My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 230

Chuck took Logan’s hand. This tenderness is really wonderful. It’s really hard to imagine. Logan is such a master of fighting, his hand is so soft, shouldn’t he be covered with hand cocoons?
Chuck pulled Zelda’s hand and Yvette’s hand, but the feeling was different. At this time, Chuck was not willing to hold this hand hard, because it was too soft.
“You are so beautiful,” Chuck leaned in, just thinking that she smelled a wonderful scent.
Chuck wanted to kiss her.
The smile on Logan’s face was gone, she frowned, because she saw two girls in the corner watching, it was Lara and Charlotte who were anxious.
After Logan saw them, Lara and Charlotte hid in a panic.
“Cer, what did you drink just now?” Logan was worried. Of course she saw that, Chuck’s eyes were very confused, and her face was red. She was completely drugged.
How could Logan not see this?
“I, I drank milk tea, took a sip, and felt so bored, as if dizzy, I… I want to kiss you,”
Chuck pulled Logan and leaned in.
Logan reached out to stop Chuck’s mouth and shook his head, “Cee, you stay awake, I will take you to open a room.”
Where did Chuck manage so much? Anyway, she was going to kiss her, and Logan pressed the palm of Chuck’s mouth lightly, “The eyes are red, and the medicine is too heavy. No, you have to help Ceer as soon as possible. ,stay awake!”
Logan held Chuck in one hand and pressed Chuck’s mouth with the other hand, but Chuck had another hand on Logan’s thin waist.
“Cer, be awake.”
Logan was worried and took Chuck to open a room. It was a beautiful woman who opened the room, but she was also surprised when she saw Chuck in Logan. How did she find such a beautiful woman?
Logan took the room card and took Chuck inside.
“What should I do, what should I do?” Lara saw this scene, and she was very anxious. When they chased just now, they saw Chuck holding Logan’s hand, and they saw Chuck’s eyes from afar. It is desire.
Charlotte was also panicked. She didn’t expect it to be like this at all. She thought Chuck had finished drinking milk tea, then she and Lara took Chuck to open the room, then the next thing would be easy.
However, Chuck was taken by the woman who came with him to open the house, this…
Isn’t this woman the elder of Chuck?
“Don’t worry, this woman took Chuck in. I just saw Chuck wanting to kiss her, she stopped, and she was worried. I think she took Chuck in, maybe Chuck took care of it.” Charlotte’s analysis also calmed down. Fortunately, she was not known by other people. Logan’s eyes just scared her.
“Solve? Do you mean this woman gave Chuck a solution? Isn’t she the elder of Chuck? Me, what have we done?” Lara collapsed.
“No, the woman’s treatment was not the treatment in that respect. You didn’t notice that the woman is very calm? What kind of doctor do I think she is?” Charlotte analyzed. Indeed, she saw Logan’s calm.
Chuck should be taken to take a cold bath.
Lara listened like this, she was relieved, if Chuck was against an elder, wouldn’t Chuck wake up and collapse? so far so good.
“Then, what shall we do?” Lara was anxious.
“Wait, in case she can’t help Chuck, let’s…let’s call the police. Alas, I think the drug is too heavy this time, maybe something will happen. Ten minutes, we will call the police again.” Charlotte sighed.
“Well, Chuck is a big liar, but this thing is wrong for us, and Chuck can’t be involved in the accident,” Lara bit her lip.
The two of them were anxious outside, waiting anxiously…

Logan led Chuck into the room. She heard Chuck’s shortness of breath and completely lost her mind. Regardless of how Logan stopped him, Chuck was desperate to kiss him, “Don’t run, I ask to kiss you…”
“Be good, don’t kiss me, lie down.” Logan shook her head and put Chuck on the bed. She took out a dagger from the bag, but when she turned around, Chuck hugged her from behind.
Logan turned around anxiously, “Obey, don’t move, I will give you some blood. You can sleep well and wake up and it will be fine.”
“I want to kiss you, I want to go…” Chuck had no reason, and he had that kind of picture in his mind.
“Be good, lie down.” Logan shook her head. She actually couldn’t hold her with a little effort, but she was unwilling to hurt Chuck.
Her hand slightly opened Chuck’s hug, Chuck lay down, and Logan walked to the bedside, holding Chuck in one hand, preparing to use a dagger to give Chuck some blood and put some medicine out, but Chuck Losing her mind, Logan was reluctant to use force, and Chuck gathered her.
“I want it.” Chuck was confused.
“Okay, take my hand, be a little bit, don’t move around.” Logan reached out and pulled Chuck, Chuck satisfied, she began to stare at Chuck’s wrist, bleeding, but she didn’t have to hurt Chuck The premise of the body is decentralized, but Chuck twists, Logan can only give Chuck a hand.
“Not here, just be good… just take my hand, it won’t work there. Hand, hand will do, good.”
Logan said softly, her eyes were fast and her dagger cut Chuck’s wrist, poof! A spur of black blood spurted out a little, and Logan sighed with relief. Her fingers pressed Chuck’s wrist to prevent too much blood from spurting out, otherwise it would hurt her body.
Logan suddenly enlisted, because Chuck kissed her on the cheek. Logan smiled and reached out to stop Chuck’s mouth, “Obe, be a little obedient, and it will be fine soon.”
Logan pressed Chuck’s wrist to spur blood, and some blood bleed out. This was half of the medicine flowing out. Chuck was tired, lying on the bed all over, closing his eyes. Logan was completely relieved. She loosened Chuck’s wound and was ready to bandage Chuck.
But Chuck held Logan’s hand like this, let go, Logan exerted a little force, but Chuck was like a child holding a toy, he didn’t let go, and instinctively kissed Logandu’s arm again, head leaned on Logandu’s arm Just sleep.
Logan smiled, “This kid,”
She didn’t pull it out, waiting for Chuck to fall asleep, she wanted to pull it out, but Chuck still did not let go, Logan mischievously stretched his hand to spare Chuck’s armpit, Chuck was trembling to let go.
Chuck was itchy.
“Sleep just fine, have a good dream.”
Logan took her hand out and began to treat Chuck’s wounds. After bandaging, Logan wiped the sweat from her forehead and covered Chuck with a quilt. She walked aside because the phone rang and she answered. This is her company. Something needs to be dealt with, Logan said,
“You deal with it first… I have something to do,”
Logan said, after turning her eyes, she looked at the sleeping Chuck.
“I need to decide for myself? Huh? The voice is a little lower, and people are rested… No, I have something to do, and I can’t go back for the time being. You handle it yourself, that’s it,” Logan hung up the phone and didn’t want to say more, worrying about the noise. Chuck.
She came over and covered Chuck with a quilt before she went out.
Lara and Charlotte outside the door panic. They saw Logan suddenly opened the door and they turned and ran, but Logan closed the door and said, “Run?”
Lara and Charlotte just felt the word passed into their second middle school, they felt trembling and frightened.
“Fortunately, Qi’er is okay, otherwise neither of your two families will be happy.” Logan said.
Lara was afraid, and Charlotte was trembling. When Logan didn’t smile, that kind of aura was unparalleled. As a freshman in Lara, Charlotte had just graduated. How could Logan resist the atmosphere of Logan?
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, we are wrong, and never dare again.” Charlotte said busy. Lara was also trembling, her voice shaking, “Please forgive us, we will never dare again.”
“If there is another time, the two of you will prepare for the future.” Logan said, opening the door and entering again.
Lara and Charlotte sat paralyzed on the ground and felt that they had almost killed themselves today…
Logan closed the door and saw that Chuck’s quilt lying on the bed had been lifted. She smiled,
“This child sleeps so badly?”
She walked over to cover the quilt for Chuck again, but as soon as her hand was stretched out, Chuck became environmentally friendly and slept with her head resting on Logan’s arm.

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