My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 238

Chuck did something sorry for Queenie today, and sorry for Yvette, how could he let Yvette send Queenie?
“Well, then I’ll wait for you at home, Queenie, let Chuck give you away,” Yvette nodded.
Chuck and Queenie went downstairs, Queenie sat in the car, and Chuck drove her back.
In the car, the two didn’t say a word. When they arrived, Queenie said thank you. Chuck couldn’t help it. “I’ll tell me anything later.”
Chuck is serious, just the first time for two people, so Chuck wants to make up for her.
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“Chuck, you don’t care, really,”
Queenie shook her head and said that today’s incident was an accident. She didn’t want to take this accident and let Chuck do anything for her.
“What I said is true,” Chuck sighed, and the man should be responsible.
Queenie was moved, “En,”
She opened the car door and Chuck followed her. She wanted to send Queenie up. Today he did something wrong and was even at a loss.
Because he never thought he actually asked Queenie.
Before, Zelda was in the private room, Chuck could ask her, but for Yvette, he resisted, Murong Qing, this woman hated, but the figure is really good, Chuck can also sleep her, Charlotte, Lara…
All of these can be done by Chuck, but Chuck thinks that it is too sorry for Yvette, so he has been restrained, but did not expect that today is too impulsive, and was impulsively blinded by the impulse.
Chuck sighed.
“I will send you up.” Chuck came over.
“No, Teacher Yvette will doubt, you go back quickly.” Queenie lost, how could she not want Chuck to send her up?
Chuck nodded. It was too long. It really made Yvette worry and doubt. Chuck couldn’t think of it. If Yvette knew what happened today, she would react.
Chuck got into the car and drove away.
Queenie looked at Chuck in the distance, she lost the stairs, but still felt very painful…

Chuck drove back, took the elevator to the door, Chuck actually saw Sun Shangxue, she was cold.
Chuck walked embarrassedly. She knew she was in the bathroom, and she had lied to herself just now.
“Are you worthy of Yvette?” Sun Shangxue was annoyed. She just went to the toilet and saw a drop of blood on the floor. She was coming from. How could she not know what blood it was?
“Are you in Queenie just now? Don’t try to quibble, I saw blood, and don’t say you hurt yourself, because I don’t believe it!?” Sun Shangxue stared at Chuck.
Chuck was anxious. This was actually seen by Sun Shangxue, probably when Queenie left last time just now.
Chuck is going to clean up, and Yvette must never be known.
“I have helped you clean up the mess. Are you worthy of Yvette? I just lied to you just now, so you used my lies?” Sun Shangxue was annoyed.
Chuck sighed and said that he had already done it when he went in. When he found out, it was too late. Sun Shangxue frowned, “How long have you been holding back?”
Chuck was embarrassed to say.
Sun Shangxue looked up and down Chuck, “You and Yvette haven’t done it yet?”
Chuck shook his head and said that it was prepared last time, but you came.
Sun Shangxue was annoyed, “I’m here, you continue to be yours, you are still afraid that I can’t help but come out and kick in!!!”
Chuck is embarrassed, too, Sun Shangxue is coming from, she knows everything.
“Huh, I see how you explain to Yvette, you actually got a young bird, how do you explain to Queenie.” Sun Shangxue sneered.
“Don’t tell Yvette.” This is Chuck’s greatest worry. He can’t kill Sun Shangxue, right? He couldn’t do it.
“I want to say, you caught me in the toilet last time, and I said it when you kissed me,” Sun Shangxue was annoyed. “The monkey is so anxious, never seen a woman?”
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and Sun Shangxue seemed to keep himself secret, but the atmosphere was awkward when he mentioned this.
How did you say that last time Chuck still knew that Sun Shangxue had a good figure.
“Okay, you will take care of today’s affairs yourself,” Sun Shangxue didn’t want to say more, turned around and prepared to go in, Chuckshen stretched his hands.
“Also want to move my foot? What should I do?” Sun Shangxue glared at Chuck!
Chuck shook his head and said, “No, I ask you, did you clean the blood just now?”
“What do you say?”
Sun Shangxue walked in free, Chuck hesitated for a long time before entering, and saw Yvette boiled himself porridge. “Hubby, come and drink the porridge and sleep again.”
Chuck felt guilty and walked to hug Yvette.
She was stunned, “What’s wrong with her husband?”
“It’s okay,”
“Don’t worry, I will come to sleep with you at night and sleep with you in your arms?” Yvette smiled. Why is Chuck like a child today? Wronged?
Chuck nodded, ate porridge, went to the bath, and made sure that it was clean and free of blood.
Chuck came out, Yvette hugged Chuck, and the two were lying on the sofa.
“Hubby, sleep,” Yvette closed her eyes, she saw that Chuck was very tired.
Because of guilt, Chuck’s hands are honest…
At a glance the next day, Chuck thought of asking Queenie to buy birth control pills. He secretly called Queenie. Queenie said, “I bought it when I remembered it last night. Rest assured.”
Indeed, she remembered this when she slept in the middle of the night, so she went downstairs to buy it overnight, and she took medicine to sleep well.
Chuck was relieved. “Say what you need.”
Hanging up the phone, Chuck thought she had to go and see Queenie. Of course, instead of making sure she took the medicine, she wanted to see Queenie and buy some supplements for her to be good for her health.
He thought so. He was going to buy it when he came back at night, and then went to see her.
After three people finished their breakfast, Yvette took Sun Shangxue out. Sun Shangxue finally had a warning look. Chuck certainly understood.
When they left, Chuck drove to find Aunt Logan.
But at this time, Aunt Logan was sitting on the sofa at Chuck’s house, and her beautiful eyes suddenly looked out. Through the window, she found a reflective place in the opposite house.
This is a telescope. Was she monitored?
This possibility, Logan took out his mobile phone and called someone. At this time, someone knocked on the door, “Aunt Logan is me…”
Logan smiled. She walked over to open the door and saw Chuck, “Cer, come in.”
“Well, Aunt Logan, we will go to play elsewhere today,” Chuck thought of a place Aunt Logan should like.
“Okay, wherever you go, I’ll follow, wait, I’ll get something,” Logan walked into the room, the phone was connected long ago, and she said, “The person on the opposite side, I don’t want someone to disturb me and Ceer hangs out.”
The phone hung up and Logan packed up and came out.
Chuck took Logan downstairs.
At the same time, Yvette was in the shop, she was still designing and decorating, how to save the most money and maximize the effect. This was a headache for her, but what she didn’t know was that there was a building opposite In a room, there was a man staring at Yvette with a telescope.
Suddenly, he received a call.
“Hey, lord,” the man said. Respectful tone.
“How is it? Found it?” There was an old voice in the phone.
“Not sure, but there is a goal, this one should be a lady.” The man stared at the busy Yvette,
“Master, should I show up?”
“No, as soon as you show up, Karen Lee will surely kill you, not to mention you haven’t determined yet, continue to monitor. Remember, no circumstances are allowed! Or Karen Lee will definitely find out!”
“Master, this Karen Lee is so powerful?” The man doesn’t believe it, isn’t he just a woman? You can definitely be destroyed!
“Don’t doubt her strength, ten of you are not her opponents!”
The man frowned, he didn’t believe it, he already knew where Karen Lee was, so he would buy all kinds of high-profile back to China, and it was not difficult to find Karen Lee’s address.
He wanted to go in alone yesterday and killed Karen Lee, isn’t he just a woman?
“Remember my words.”
When the phone hung up, the man turned on the phone and stared at the photo above, which contained Karen Lee, “So powerful? I don’t believe it, I will find you! By then, you can’t be beaten! It looks beautiful, but a pity The sons are so old, otherwise…”
The man said with a smile, he continued to stare at Yvette, “Miss, are you?”

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