My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 23

Yvette Jordan panicked. She had invested too much in this training company, even pouring her heart and soul into it. Last year, she had just refurnished it spending around tens of thousands to customize the cabinets on the interior of the office. Last year, she spent 150,000 dollars on the renovation, not to mention other little investments made over the year. But now, she was being forced out by the plaza’s owner, it was so despairing for her that she felt that the sky was going to collapse.
What was she going to do? Yvette was extremely anxious, as though someone was forcibly taking away her belongings. Her heart ached.
If she chose a new address, she would have to pay 800,000 dollars for the renovation, the rent, the deposit and to hire a new expertise to train her workers. She already spent about 70 to 80 dollars to pay her workers, the rent as well as to buy some furnitures and advertise her company. She had spent quite a lot from the money that she got from selling her house, so it was really difficult for her to take so much money out!
Yvette bit her lip tightly and immediately decided to drive to the company. She drove to the square and parked the car. Then, she went to buy two bottles of wine at a nearby store that sold cigarettes and wine before heading to find the manager of the plaza. Yvette took a deep breath and put on her widest smile before knocking on the door and entering.
Manager Yarn, who has just made the call to her glanced at her and said coldly, “What are you doing here? I’ve already told you what I wanted to say on the phone just now.”
“Manager Yarn.” Yvette kept smiling and put the things she bought on the table.
Manager Yarn glanced at the things on the table and immediately sneered. “You’d better take them away, I’m not used to drinking such cheap wine. You’d be better off giving them to the cleaner instead.”
Yvette took a deep breath again and suppressed the anger in her heart. “Manager Yarn, when I met you last time, you said that we could renew the contract. Why did you change your mind now?”
“When did I say that?” Manager Yarn raised his eyebrows.
“Just last time, when I invited you to dinner.”
“Oh, that time? Let me tell you, that was the worst meal I’ve ever had. What kind of meal was that? You want to bribe me with just a few hundred dollars? Who would treat someone to a dinner like that?” he sneered.
Yvette’s anger rose. “Manager Yarn, you can’t do this!”
“What do you mean? You are the most stingy among all the shop owners. It’s been five years and you’ve only invited me to have two meals. Who do you think I am? I’ve been merciful to you for letting you renew the contract last time, what makes you think I’ll be merciful again? Do you think it’s possible? You deserve all of this! Your contract will expire at the end of this month, remember to take all your garbage away so you can get your deposit back!”
Manager Yarn snorted and continued arrogantly, “Still not leaving with your rubbish? Do you seriously want to do business with only a cigarette and two bottles of wine? No wonder your business is so bad. Yvette, if you want to succeed, you need to know how to deal with people. If you don’t even know how to deal with people, what makes you think you can continue renting the place?”
“Taylor Yarn! Don’t go too far!” Yvette was furious.
Manager Yarn continued provoking her and said, “I went too far? To tell you the truth, it’s impossible for you to renew the contract! Because someone much richer than you have an eye on your place! They’re so rich that they can simply throw away tens of thousands of dollars just for investing. To be honest, it’s a waste of resources for that place if you rent it. The standard of our plaza has been lowered by your training company, such a strategic place shouldn’t be yours, it should belong to rich bosses like them! For a company like yours, you are better off opening a company at a warehouse in a village instead.”
“You!” Yvette snapped in anger and annoyance.
“What? I warn you, you’d better take all the things away before your contract ends. If the rich boss is not satisfied with the place, just say goodbye to your deposit!” He sat down and crossed his legs.
Yvette held back her urge to kick him in the shin. If she did so, she would definitely lose her deposit of 50,000 dollars. At this moment, she felt really helpless. She was bullied like this, and yet nobody was there to help her….
“Still not leaving? Are you planning to have your husband make a fuss here? I warn you, if you dare to make a scene here, our boss will kill you!” Manager Yarn continued to threaten.
The last time Manager Yarn harassed her, she had no choice but to lie that she was married. She was bitter that her “undocumented husband” was actually Chuck Cannon. She admitted that she was Chuck’s child bride.
But what could Chuck do even if he was here? It was said that the owner of this plaza had connections with gangsters. No ordinary people could gang up against them, not to mention Chuck.
However, Yvette knew that Chuck knew Zelda Maine, would she have a solution then? Zelda was a big shot in the business circle, so maybe she knew the boss of this plaza. Who knows, maybe just a word from her could help her continue her business here.
Manager Yarn scoffed as Yvette was still deep in her thoughts. “I think your husband is a useless person. Otherwise, he would have come here a long time ago. Why are you even with him? You’re better off with me. If you want a shop, I’ll give it to you with just a flick of my fingers, and I promise to make sure you have a good time at night!”
Manager Yarn laughed lasciviously.
“Shameless!” Yvette angrily grabbed the water on the table and splashed it on Manager Yarn’s face. With a splash, his face contorted. “Yvette Jordan, you’re looking for trouble!”
He glared at Yvette as his collar was drenched with water. Yvette stared him down, still feeling slightly uneasy down. No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman. She was about to run out with her things, but Manager Yarn raised his hand and slapped her across the face.
“B*tch!” Manager Yarn spat at her in disgust.
Yvette’s face swelled up in a mixture of rage and shame, biting on her lips so hard that they bled. The injustice that she felt turned into tears that welled up in her eyes. At this moment, how she longed for someone to help her, but….
She turned back and tried her best to hold back her tears with no avail. With a stream of tears rolling down her swollen cheeks, she grabbed her things and stormed out of the room.
Manager Yarn wiped his face with a tissue. “Such a b*tch. If you had agreed to let me sleep with you when I offered, I could’ve talked to the boss about it and allowed you to continue renting the place. Who asked you to reject me like this?”
He spat contemptuously and continued to play with his mobile phone.
Yvette went back to her company in a daze. Seeing that her face was swollen, her staff immediately asked what had happened, but Yvette shook her head and assured them that everything was fine.
Secretly, she was extremely upset by what had happened. She went back to her office and wanted to call Chuck to ask him to let her go meet Zelda. She didn’t know if Chuck had a good relationship with Zelda, maybe they were just friends, but a chance was still a chance for her. She took out her mobile phone and called him with determination.
She was a little nervous. Ten seconds passed, but Chuck did not pick up the call. Yvette shook her head in utter disappointment. “When I needed help, you could never help me…. You didn’t help me, even if it’s just this one time, you’ll never be able to….”
There was a look of complete disappointment. Yvette was in despair. She had utterly lost faith in him!
She put down her phone, but suddenly thought of the “baller” on WeChat. He must know a lot of people since he’s so rich, could he help her? Thinking of this, Yvette gathered her emotions again from the previous disappointment towards Chuck. Full of expectations, she sent a message to the baller:
“Can I ask you for a favor, baller?”
“Baller, are you busy or…..”
“Baller, I’m sorry to disturb you.”
“I’m sorry.”
There was no response for more than ten minutes and Yvette was already in despair. As a woman, she was already under so much pressure, yet she was actually insulted and slapped by a plaza manager with no one to help her. Her self-confidence crumbled as she broke down and started crying, tears flowing uncontrollably down her face.
Outside the office, the staff heard her cry and several staff members looked at each other in confusion. What was wrong with Yvette?
“Didn’t Director Jordan get beaten now?”
“I think so. Who could it be?”
“Probably a man. It is normal for Director Jordan to cry, business has been so bad recently, so we’ve been running on a loss.”.
“Get ready, our business is probably going to close down. I heard that our rental contract is going to expire, Director Jordan is probably going to have to give up on this business.”
“Alas, it’s a pity. It was actually pretty nice working here.”
The staff sighed. In the office, Yvette cried even more helplessly and more pitifully. Once again, she tried calling Chuck again. Holding back her choking and sobbing, she took out her mobile phone and dialed Chuck’s number, but was once again faced with the voicemail. At this point, she had lost all faith in Chuck.
Chuck, what the hell are you up to?

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