My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 22

Chuck Cannon was bewildered. He had never seen his mother in his entire life, seemingly living abroad the first time she called him. He quickly asked her when she was coming back.
“In a few days! I’ll come first, your dad will stay here.”
He was teary-eyed and asked her what she was going to do when she came back after being abroad for so many years.
His mother’s response was short and simple. “I’m buying everything!”
Chuck chuckled at this answer. Just what was she planning to buy?
“I’ll have to end the call here, wait for me then,” his mother said.
“Will you recognize me?” Chuck was curious. After all, they have never met each other before. To be more accurate, he was the one who had never seen his them before.
“Silly child, you are my son. Why won’t I recognize you? I have to go, see you.”
Chuck’s mother hung up in a hurry, maybe she was busy. Chuck was looking forward to it. He couldn’t start to imagine how wealthy his mother was. She had already given him 15 million dollars just a few days ago. What in the world was she going to buy when she came back? It was beyond his imagination. What if she bought a company? And made him the general manager? Chuck’s imagination drifted off further.
At this moment, Zelda Maine was walking back to the car. Her long legs slipped into the seat beside him, and he couldn’t help asking what she and Yvette talked about. He was only worried that Zelda would reveal his secret that he was supposed to be showing up to meet Yvette yesterday. If that was the case, Yvette would have guessed easily that he was the baller.
“Nothing much.” Zelda shook her head.
Chuck fidgeted nervously in his seat but there was nothing he could do. As Zelda drove them both out of the university compound, his eyes fell on Yvette who was staring at their car. Strangely, she didn’t look angry at all. Perhaps what Zelda had said to her had nothing to do with Chuck at all. As for what they actually talked about, only God will know.
Still, Yvette seemed to have a complicated expression on her face. He squinted to check, yep, she was feeling a bit complicated indeed. Chuck urged himself to stop thinking about it.
Unbeknownst to him, Lara Jean had witnessed Chuck getting on and getting driven off in such a fancy car. She was blown away and even more envious. Why does he have so many rich friends? Why didn’t she know any? But fortunately, she knew one recently!
Lara checked her messages expectantly. After seeing the baller’s contact, she felt a sense of relief. She curled her lips and raised a hand to take a selfie. She took a photo of her showing a little cleavage and sent it to the baller. In the message, it said, “I’m going out.”
Chuck was stupefied by the incoming message. Why was Lara sending sexy photos of herself to him?
She turned back to see who was calling her and immediately felt nauseous. It was Conrad Lee who abandoned her yesterday. How dare he show his face in front of her?
“How dare you come here?” Lara was furious.
Conrad came to apologize with a bunch of flowers in his hand. “Lara, please don’t be angry, I had no choice last night. If my father knew that I had offended Zelda, then…..”
“Then what? I am your girlfriend, when I was hit, you didn’t even defend me! Even Chuck Cannon was better.” Lara glared at him.
Conrad grimaced at her remark. He didn’t know how Chuck befriended Zelda, but no one could deny that Conrad himself was from a wealthy home. His pocket money was in the ten thousands every month. In comparison, what did Chuck have? Conrad felt humiliated at the comparison between him and Chuck.
“How did you know he is better? Did you sleep with him?” Conrad retorted sharply.
“I don’t want to talk to you!” Lara turned around and left, annoying Conrad. No wonder Lara was fine today, she must have slept with Chuck last night.
Knowing that he got cheated on by the jerk Chuck, Conrad couldn’t contain his anger anymore. If she slept with someone who was way better than him, he would have no qualms, but Chuck? Who the hell did he think he was? He chased after Lara and grabbed her by the hand.
Lara was already furious about what had happened last night. She raised her hand and slapped Conrad, whose face turned a bright red immediately after. The red palm print looked out of place on his face.
When he heard the sound of students laughing nearby, looking at their squabble, he finally exploded. “Lara Jean, how dare you slap me?”
“We’ve already broken up. Since you’re not still over it, what’s wrong with me slapping you? Let me be honest with you, I have a new boyfriend now, and he’s someone who owns a two-million-dollar car compared to your disgrace of a car. If you make me angry again, I’ll get my boyfriend to ask people to beat you up!” Lara threatened.
Conrad’s brow furrowed. “A two-million-dollar car? When did you get together with him?”
“Yesterday.” Lara replied smugly.
Conrad’s expression was as dark as a raincloud upon hearing Lara’s words. She had a curvy, sexy figure and appearance, so it was not a surprise that she got a rich boyfriend. He always heard that rich people liked to keep pretty university girls as their sugar babies. But they only got together recently.
“You should beware of him, he will get rid of you once he’s played with you.” Conrad’s tone was tinged with jealousy. He was just upset by the fact that she was suddenly better than him in the blink of an eye.
“You don’t have to worry about this, my boyfriend is super nice to me. Last warning, stop bothering me or my boyfriend will not let you off the hook easily!” Lara was tired of the conversation and hastily called a taxi at the school gate.
Conrad snorted. Well, let’s see how good your new boyfriend is!
Zelda stopped the car and got down. Chuck followed suit and was curious, why were they near the vicinity of Yvette’s company? Did she really acquire Yvette’s company? That was probably not it, Yvette’s training company was in a strategic location, her company on the fifth floor of a plaza with a never-ending crowd. Does that mean that Zelda is intending to open a Modern Restaurant franchise here?
As Chuck continued to ponder, Zelda finally said, “I’ve been interested in this place for a long time, but there was no vacant shop available previously. I asked the person in charge of the shopping mall and he told me that the training company on the fifth floor was not making a profit lately. Their business was suffering a lot, and coincidentally their rental contract was about to end, I’m pretty sure that the owner of this company is going to close shop soon. I saw this opportunity and hence talked to the person in charge of the shopping mall. I’m preparing to rent that place.”
Chuck froze after hearing this. It was true that Yvette’s company was experiencing difficulties. However, the main reason was because Yvette was not in charge personally recently. But she had already sold her house. Did this mean that she was going all-in?
“If my shop opens, it will increase the value of this plaza which is why the owner of this plaza is willing to charge me half the rental of that training company. He’s going to invest seven to nine million dollars, too. Are you interested to manage it?” Zelda looked at Chuck.
She didn’t know how capable Chuck was, so she wanted to use this to test his mettle. If Chuck agreed to work with her, then there would be a good chance to collaborate. After all, Zelda had only met him once, but he had already left a good impression on her.
Chuck was torn between agreeing and disagreeing. At the first mention of Zelda’s invitation, he was already thinking to decline her since Yvette had already sold off her house in order to turn her company’s fate around, maybe she would even invest more into it. If he accepted Zelda’s invitation, Yvette’s loss would pile up for sure.
However, at the mention of Zelda’s second sentence, he understood that by giving a lot of rental fees at half price, the plaza owner was determined to make the plaza famous with Zelda’s restaurant. Even if Chuck ultimately rejected her, Yvette was a goner.
“You can think about it. Anyways, no one has ever suffered a loss when doing business with me,” Zelda sounded confident. Chuck nodded Emily and asked her if this was the matter that she wanted to tell hiver the phone. Zelda nodded in agreement, but also shook her head, her eyes circulating Chuck slowly. Suddenly, a thought popped into her mind….
After Yvette returned home, she handed the deal of the house over according to the appointed time. She packed up her last few items in the house and put it in the car, preparing to head to her new rented place. This time, she rented a house suited in a residential area in the center of the city, which was more convenient for her. When she got into the car, her phone rang. She took it out and looked at the screen. It was from the plaza management where her company was located. She was planning to arrange an appointment with the person in charge these few days to talk about her company’s rental renewal, but apparently he was one step ahead of her.
She answered it. “Hello, Manager Yarn.”
“Yes, I want to ask you about your company. From what I observed at the moment, your business is not doing very well, right? You can say that there is hardly any business at the moment, aren’t you running on a loss?”
Yvette could only stay silent as a form of agreement. She could not hide this any longer. She usually had about ten classes every week in college, so she had neglected the management of her company. She had already decided that this time, she would definitely bring her company back on the right track!
“Kind of, but I’m planning to….”
“You can put your plans on hold, I want to let you know that your contract has expired. Prepare to move out soon!” Manager Yarn told her coldly.
“What? Hello?” Yvette was left in shock with this news and tried to double confirm with him, but the owner had already ended the call. She fully grasped what he meant, he was kicking her out. Yvette was a little lost and anxious, what was she going to do now?

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