My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 24

While Yvette Jordan was crying in despair, Chuck Cannon was in a dilemma. He didn’t feel so good as Zelda Maine brought him to a strange place.
“Sister Zelda, what are you….”
Chuck was really helpless. He thought that Zelda had something important to show him on the phone and wondered what it was. Never did he expect the important issue to be Zelda’s best friend’s birthday party.
What does this mean? What kind of status was Chuck required to have to attend Zelda’s best friend’s birthday party?
“Just do me a favor. My best friend has been matchmaking me with others. If I bring you with me, she will know and stop….”
“Ah? Sister Zelda is still single?”
Chuck noticed something important. Zelda was around 27 to 28 years old, the prime of her age. She was pretty, rich, and had a graceful aura toppped with an amazing figure. How could such a perfect woman be single?
He couldn’t understand. There should be lot of people chasing after her, right? Could it be that Zelda’s requirements for a boyfriend were too high?
“Yes, I’ve always been single, and I think I’ll always be single in the future,” Zelda clarified.
“Always? Sister Zelda, aren’t you going to get married and have kids?” Chuck was really surprised. Did she want to stay single? Zelda has good genes, so it would really be a waste not to have any children.
“Why do I have to get married? I’m fine on my own, and I’m not interested in men anyways,” Zelda shook her head.
“Ah?” Chuck was once again shocked by what she said? Was she a lesbian?
“Sister Zelda, do you like women?” Chuck asked curiously.
“No, I don’t like women and I don’t like men. I just see through them and think it’s better to be single.” Zelda said.
Alright. Chuck still thought it was a pity. To be honest, though, there were not many men that could be a match for a beautiful woman like Zelda. It was better for her to be single than for her to lower her status and marry someone else.
However, at the same time, Chuck understood what she meant. Since it was her best friend’s birthday, many friends of Zelda would attend too. For now, Chuck would have to be Zelda’s excuse. He didn’t mind anyway.
“Do you agree?” Zelda smiled.
Chuck sighed. Now that they were here, he had no choice but to agree.
“Thank you. I won’t let you help me in vain. I can promise you a request,” Zelda said earnestly.
“Is there a limit to this request?” Chuck asked subconsciously. If that was the case, it would not be so bad.
“Don’t think too much,” Zelda added.
Well, he did think too much just now. After all, Zelda’s figure was so alluring to the point that he couldn’t help but have indecent thoughts.
“Okay, let me think about it.”
“No problem. Let’s get out here,” Zelda said with a smile. Chuck opened the door and got out.
The place that he was at was a very high-class restaurant. It was different from Zelda’s restaurant, which was a place for lovers to meet and eat. This restaurant was an extravagant place to hold large gatherings, resembling that of a nightclub.
There were lots of luxury cars at the door, such as BMWs, Mercedes Benzs, Ferraris and so on. It was really a rich circle. It was the first time for Chuck to attend such an occasion. Truthfully, he was still a little nervous but soon his confidence took over and his expression calmed. He could afford these cars. What was there to be nervous about?
Zelda couldn’t help but blink at Chuck’s transformation. She was impressed at his composure, seems that Chuck was a rich person who had seen and experienced many different occasions.
Opening the trunk, Zelda took out a well-wrapped gift box. It suddenly dawned on Chuck that it wasn’t really nice of him to not bring anything to someone’s birthday party.
“It’s okay. You’re my boyfriend. Your gift is my gift.” Zelda tried to comfort him, but her words came out weirdly.
Chuck nodded awkwardly.
“Take it.” Zelda smiled and motioned Chuck to take the gift box. Of course, Chuck did as she said. It was not heavy, so it was probably a watch, bracelet or some kind of luxurious gift.
He took out his mobile phone to check the time and found that there were two missed calls. He opened them without much thinking and found that they were from Yvette. Chuck was puzzled. Why was she calling him? Since he and switched his phone to silent mode, he didn’t hear a thing just now.
She must’ve called to reprimand him just now. Chuck sighed and noticed that there were a few messages on WeChat. He wanted to open them to check, but….
“We’re here now. Stop playing with your phone,” Zelda said. Chuck nodded and put the phone in his pocket.
Chuck followed Zelda into a private room, where he was pleasantly surprised by the luxurious interior design of the room. It was very lively inside and there were a lot of people. With just one glance, Chuck noticed Zelda’s best friend who was throwing the party. She was a beautiful woman with short hair.
Her age was similar to Zelda’s, but the way she dressed was much bolder and revealing.
Her extremely short denim shorts immediately allowed others a glimpse of her supple thighs. She wore a low collar tank top to match it off, and her figure could only be described as bold and daring.
Chuck was surprised. She was too open for his liking. Her boyfriend would definitely have to withstand the temptation every day by just looking at her.
“Here comes beautiful lady Maine.” The short-haired beauty came over with a smile, and her eyes suddenly scanned Chuck from top to bottom, “This man is too young for you!”
Zelda scoffed and rolled her eyes at her. “Some basic introductions. This is my good friend, Quincy Lowie, and this is my…. boyfriend, Chuck Cannon.”
Chuck glanced at Zelda. She paused when she introduced him, she was probably not used to it.
“Really?” Quincy was surprised. The others also gathered around Chuck and stared curiously at him.
Chuck was dressed in simple clothes but had quite a good looking hairstyle. He didn’t look out of place at all despite standing amongst all of them. On the contrary, his indifference was astonishing to the others around him. Who was this person? Why didn’t they know him?
“Of course, it’s true. I don’t have to lie to you!” Zelda shook her head.
“I know that you have a good standard. I’ve introduced you to some guys before. They aren’t as handsome as him that’s for sure, but isn’t he too young?” Quincy asked in a strange way.
“Yes, you really changed your taste. He is too young. Are you looking for a college student to be your boyfriend?” Another beautiful woman smiled slyly.
“Haha, that’s probably the case. Isn’t the beautiful lady Maine someone who wants to be single? How could she suddenly have a boyfriend? This is so suspicious!”
Zelda was speechless with the words of the women and tried to convince them. “This is really my boyfriend.”
“I don’t believe it!”
“Haha, I don’t believe it too. Unless the two of you kiss in front of us.”
“Haha, that’s a good idea.”
“Kiss, kiss.”
Zelda’s expression was immediately unnatural. Chuck was also equally embarrassed. How could this group of beautiful women be so slick? It seems that Zelda, who used to be alone, was really suspicious to bring a man in all of a sudden.
“Stop it. I’m not as open as you.” Zelda frowned and shook her head.
“How can this be called open? It’s just a kiss. Hurry up, don’t be a wet blanket.” Quincy giggled.
Zelda sighed. She really didn’t expect these friends of hers to act like this and looked at Chuck awkwardly. She had only known him for two days. Even if he was just a simple friend, Zelda didn’t really want to allow a simple friend like him kiss her.
She had planned to come here alone, but after seeing Chuck who just had a makeover, she had to admit that he was a little handsome. Therefore, she suddenly had the idea of asking him to be her partner for the night. After all, his aura and composure were indeed suited for a person like her. By bringing Chuck with her, her other friends would hence be less suspicious. Who knew things would turn out this way?
What were they going to do? Zelda stared at Chuck, seemingly trying to get an idea.

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