My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 257

The aunt’s curse made Yolanda really angry, “Auntie, you are really too much, the money we owe is already…”
“Shut up, you still have a face to call my aunt? You gang poor relatives, die to you!” The aunt squinted at Yolanda with disgust and contempt.
She was really annoyed, shopping was good, and because the relatives of these poor ghosts were threatened, when she came just now, she wanted to call her husband and let her husband call a few people to clean up the poor people. Ghost relatives.
What happened to my last life?
“Auntie, please go out!” Yolanda felt unclear to her.
“Do you think the old lady is willing to stay here? What kind of garbage house is this? The old lady will never come over in her life. Don’t go to my house anymore. If you go again, you will be killed by the car!” The aunt turned coldly and left.
Mother Yolanda saw her sister saying this, she was angry and sad.
“Also, if you gang of poor ghosts will trouble me again in the future, I will never end with you!”
Aunt’s cursing sound rang at the stairs, “Trash the house, return the stairs?”
“Auntie, our money has been paid off.” Yolanda walked to the door and said she was really angry.
“Go to pay you off? A group of poor ghosts, you go to sell off to pay off?” Aunt’s voice under the stairs.
Yolanda sighed, feeling that her face was beginning to hurt. She shook her head, how could this be? Qian Mingming paid off, how could the aunt be threatened?
“Mom, Dad, you rest first,” Yolanda comforted them. She saw that her mother was very sad.
After arranging his parents, Yolanda told Chuck, but Chuck just came out and saw this scene. He saw Yolanda blushing. He sympathized with her and reached out to touch her face. Yolanda backed away, “Thank you, I’m all right.”
“Well, what the hell is going on? How could your aunt be threatened?” Chuck was surprised that the shrew would actually come to the door.
“I don’t know very well. Just now, my aunt said she was dragged into the alley when she was shopping and asked her to pay back the money.” Yolanda was also strange, but the aunt had already left, and she didn’t know what to do.
Chuck walked to the window and looked down. He saw that the little aunt had just come downstairs and got into her car.
Chuck sympathizes with Yolanda. He just wanted to beat his aunt just now. It’s just that Yolanda doesn’t mean that. He can’t fight Elder Yolanda!
In the car, the aunt is angry!
“This kind of garbage place, I will never come again!” She started the car in annoyance, but at this time, she received a call from her husband.
She answered, “Hubby, my ghetto, I will go back immediately.”
“Wife, is there anyone looking for you today?” There was a quick voice on the phone.
“Yes, Yolanda’s poor ghost relatives borrowed money but didn’t pay it. The debt collector actually found me and threatened me not to repay the money, so I took a photo of me. I was really such a relative on the stall,” Xiaoyi Yue said The more angry.
“Wife, no, it’s not Yolanda’s reason for me, I…” The voice of her husband supported me on the phone.
“Hubby, who’s that?” The little aunt froze.
“Me, I played cards with others yesterday, and I got stuck. I lost more than 50 million yuan. The house. The car, all mortgaged. I still owe seven or eight million. Wife, do you still have money in your hand?”
“What? Husband, you…” The aunt was frightened and quickly irritated, “What’s the matter with your husband? How did you lose so much money? I’ve told you not to gamble, don’t gamble, why don’t you listen! ”
“Wife, damn me, how much money do you have, how much!”
“One hundred thousand, you gave me two hundred thousand last month, I used a little, I…”
“Only one hundred thousand? Hurry to find someone to borrow money, otherwise I will be found by them, and you will also be photographed, fast!”
“I, who am I to borrow, my gang are all friends of clinker, all wine and meat, how to borrow.”
The little aunt panicked, she was more than forty, although the maintenance was uneven, but was to be photographed What a shame? Is she still alive?
“Look for Yolanda’s house!”
“Look for them? Their gang of poor ghosts, who owe more than 5 million but haven’t paid them yet, how could they be rich?” Auntie still looked down.
“It’s back. The money from their family is back today. It was my friend who lent the money to her dad. He said that in the afternoon, he directly swiped his card for 5 million.”
“What?? How could Yolanda be 5 million? How long has their family gone bankrupt? Is Yolanda really selling? Really cheap!” Auntie couldn’t believe it.
“No, it’s Yolanda’s boyfriend, he has money!”
“He? That sour looks rich? Is it possible?” The aunt shook her head, questioning more.
“Yes, my friend said that Yolanda’s boyfriend has a very deep background. Similar to Hongye in the capital, how could it be that there is no money? Where are you? Go and ask Yolanda to borrow money from her boyfriend, go!”
“I, I won’t go!” The little aunt bit her lip, she was shocked in her heart, she saw Yolanda’s boyfriend Chuck’s kind of hanging style, how could it be similar to the capital Hongye?
“Don’t go? Do you want me to be cut by someone? You want to be taken fruit photos, right?” On the phone, her husband was angry.
“No, I won’t go! You solve it yourself, the old lady will divorce you!” Auntie hung up the phone.
She was angry, why did she suffer? Actually encountered such a husband?
My body is well maintained, the charm is still there, and I am afraid that I cannot find a man?
“You’re hiding here, get off!” Several strong men suddenly drove over and blocked the aunt’s way. The aunt was terrified. She hurriedly drove, but a big man smashed it with an iron rod.
Boom, the car glass broke open, the aunt was scared silly.
The big man opened the car door, pulled the younger sister out, and slapped it out with a slap.
The aunt fell on the ground with her cheeks covered. This slap slammed her tears out, “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, find my husband, find my husband!”
“Excuse me, your husband said that you should pay off your debts!” The big man sneered and lifted his aunt.
The aunt screamed in fright, “Help, save…”
With a slap, the aunt screamed.
“Say again, I’ll take you off!” The big man threatened, and several other big men came around.
The aunt was terrified, “Don’t, don’t, this is my husband’s gambling debt, you go find him!”
“Hey, look for him? What is he looking for a big man? Who doesn’t know you are old, but the body is well maintained, several big bosses are looking at you, if you take a few photos, then take If you go to the club, millions of dollars can still be earned, at least a few brothers can have fun first!” Dahan laughed.
Several other strong men sneered, “Give you an opportunity to immediately find someone to repay the money! Otherwise, your wonderful photos will appear in your circle of friends today, haha, I am afraid that some of your male friends would want to see it already!”
“Don’t,” the little aunt cried, “I have no money, really no money, car, you drive away!”
“Sorry, the car has been mortgaged by your husband, and your house is the same, it’s not yours anymore,” Dahan mocked.
“Woo.” The aunt cried, “How could this be?”
She said to her friend where to go to play during the day just now, but now all are gone. She feels dreaming, but her face hurts.
“Call now!” Dahan threatened.
“I call, I call.” Aunt cried and took out her mobile phone, she called her best friend, “Hey, Xiaohua, can you lend me a little money? Not much, is there 6 million?” ,Hey……”
The little aunt was wronged. This good friend was her girlfriend. When the two went out, they basically gave her money, but at this time, they borrowed money and hung up the phone.
She continued to fight in grievance, but it was all this result, she was desperate.
Snapped! !
The big man slapped it out impatiently, “It’s really a matter of class, what kind of dog friends are you? Can’t borrow millions? I think you want us to be a photographer for you. Rest assured, we will professionally treat you Take a beautiful ha, youngest, drag her into the car!”
“Yes, boss!” His younger brother came over and grabbed the aunt. She cried and struggled. “Don’t shoot me, don’t, me, wait, I still have no one to fight, my niece is upstairs, her boyfriend is rich, I’m going up to find them now!”

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