My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 236

Murong Qing suffocated for a long time, she really wanted to get angry and said that, but in that case, she said how to export?
“Say, isn’t it water?” Chuck was more and more curious about what Murong Qing looked like.
“Yes, canned,” Murong Qing blushed like Apple, and his voice was quiet.
“Oh, I said, it should be canned, sticky, and…” Chuck laughed.
This woman’s temper is also weird. What’s wrong with eating canned food? Rich people lose face when they eat canned food? Why are you hiding?
“Don’t talk about it?” Murong Qing collapsed, and it was really embarrassing.
Why did you dream that way in his car that day? ? And also…
Murong Qing is tangled, what is he thinking?
She sighed in her heart. In recent days, although I didn’t have that kind of dream every night, I did it again yesterday, and in bed…
Shouldn’t it be disgusting to do that with a younger man? Why have you been doing it yourself?
Murongqing didn’t understand it himself, he just saved himself twice!
“Yes, you promised to renew Zelda’s contract. Then I have nothing to thank. I sent you a few boxes of canned food. What brand did you eat last time?” Chuck asked.
Go back and buy online.
Buy more expensive.
“Don’t!!! Don’t say it’s okay?” Murong Qing was angry.
“Yes.” Chuck was too lazy to hook up with her. Since he agreed, he didn’t need to continue talking. Aunt Logan was still waiting at home.
Only when Chuck was near Murongqing at this time, she smelled the charming scent on her body, not the perfume, but the natural scent of women. She loves cleanliness, right?
Chuck’s eyes watched behind her for a few nights, and Murong Qing was angry, “What are you looking at?”
“You really spend money every month to maintain the back?” Chuck was curious, otherwise how could it be like the European and American women?
How to maintain the beauty salon?
“What’s your business?” Murong Qingmei stared.
What to say, this Murongqing suddenly agreed inexplicably, let Chuck also changed her a bit, hate it, or hate it, but not so disgusting.
“Don’t you owe me to sleep with me? I can’t ask?” Chuck joked, how could he touch Murong Qing? Such a woman, Chuck can not afford to provoke, too temper.
“To sleep now, do not hang on your mouth! Long pain is worse than short pain!” Murong Qing was particularly angry, she remembered last night’s dream, really…
How did you become so sick?
Chuck’s eyes recovered from her, and he sat in the car without saying a word, Murong Qingmei’s eyes cooled down, “I warn you, don’t talk about the water on the car.”
“Well.” Chuck didn’t talk back, how could she say that she had promised to renew the contract, what kind of little thing was getting wet in the car, what else did she mention?
But well, the taste is okay, fragrant, and a bit of sea breeze. Anyway, it’s very special. I just don’t know what canned food she was eating, new taste? Buy it yourself someday.
However, Chuck was worried that Murong Qing would go to Zelda’s restaurant to show off his strength, so he continued, “Yes, don’t tell Zelda that you bought that street.”
“Why didn’t I tell you? I bought it decently, why can’t I say it?” Murong Qing said coldly.
This time it was Chuck’s turn to collapse. It’s up to Zelda to know. She certainly won’t renew the contract. “President Murong, or…”
“Who made you call me president?” Murong Qing said coldly.
“Sister Murong?” Chuck whispered. This sister couldn’t scream, but people had to bow their heads under the eaves.
“Murong Qing, call me Murong Qing,”
“All right,” Chuck nodded. “How can you not tell Zelda?”
“I want you to beg me.” Murong Qing showed arrogance.
Is this woman too controlled? Chuck sighed, “Come on, when I beg you.”
Chuck thought that it would be fine to follow her meaning, there was no need to quarrel anymore, but he hurried to see Aunt Logan now.
It’s noon, Aunt Logan should be hungry.
Murong Qingmei looked over and Chuck frowned, “Do you still want me to kneel for you?”
Last time when she was in her mother’s hotel, she insisted on kneeling and apologizing. The woman estimated that she looked down on the man.
“Of course you can kneel,” Murong said lightly, “you can do it without kneeling.”
But she said, she didn’t feel a smile on her lips, she liked it.
Chuck heard this unpleasantly, “Then I saved you twice, why didn’t you kneel for me?”
“You didn’t let me kneel, you let me accompany you once,” Murong Qing still said lightly.
Okay, Chuck didn’t bother to say, what’s the point of kneeling? It’s better to fall asleep with accompany, “You remember what you just said, you can’t let Zelda know.”
“I don’t want you to give me that street?” Murong Qing was plain.
“Don’t,” Chuck asked her for hundreds of millions of dollars? Besides, you are saving her, so how much money do you need to pay? Chuck is not so careless, let’s talk about it, didn’t he touch her last time?
“You have to give it to others.” Chuck started the car.
“Why should I give it to others? Please beg me, I’ll give it to you, beg me like just now.” Murong Qing said.
Is this woman sick?
I said no.
Chuck whitened her and drove away. Murong Qing’s eyes narrowed into a slit. She opened the door and sat in the car. The driving assistant whispered, “President, this man is too rude. Do you want someone to clean him up?”
Murong Qing threw a slap, and the new assistant shut up in a hurry, knowing that he was wrong.
“Driving.” Murong Qing closed his eyes, his tone cold as frost.
“Yes, yes.” The new assistant nodded and drove.
Murongqing thought of the matter just now, he actually begged himself, Murongqing did not find himself laughing, this little man is interesting…
Chuck called Zelda out of the parking lot and told her that she could continue to renew the contract. Zelda was particularly moved when she received this call. She wanted to drive to find Chuck immediately, but she knew something about Chuck .
“Thank you.” Zelda was very emotional.
If Chuck was in front of her, she would kiss up because she couldn’t help herself because she was moved.
“It’s okay, Sister Zelda, you have arranged it yourself. I have something to do.” Chuck said.
“it is good.”
Hanging up the phone here, Zelda was in a mood, and Chuck helped her a lot. How should he thank him?
She sat down with thoughts in her heart. She calmed down and started her own restaurant.
When she was busy at night, she drove home, took the elevator upstairs, and happened to meet Chuck. He took Aunt Logan out in the afternoon, how to say, Aunt Logan smiled like a girl in the afternoon, and was very happy. Chuck was disappointed by the medicine for the past two days, but in the afternoon she contacted Aunt Logan and occasionally touched her hand. Chuck’s idea rose again.
But he suppressed it because it was Aunt Logan!
Coupled with being disturbed by Sun Shangxue a few days ago, Chuckxin’s fire was very large.
At this time, when seeing Zelda, Chuck felt itchy and unbearable, but could not touch her.
“Who lives in your house?” Zelda wondered.
“Aunt Logan, my Aunt Logan.” aunt? Zelda felt at ease. She thought she was Chuck’s woman. Zelda saw Chuck’s eyes turning on her. She smiled, “Think?”
Chuck was embarrassed. He did think about it, but his body didn’t listen to him. He didn’t know that Charlotte was taking medicine too hard, which made him unable to relax.
“Yeah.” Chuck was not embarrassed to say anything. It was unnecessary. Zelda helped herself twice.
But to tell you, Chuck didn’t want Zelda to help herself now, how could she be seen by Aunt Logan?
“Come here,” Zelda dragged Chuck to her house. Chuck embarrassedly said that she didn’t want to be seen by Aunt Logan, so next time, Zelda nodded, “Well.”
Chuck fled the same elevator and left, Zelda smiled slightly.
Chuck came back. He was ignited by Zelda just now. He opened the door and came in. He saw Sun Shangxue sitting on the sofa in shorts, and his thighs were really… Sun Shangxue glanced at Chuck and said nothing without saying Into the room.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and saw that the light in the bathroom door was lit, and Yvette was inside. Chuck was excited. Could it be wrong today?
Chuck lowered his voice, walked slowly over, and twitched his hands against the door lock.

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