My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 235

Yvette Ran chased in a huff, “Hey, do you think you are also a rich second generation, and you are richer than me? You look down on me?”
Chuck was said inexplicably, frowning, “When do I look down on you? It seems you are always looking down on people, right?”
“I…” Yvette Ran was speechless. He said so, but you didn’t let me believe it. When you were studying, you were so poor. The ghost knew that there were only two sets of clothes in a semester. Rich second generation? ?
“I said long ago, I am the second generation of rich, even if you don’t believe it, and I said I was adopted, are you looking at me like this?” Chuck asked.
“It’s you who looked down on me first, and now I say I look down on you, your logic is too strange, then how do you want me to look at you? Your family is more than a billion, what do you want me to look at? You are qualified to let me Can you afford it?” Chuck asked.
My mother is so rich, more than one billion, what is in your mother’s eyes?
Yvette Ran’s eyes were red and his nose was sour. “Why do you say that? Why do you?”
“My family is richer than you, and I will not take the initiative to look down on others.”
“I didn’t take the initiative to look down on you, it’s you…”
“What’s wrong with me? You figured out that there is a beautiful woman next to me, you think I’m being fostered, what kind of mentality do you have in the world? Only you can have money, right? Others can’t have money? Can’t be a rich second Generation, can you be?” Chuck stared at her, really annoyed.
“No, not what I said, it was the squad leader they said.” Yvette Ran was said by Chuck in one pass, and the tears in his eyes finally fell down and he was wronged.
“Oh, did the monitor say? Didn’t you say? The one who spoke most was you,” Chuck said.
“I… wooh.” Yvette Ran cried with her mouth covered, she had never been said that way.
“Let me look at you, do you look at me? Do you look down on me, then why can I look at you?
Why are you crying? What are your faces crying?? Go home and cry, cry here and shame.”
Chuck turned and walked away .
He really didn’t want to waste time with Yvette Ran.
When she saw Chuck said she was gone, she cried even more.
At this time, Zelda, who had been waiting for too long, came out of the private room. She saw the crying Yvette Ran. She was surprised, “Chuck, what’s wrong with this?”
“Nothing.” Chuck shook his head, and then continued to Yvette Ran, “Also crying? What did you say crying? I’ve been crying for so long, I didn’t cry, what is your face crying? Still crying here, you still Shameless?”
“Woo.” Yvette Ran ran out with her mouth covered, and Chuck was too lazy to take care of her.
“Sister Zelda, don’t worry, I will help you with your business,”
“Well, thank you.” Zelda was very relieved to hear this.
Because she knew Chuck would do it.
“It’s time to eat first. I’ll ask someone to do it,” said Zelda, who wanted to eat with Chuck alone.
Chuck shook his head. Where did he have time? Today, he had to take Aunt Logan to play. He also had to find Murong Qing. He didn’t have time to eat.
“Don’t be hungry,” Zelda moved. She thought Chuck was continuing to find a way for herself.
“En.” Chuck went out and saw that Yvette Ran was still crying in the car. Chuck glanced at her.
“Chuck, I didn’t look down on you, no.” Yvette Ran said crying.
“Okay, you didn’t.” Chuck nodded. He sat in the car, took out his mobile phone, called Murong Qing, and had to talk.
Yvette Ran was even more wronged, “I really haven’t.”
Chuck was too lazy to listen and closed the car window directly. He connected Murongqing’s phone.
“Say!” This is Murong Qing’s voice.
“I want you to sleep with me, you come to find me immediately!” Chuck said.
“Shameless! If you said about Zelda’s restaurant, I would not agree!” Murong Qing was angry.
“Aren’t you coming?” Chuck said.
“No! No talk!”
The phone hung up, and Chucksi wanted to go. She could only drive to find Murong Qing. She should have gone to Yvette Ran’s father’s company just now.
Chuckmen stomped on the accelerator and drove away.
In the car.
Yvette Ran wiped away her tears. “I didn’t look down on you, I was just disappointed with you. I felt that men should not be looked after by women. I really did not look down on you. Who knows you have more money than me?”

Chuck was waiting in Yvette Ran’s father’s company parking lot. Murong Qing’s car was next door to him, but at this time, it was more than ten o’clock, and Chuck called Aunt Logan in the car.
“Hey, Ceer,” Logan’s soft voice.
“Aunt Logan, I have something to do in the morning. I will come to you again at noon.”
“You are busy and you continue. I’ll just read the book at home.”
“No, Auntie Tang, how come you can stay at home?” Chuck thought that this would definitely not work.
“Actually it doesn’t matter.”
“Aunt Logan, I’ll go find you at noon.” Chuck was serious.
“Ok, I will wait for you.”
When the phone hung up, Logan sat on the sofa and smiled slightly, “This kid is… well, noon, where to eat, where to play? Don’t think about it, just follow Ce’er, where is he going, himself?
Just follow.”
Chuck received the phone here and saw Murong Qing coming out. Chuck opened the car door and Murong Qing frowned, “What do you want to do?”
Chuck was also not angry, and asked her how to deal with that street?
“If you want me to give you that street, but you want me to continue to renew Zelda’s contract, that’s impossible!” Murong Qing frowned deeper.
“I don’t want your street, as long as you let Zelda continue to renew the contract.” Chuck shook his head, what did he want Murongqing to do?
“Impossible! You want me to give you! But the other is impossible!” Murong Qing opened the car door, Chuck was helpless, pulled her into her car, and pushed her away, how can she say there are employees in the car, Not suitable for talking about others.
“What do you want to do?” Murong Qing was angry!
“Nothing. Have a good chat with you. See if I don’t want your street, as long as…” Chuck said.
Murong Qing felt uncomfortable because the place he was doing was the place where he got wet last time.
“What are you doing blushing again?” Chuck was really speechless and didn’t do anything to her?
“Do you want to manage?” Murong Qing scolded, and covered up his embarrassment.
“Don’t say, what kind of drink did you drink here last time? After I wiped it with a tissue, I smelled my hand, why is it a bit…” Chuck was strange.
He remembers that when he was driving, there was a little wet on his hand, he smelled it and felt a little…how to say, fragrant? Seems a bit, but not, kelp? No, what beverage did Murong Qing drink in his car?
“Okay, Zelda’s restaurant can be renewed! Let me go out!” Murong Qing couldn’t listen anymore, this bastard! She opened the car door shyly and angrily, but locked, “Let me go out!
What else do you want to do? I have promised!”
“Thank you, by the way, haven’t you answered me yet? What water did you drink last time?”
Chuck sighed with relief. It seems that this method is good, forcing her to do it.
“You,” Murong Qing blushed, “Does mineral water work? Let me go out!”
When I thought that Chuck actually smelled, Murong Qing was about to collapse. Fortunately, he was not ill and he was very hygienic. Otherwise, he would smell something strange, then Murong Qing would definitely collapse. She did not know how she had such a dream in Chuckche at that time, but also…
“OK, OK.” Chuck was too lazy to continue. He had to accompany Aunt Logan. At this time, he had to take Aunt Logan to dinner. It was noon at all.
Murong Qing came out and took out a card from the bag, “I’ll lose it, I won’t let you mention it again!”
Throwing the card in, Chuck Yizheng, of course he wouldn’t ask for it anymore. He took the card out and stuffed it with Murong Qing. It’s a lot of sugar, what kind of canned food is it? It’s not embarrassing to eat canned food. Why are you lying? Me, I still advise you to drink less, or you will get diabetes.”
“You, shut up!” Murong Qing shame red, she wants to hit Chuck, a lot? Isn’t that the one in your car? Need to say this? ?
Chuck was helpless. Why didn’t this woman know good people? “I mean to stop you drinking…”
“Shut up, that’s not water!!!” Murong Qing was angry!
“Not water? What is that?” Chuck Yizheng.

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