My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 241

Xiao Shan decided to give this man a bit of trouble, because a woman like Logan is not something you can touch.
You touched it, and Toad wanted to eat swan meat. When you touched it, it was a violent disaster!
Logan glanced at him, “Take me to see your father.”
She was ready to say hello, and then sent her heart, and went to the corner to eat with Chuck.
She didn’t want to say a word to the man in front of her.
“All right, please.” Xiao Shan was annoyed.
“Cer, you come with me.” Logan turned to Chuck.
Of course Chuck had no comments and followed Logan.
Xiao Shan frowned, “This is?”
How can he make Logan do this under such a hasty lead under his nose?
He must be bitter!
“My nephew Chuck.” Logan was soft and gone.
Xiao Shan smiled. It turned out to be a nephew. I said how your boy can get close to Logan by shit.
You know, Logan is not seen by ordinary people.
“Okay, please inside.” Xiao Shan smiled, and he looked at Chuck with a glance.
“Don’t hit him any idea, even if I don’t do it, his mother will make you unable to eat and walk!”
Logan’s voice cooled down. How could she not see that Xiao Shan was hostile to Chuck just now?
Xiao Shan frowned, “Who is her mother?”
“To be honest, you don’t have the right to know.” Logan shook his head. If it weren’t Xiao Shan’s father, Logan wouldn’t even say a word to Xiao Shan, even if he met him, Logan wouldn’t.
These words angered Xiao Shan, but he was afraid of Logan, so he didn’t get angry, but also made him look at Chuck again.
“Cer, let’s go in,” Logan regained his tenderness.
“Well, Aunt Logan,” Chuck followed Logan. At this time, the people inside came out, an old man who looked good, and was sixty or seventy years old.
“Logan is here,” the old man showed a happy look. In fact, he had little relationship with Logan, and he was a distant cousin.
“Well, uncle.” Logan smiled.
“It’s not easy. You came to this place. Did you come here to develop?” The old man was surprised.
“No, my nephew took me to play, I followed him around, Ceer called people, this is Mr. Xiao.”
Logan said to Chuck.
“Mr. Xiao.” Chuck is polite, as he should be with his elders.
“Okay, the afterlife is awesome!” The old man smiled.
“Uncle, happy birthday, I brought him over to want to talk to you about something.” Logan did not turn around.
“Logan you said.”
“Isn’t uncle a plot there? Does uncle mean to sell?”
“Logan, do you want?” The old man was surprised. He didn’t plan to sell the land. He planned to build the building himself, but since Logan spoke, he would definitely agree.
How to say, Logan is so successful now, and is so polite to himself, this is rare!
“Well, I want it.” Logan said his own.
“No, I want to sell it to you last time. You said no. Is it him?” Xiao Shan was unhappy and he stared at Chuck.
The old man looked at Chuck again. He didn’t know this young man, but the land was worth 7.8 billion yuan. Logan could easily take it out, but could this young man?
Of course, if Logan bought him, it would be a different matter.
But if it is not, then the young man is more strenuous, which is what the old man thinks.
Logan glanced at Xiao Shan, “Yes.”
“That piece of land costs 7.8 billion, you don’t help him, he can afford it?” Xiao Shan asked.
“Affordable,” Logan said.
Old man accident. Xiao Shan stared at Chuck for a few moments, “Boy, who are your parents?
Seven or eight billion is not a small project anymore. It’s a one-time payment. We don’t accept installments or the like.”
“You can buy it, you just have to sell it.” Chuck doesn’t matter anymore, Aunt Logan has a good vision, so she lets herself buy it, so why is it wrong?
Chuck didn’t want to miss the opportunity, he could only ask his mother for money. When his business empire started, he still had to invest the necessary money.
Such awesome? Xiao Shan is even more unhappy, but Logan is here, he dare not say more, after all, Logan’s money, but their Xiao family all have terrible figures.
He discussed with his father, of course the old man did not refuse, how to say Logan opened the mouth.
“Okay, tomorrow you go to our company for an interview.” Xiao Shan nodded, more unhappy in his heart. If it was not Logan, I would buy it to you? Does our Xiao family also lack money?
Chuck had no opinion, and when he would go back, he could just talk to his mother.
“Uncle, you are busy with you, we will come by ourselves.” Logan said.
Old man smiling.
Xiao Shan said, “It’s good over there. I prepared a lot of good dishes today, and I will eat more later.”
“Of course, the food here is delicious.” Of course Chuck said, this is his mother’s hotel.
Xiaoshan is unhappy, I said the hotel, you care about business? Not tasty, will I choose here? ?
“It seems that you often eat here, young man.” Xiao Shanpi smiled and smiled.
“Of course.” Chuck said, but his mother’s hotel, this sentence was not said.
“That line, there are many kinds of dishes ordered today, even if you usually eat it often, it is unlikely to eat all.”
“I will, Aunt Logan, let’s go over there.” Chuck was also hungry, ready to eat something to pad first.
Logan smiled and followed.
“Dad, who is this kid?” Xiao Shan asked uncomfortably.
“Shan’er, why haven’t you changed your personality? Logan’s nephew, do you still think he’s poor?” The old man sighed. He was really helpless, but there was only one son, but this son didn’t scramble. anyone.
How could he have such a son? Sooner or later something will happen!
Xiao Shan was even more upset, “Dad, what are you afraid of? Are you not Uncle Logan? Why does she dare to do you? I look down on him, what can Logan do to me? She dare to do it to me?”
“Alas, Shan’er, Logan can adjust our family casually, but she remembers that I am her elder, so she hasn’t done it. Don’t touch her bottom line, otherwise…” the old man sighed.
“Dad, otherwise? What do you think about it? Logan respects you so much. I won’t be troubled even if I kicked the kid in the past.” Xiao Shan knew this clearly. Logan respected the elders, even if he did it himself. Whatever happened, she would also look at her father’s face, when nothing happened.
Xiao Shan stared at Chuck, okay, see if you come tomorrow, can you come up with 7.8 billion at a time.
The old man sighed even more. His son was not saved. Does Logan have a bottom line? He was just a distant relative who had a little relationship with her. He only hoped that his son would not do too much, otherwise Logan was really furious, and he would be useless anyway.
Chuck drank a little water and went to the toilet.
Logan is waiting, the birthday feast is about to begin, her eyes are turning, feeling a little uneasy, are those people coming again? It should not be, but this is Karen Lee’s place, no one can make trouble in Karen Lee’s place!
“What are you doing? You can’t even serve wine. Your hotel is your waiter?” Xiao Shan, who came to the toilet, was annoyed because a girl hit him and red wine was poured on his expensive suit.
That’s right, the waiter is Queenie. She came to work part-time, but it’s not her fault. Xiaoshan himself ran over. He looked at the beautiful woman, he didn’t pay attention.
“Not yet!” Xiao Shan scolded, but today his father’s birthday banquet, he did not want to make trouble.
“Yes.” Queenie nodded grievously, carrying the plate to the back to clean up.
But Xiao Shan found his suit was destroyed, he was annoyed, “Let your manager come, my suit is more than one million!”
Queenie was scared, such expensive clothes? “Sorry, please come here, I will clean it for you.”
“While cleaning Nima, I want you to wash this clothes. Can you get your mother’s clothes? Let your manager come over. If it’s not my father’s birthday feast today, I’ll kill you, go!” Xiao Shan scolded.
Queenie was so scared that her tears came out. Where can she afford to pay more than one million clothes?
At this time, Chuck came out of the toilet, he saw the crying Queenie, he was surprised, but came over, “Qing Qing, why are you here?”
Queenie froze, tears more, and Chuck came over distressedly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, what’s wrong?”
Xiao Shan mocked, actually met a waiter? Ha ha! ! “It’s okay? She is your friend, right? I just splashed red wine on me. My suit is 1.3 million, customized, you can figure it out!”
If it weren’t for seeing you as Logan’s nephew, I would have kicked it!

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