My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 244

Logan? Listen online with novels Chuck was actually scared by the current situation. This was the first time he encountered such a situation. The road was blocked by an excavator, and there were still several cars blocked behind!
Chuck is a man, panic is instinctive, but soon recovered, he saw Logan going out, Chuck held her hand, “Aunt Logan, don’t go out.”
Chuck thought of it, driving away from the side, and then not so many people in the car, today may really be over.
“Cer, don’t be afraid, I will go out to solve them,” Logan reached out and touched Chuck’s forehead, comforting.
“Aunt Logan, I’m not afraid, I’m afraid you’re in trouble.” Chuck said, there are too many people, maybe a dozen people, it is definitely prepared.
Logan was stunned and suddenly smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t be okay.”
Chuck didn’t worry, he knew that Logan was a master of fighting, but there were too many people.
“Aunt Logan, wait a minute, I will go out with you,” Chuck insisted. How could he let Aunt Logan go out as a woman?
“This kid, rest assured, I…” Logan smiled.
These people, she has not been in the eyes.
“Aunt Logan!” Chuck’s eyes were serious, anyway, he was holding Logan’s hand, Logan was gentle, this child is really simple.
“I’ll call my mother first and let her call someone over!” Chuck’s hand was still there. The other hand took out his mobile phone and called his mother.
Quickly connected.
“Cer, are you home? I tell you, I…” This is Karen Lee’s voice.
“Mum, Aunt Logan and I were blocked by an excavator on the way, and you will call someone over.” Chuck stared at the outside. Two strong men jumped from the excavator, holding a steel pipe in hand.
After half of the words, Chuck heard the sound of Karen Lee’s high-heeled shoes in the phone, and walked quickly. “Cer, don’t worry, I will arrive within five minutes.”
“Okay, mom, I’m waiting for you.” Chuck sighed and hung up.
Karen Lee from here came out of the office. Betty was surprised and came over busy, “What’s wrong, President Li?”
“Call all the family troops out! My son is blocked!” Li Qingzhao’s eyes were astonishingly cold.
“Yes!” Betty immediately followed suit…
“Cer, it seems that I’m going to teach you to fight personally!!” Karen Lee’s eyes shot lightly!
Chuck doesn’t know who these people are, but his mother can only arrive in five minutes, so it must be held for five minutes. He still has a wolf spray on him. Because he is learning boxing now, it is no problem to fight two or three of these people. .
“Aunt Logan, I’m going out with you.” Chuck opened the door and stared at more than a dozen people all around. These people were all scarred. Some people had scars on their faces, and they looked particularly terrible.
Chuck felt that the eyes of these people were very cold, they might have killed people, and were desperate!
But Chuck has nothing to fear, what are he afraid of?
“Logan, you can’t stop you in the capital. You came here alone. This is the opportunity you gave us.” The leader was a good man who was close to more than two meters.
Fierce eyes.
Others came around, carrying cold steel pipes in their hands. These irons glowed cold and ruthless in the dark!
Yesterday was discovered by Logan, so they left, but today, this is an opportunity, how could they give up?
At the same time, there was a monitor in the car of these people, which was transmitted to a house. A man looked at the scene on the screen and sneered…
Logan walked in front of Chuck’s body, “Cee, are you in the car? Are these people veterans, you…”
This is Logan’s worry. It’s not easy for these dozens of people to kill her, but Chuck only learned boxing for a few days. Even with the best talent, it’s impossible for him to retire after seven or eight years of training. Bing’s opponent.
Logan was worried about Chuck’s accident, so she would regret it.
Chuck secretly caught the anti-wolf spray in his hand, and squatted down to pick up a rock by the side of the road. These people are so powerful, can’t they hit the rock?
“Haha! Little fellow! It’s none of your business, get away!” A big man sneered. Such a young man, he can play more than ten at a time.
Chuck was annoyed. He was supposed to send Aunt Logan back. Such a person appeared on the way. Chuck grabbed the stone and smashed it over. Logan was surprised. “Cer, come back, who dare to move him today, I let all the family die!”
This big man laughs and fights!
Chuck’s movements were already full of flaws in his eyes. He ridiculed and laughed. Sure enough, he was a stunned head. Was he actually doing it with himself? Damn it! !
He threw a sweeping leg away. This is the same strength as steel. The old sweeping leg kicked you!
Chuck was shocked. This was indeed a veteran. This action was dumped, and he collapsed to the ground.
But Chuck is not bad, he quickly hit his leg with a stone! boom!
I hit it. After a few days of boxing study, the dragon king who taught Chuck boxing said that Chuck responded quickly.
The big man was angry and felt that his leg was about to be broken like this.
He roared, but Chuck’s anti-wolf spray had been sprayed over, poo, the big man covered his eyes and screamed in pain, Chuck took the opportunity to hit his head with a stone and slammed it.
The big man hummed and fell to the ground, his head appeared holes, bleeding, scarlet blood scared Chuck, he killed himself? He had never seen such a bloody picture.
Others were stunned for a while, their eyes were surprised!
The leading man is angry, “Old Eight!!”
Logan ran over, relieved, “Cer.”
“Aunt Logan, I killed?” Chuck was shocked by so much blood.
“No, it’s okay. Don’t be afraid, this is the first time you see blood.” Logan reached out to touch Chuck’s forehead and comforted Chuck.
Chuck stared at the motionless person on the ground, and Chuck’s heart came out cold. This is the person who is looking for his own death! Can’t blame yourself! Men must grow up through such things!
Chuck was scared, and his eyes were cold! As cold as a tiger!
“Aunt Logan, I protect you!” Chuck was serious.
Logan smiled, too simple, this boy.
“Grass and mud horse, get on, take one piece, grab me Logan, and kill this kid to the old man!”
The leading man was angry, grabbing the steel pipe and rushed over.
Others are also angry, their compatriots were actually beaten, this is a sneak attack! Shameless!
“Cer, be careful!”
Loganmei’s eyes were cold, she grabbed a man’s steel pipe empty-handed, and kicked out with exquisite high-heeled shoes. The man fell on the ground and screamed.
The foot broke his stomach, blood bleed out, and the heel was too pointed.
Logan took a steel pipe to fight with eight or nine people, of course Chuck helped. These veterans were very powerful. Chuck knew of course that he sprayed the anti-wolf spray in his hand, and the other hand was holding the stone, just like boxing. .
Chuck was kicked, but again stunned one person with the move just now, but also angered other people. But they are powerful veterans. How could they be attacked one after another by Maotou?
Three or four of them besieged Chuck.
Chuck’s anti-wolf spray was finished, he was kicked to the ground, and a steel pipe smashed it down. Chuck was shocked, so he was absolutely smashed to death.
Chuck fought with his hands in exasperation, and his broken hands were better than his own death! bump!
At this time, a hand was stretched out and grasped, this steel pipe.
Logan, there is coldness in the beautiful eyes, “You are looking for death!”
Logan lifted his long legs and kicked the big man at an astonishing height. He covered his chest and screamed and passed out.
“Cer, hurry up,” Logan pulled Chuck up and Chuck did of course. He couldn’t drag Logan back.
Logan blocked Chuck with her body. She saw that Chuck was beaten, and her heart hurts.
Chuck suddenly saw a steel pipe smashing over, Chuck was busy resisting, Loganmei found out, grabbed the steel pipe with a very fast speed, but another steel pipe hit the Logan’s arm, so, Logan exposed then A bit painful, her arm was red, and Chuck fired.
“Aunt Logan! Who the hell beat me Aunt Logan, I let him die!” Chuck pulled Logan behind him, the eyes were tiger-like cold, killing intention!
If it weren’t for dragging Aunt Logan’s hind legs, the steel pipe just now wouldn’t hit Logan’s arm.
“Grass and mud horses, heroes save the beauty? Lao Tzu let you heroes save the beauty!” The leading big man sneered, he rushed over, the other big men sneered also rushed over, they are going to smash Chuck! however!
At this time, the roar of the engine came from a distance, and resounded through the night. More than ten off-road vehicles rushed over like roaring tigers. These big men’s cars were knocked open. More than a dozen off-road vehicles surrounded the area and the doors opened. , Fifty or sixty men in black suits got out!
Surrounded by these big Han groups!

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