My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 220

But how is it possible?
At that time, why did Chuck have the money to buy his own house? Yvette didn’t understand it, but how could Chuck find Queenie the place he was in before?
What exactly is going on?
“Well, are you living here?” Yvette smiled. She saw Chuck’s car downstairs, so Chuck must be here.
Of course, she wouldn’t think what Chuck would do, because she had just received a call from Chuck and said that she came out of the square and went home first.
Yvette knew that Queenie worked part-time in the square, so Chuck sent her back.
“Well, the teacher comes in and sits down.” Queenie was embarrassed and guilty. She felt sorry for Yvette. She did what she did to her last time, but she was ready to do it again today.
“No, I have to go home to cook.” Yvette glanced inside, her husband, are you not ready to come out yet?
“Well, Teacher Yvette should be careful on the way.” Queenie breathed a sigh of relief. If Yvette came in, it might have happened. After all, Chuck was still squatting in the toilet.
“Yes,” Yvette sighed in his heart.
She turned and left.
“and many more.”
But Chuck came out, and he came out with a scalp, because he could not hide, his car was still parked below, Yvette was not blind, how could he not see it?
At that time, I really couldn’t tell. It was better to take the initiative. Anyway, Chuck came to send Queenie. He did nothing else, and he didn’t plan to do it just now.
Yvette, who had just turned around, was relieved. If Chuck couldn’t come out, it would prove what he and Queenie were doing. If he came out, it would prove innocent. He just sent Chen Queenie home.
The reason for hiding is to fear that I misunderstood.
“Her husband.” Yvette turned his head and asked with a smile, “How are you here?”
Chuck was embarrassed to say that the person who came over to send Queenie was about to leave.
Queenie was sad.
“Then Queenie, I went back, you are busy yourself.” Chuck said.
“Okay, thank you for sending me back.”
Chuck felt guilty. He almost did something sorry for Yvette and Queenie just because Chuck knew that he couldn’t give Queenie the future.
So the last thing was wrong, the thing just now was even more wrong. If Queenie is a casual girl, Chuck would not be guilty, but Queenie is not, she is particularly simple and beautiful, she should have her own bright future, she For the first time, she left her husband.
“Hubby, can I ask you a question?” Yvette walked in.
Chuck was embarrassed. “You ask.”
“You found this house for Queenie, how did you find it?” Yvette smiled, she didn’t mean to blame, just wanted to know.
“I, I bought it.” Chuck said it, and there was no need to hide it. Because Yvette asked this sentence, she doubted it.
“You bought it?” Yvette was nervous. When she was selling a house at that time, she was looking for an intermediary company that day, but someone said that she wanted to buy it that day, and the next day it was actually a housing agency that the intermediary went to, and was present at the time. There is Chuck.
She should have thought of it already, but how did she think Chuck was so rich?
Also…she suspected at the time that someone could ask for it so quickly, so it was bought by a
“Baller”, then Chuck was… a “Baller?” who has been helping herself.
This is Yvette’s most nervous, how to say, although the last time the “Baller” appeared, and she had dinner with the “Baller” Wilbur Wendel, she still felt a bit wrong at that time, there was no such feeling, she thought she was I thought about it for a long time, but there seems to be no… If the house was bought by Chuck, then at least 50% of the possible “Ballers” are Chuck, then…
Is it right?
“En.” Chuck nodded.
Queenie was shocked. When she was brought by Chuck at the time, she thought Chuck rented her a house, but she didn’t expect Chuck to be able to buy suddenly, so how could Chuck be so rich?
“Wife, will you be angry?” Chuck whispered.
“No, I have another question to ask you. I will be angry if you don’t answer me.” Yvette became more nervous, he admitted, then 70% of Yvette’s heart was sure that Chuck was “Baller “”
Unexpectedly, at that time, it was Chuck who bought his own house. At that time, he had difficulty seeing himself, so he took over?
“Question? What’s the problem?” Chuck was surprised. What else did Yvette have? Do you ask yourself that there is so much money to buy here? She told her before that she was a rich second generation, she didn’t believe it.
“You go home with me, I will ask you again.” Yvette smiled, “Qing Qing, you live well, we will go first.”
Queenie nodded, Chuck waited for Yvette to go out first, he came together, “Sorry, just now…”
“No, I’m sorry for you, and I’m sorry for Teacher Yvette.” Queenie burst into tears, feeling that she was doing something wrong, but what if she couldn’t control it?
Chuck sighed, “No, it’s me. I didn’t control that night.”
If he could gritt his teeth and refuse that day, then Queenie would not be guilty.
“No, you go back, Teacher Yvette is still outside.” Queenie was in tears, Chuck was helpless, and he wouldn’t go anymore, then he might be cruel to leave, Chuck went out and took the door.
Queenie wiped away his tears, but more and more…

The two returned home. Chuck took the contract and prepared to tell Yvette about it. Yvette walked over and smiled, lying on Chuck’s chest. “Hubby, can I add your WeChat?”
Chuck is stunned, is it…
Yvette guessed after the incident just now that he is a “Baller?” It should be impossible. Last time, “Baller” Wilbur Wendel has appeared. She should not doubt her.
“It will be added next time,” Chuck said.
Yvette raised his head, and his heart was gone. It turned out that you saved yourself at the hotel at that time, and you didn’t come out at that time, because you were so fierce to you at that time?
“Okay, next time, husband, I’ll cook.” Yvette said with a smile, Chuck let out a sigh of relief, let her wait, Yvette was stunned, and then saw Chuck took out the contract, Yvette beautiful eyes Suddenly, “husband…”
She wanted to cry.
“I saw someone wanting to take over your company today. I saw it and it came next. Now I return the company to you. Also… This shop, I saw it. It is in a good location. I can turn it into a restaurant. I turned it down. Now, you go to see tomorrow, design and decorate, and then I find someone to decorate.” Chuck said.
Yvette put down the two contracts and kissed her with her lips. Chuck froze.
Yvette held Chuck in his hand, “Hubby, why are you so good to me?”
At this time, Yvette had already considered that 90% of Chuck was a “Baller”, but he didn’t admit it, so he asked Wilbur Wendel to ask him tomorrow.
Chuck laughed, his wife, who is not good to her?
This night, Chuck was comfortable, and Yvette’s feeling of sleeping was much better. In the morning, Yvette made a good breakfast and went to the company with Chuck. She had contacted her former employees last night. , Said that the company reopened, these employees only a few days, did not find a satisfactory job, received a call from Yvette, very happy.
Saying that she can come to work today, Yvette is of course relieved. Her main job is still this company. Then Chuck found her shop. After she told the company the last time, she will be with Chuck in the afternoon. In the past, after all, Chuck didn’t say how much money it took to turn it around, but Yvette knew that place was definitely not cheap, so he must be careful!
She went to the square and saw that Wilbur Wendel was watching Zabrina, who was filming.
She smiled and asked Chuck to go to the company to wait for her. She came to find Wilbur Wendel.
Wilbur Wendel was a little surprised, but since he listened to Chuck’s meaning, his “Baller” must of course remain.
“What’s wrong?” Wilbur Wendel asked.
“I just sent you a message using WeChat.” Yvette was nervous.
Wilbur Wendel listened to this sentence, and it was bad. He must have understood what Yvette meant. Where did he go to see it?
“You.” Wilbur Wendel groaned, and this pretends to go down.
“Tell me, is “the Baller” my husband Chuck?” Yvette looked at him nervously and asked yes, because yes!

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