking on the street, someone asked her to be a model, and Yolanda refused to shoot a model like an hour, five or six hundred. She didn’t want to go into that line.
“Haha, you have such a good figure, and it should be good to show it.” Chuck joked.
Yolanda was even more embarrassed, and Chuck noticed that Yolanda was wearing a uniform, exquisite high heels, and a black skirt on her knees. She was very charming. A pair of beautiful legs in the black stockings shined in the daytime. These legs are really beautiful.
Chuck has been in contact with her for so long, and of course she knows that her figure is of a particular kind, but it is not usually not revealed. She does not like to expose other people’s eyes in terms of dress style.
Chuck found that it was not so good to see it, but Yolanda could not be misunderstood. He coughed, “You continue to say yes,”
“Well, would you like to open a restaurant for Mr. Yvette? The investment is about two million yuan. The special dishes will make Mr. Yvette like Zelda make a chain,” Yolanda said.
This is a good idea. Open a restaurant for Yvette, give her a contract, and give Yvette a surprise.
She will definitely be overwhelmed by the surprise!
Chuck smiled and decided to do so, but there was no empty shop on her square. Chuck asked Yolanda, she checked through her group, and there was an empty shop for transfer, the location was very good, just the transfer fee It’s about 800,000, so to say that investment, about three million is enough.
Chuck is going to drive and Yolanda to see this place. If it is appropriate, he will immediately give money and surprise Yvette!
But at this time, someone outside came in, Chuck didn’t know, but with a few people in the position, it was those who lent to Yvette’s loan sharks,
“Hello, I brought someone to sign the contract, and I transferred it to the training company upstairs.” Cunto said.
Chuck frowned. It turned out that these people had transferred to Yvette’s company. Yolanda looked at Chuck’s doubts, and Yolanda whispered that she knew that she was a loan shark.
That said, Chuck will understand.
But did Yvette borrow only 700,000? No need to push the company out? Is there any greasiness in it? There are traps for loan sharks. Is Yvette being overcast?
But it’s enough to call the police. Why would Yvette compromise?
“Look at you paralyzing!” Into the sneer, how could Chuck not know him? The younger brother has been monitoring Chuck for so long.
“You pay attention!” Yolanda was angry.
“Attention? Don’t get off!” Sinto sneered. What did a soft guy come here for?
Chuck gave him a glance, Yolanda immediately used the intercom to tell the security guard to come, Chuck shook his head, it was not necessary to beat someone in his own square, punish him in no one’s place, then he would be punished, dare to scold his mother, dare YinYvette?
Yolanda said, “Not today.”
“Do not handle?” Cunto sneered, “No, I will smash you here! Can’t do it!!”
Several of the younger brothers he brought also scolded, Yvette’s company, he had found
350,000 people who picked up the market.
Chuck gave Yolanda a glance, and Yolanda understood. “How much do you let him take over?”
“Three hundred and fifty thousand!” Cunto said.
Chuck was exasperated. Yvette invested at least 1.5 million in this company, but now he is selling at a low price?
“Okay, I will give you at thirty-five, and we will take back the storefront, the card number!”
Yolanda said.
“You take it back, do you want it?” Cunto smiled. “Those 350,000 won’t work, half a million!”
“You!” Yolanda was angry!
“Here.” Chuck said.
“Yes, you said it? Does her mother have a share of your speech here?”
Chuck’s eyes narrowed.
“Card number!” Yolanda said.
Cunto frowned, but he was so refreshing and made another 150,000. How could he not be willing? Immediately drove away the person who was going to take over the company. He gave the card number, Yolanda changed the money, and mocked, “The kind of spicy chicken company is also withdrawn, and your square will be closed.”
He said to take the younger brother away, earning more than 150,000 yuan, looking for a place to be smart.
“What about this company?” Yolanda asked.
“I will return to Yvette. You have to re-contract the contract. I will go out first. You will contact the transferred empty shop first. I will go with you in the afternoon or tomorrow.” Chuck went out and he arrived at the parking lot After seeing that a few BMWs left a BMW, it was estimated that it was a place such as big health care. Chuck snorted, “Want to run like this? Maybe?”
Chuck not only had to recover the 500,000 he had just transferred, but also had to recover his YinYvette’s money. Chuck opened the car door and was ready to sit in. He had an anti-wolf spray on him, plus he learned boxing during this time. It’s no problem to fight so few people, he also wants to exercise himself, he can’t always let his mother help.
Then you will not make progress.
However, Chuck frowned, and he saw a woman approaching, and it was Murong Qing again, is this woman sick? Want to buy your own square?
Chuck sat in the car, and Murong Qing came over.
“Don’t sell, how many times do you want me to tell you?” Chuck was anxiously chasing a few people in the inch, of course there was no spare time to deal with her.
Murong Qing didn’t speak, so came over.
“You said you want to sleep with me yesterday?” Murong Qing said.
Chuck glanced at her and said impatiently, “Yes, don’t you want to repay me? Then you take off now.”
“Yes.” Murong nodded.
Chuck was surprised, is this woman crazy? He looked at Murong Qing strangely, and she came over, “I tell you, I speak and count, and I promise everything I say, I will do it, I can sleep for you once, just be sickened once, nothing, then yes Are you opening the house or right here?”

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