My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 262

Ding, the elevator door opened.
“Wife, let’s go in.” Chuck was nervous, what would Yvette react to seeing his mother?
“Well,” Yvette walked with her legs inside, but at this time, Yvette’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and she took out her mobile phone to see that it was a strange number.
Yvette wondered, “Hubby, wait a minute, I will answer the phone.”
Of course, Chuck didn’t have any opinions. They all arrived at his mother’s hotel. You can see her mother by taking the elevator. You are not in a hurry, and it takes no time to answer the phone.
Yvette swipes to answer, “Hello…”
After a few seconds, Yvette froze, “What are you talking about? Good, good.”
Yvette hung up the phone with a tangled face.
“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck asked.
“It may be wrong,” Yvette bit his lip and shook his head.
“Okay, come in.” Chuck smiled.
Yvette walked in, Chuck pressed the top floor, the elevator was slowly rising, Chuck became more and more nervous, and could see his mother immediately.
Chuck looked at the elevator number to the top floor, and dinged, the elevator door opened.
“Wife, come out.” Chuck pulled Yvette.
Yvette hesitated, and she nodded, “Okay, husband.”
Chuck took Yvette to his mother’s office and Chuck knocked on the door, but no one responded.
Did his mother happen to be away? Disappointed in Chuck’s heart, he pushed open the door, and there was no one in it.
Yvette followed along, looking at the empty inside, “Hello, who are you going to show me?”
Chuck was helpless, “Wife, wait, I’ll make a call.”
Chuck stepped aside and found his mother’s phone number, and he dialed it out.
Yvette looked at Chuck, then she was in a trance for a moment.
As soon as the phone was answered here, Chuck heard a huge crash. This was the sound of a crash. Chuck was scared. Was her mother in a car accident, “What’s wrong with you, mother?”
“I’m okay, Ceer, aren’t you going to bring Yvette over to see me? I came over to the hotel, but someone stopped me, and this person didn’t want me to see Yvette,” this is my mother’s voice.
Chuck was annoyed, “Mom, where are you?”
“Are you coming to find me?” Karen Lee chuckled on the phone.
“Yes, mom, where are you?” Chuck must go by, she is her mom!
Now that my mother is in danger, how can you not go?
“Okay, I will send you a position.” Karen Lee said.
The phone hung up, Chuck received the positioning, he was cold in his eyes, and actually dared to do it to his mother, no matter who you are, you must die!
Chuck is really angry!
He put away his phone and ran to Yvette, “Wife, I will go out and come back immediately, you are waiting for me here.”
“Okay, husband, go!” Yvette nodded.
Chuck couldn’t wait, and after getting Yvette’s understanding, he ran away.
Yvette Meimu turned around in this office, she sat down, silent, very silent, she took out her mobile phone, Meimu kept staring at the strange number on the mobile phone…

When Chuck arrived at the parking lot, he drove a sports car and went to his mother’s place at the fastest speed. Chuck was too worried. He didn’t control his speed at all. He galloped more than
100 yards in the urban area. After about ten minutes, When Chuck arrived in the suburbs, he saw his mother’s car.
That Rolls-Royce was hit by several cars, and his mother did not bring anyone out. A person is fighting with more than a dozen people. Seeing these, where can Chuck stay?
Drive past and hit directly!
Dare to besiege your mother? !
The roar of the engine represented Chuck’s anger. Karen Lee heard the sound and flew a man with a smile. The man fell to the ground and his sternum had broken.
This punch power is unbelievable!
When Karen Lee walked around, he avoided the crashed car, these people smashed with furious things, but Chuck didn’t care, and ran directly! what!
A person did not hide in time, was knocked off, screamed blood, and fell to the ground twitching.
Chuck came out of the car and grabbed a rock on the ground to his mother’s side, fighting alongside his mother.
Are these people really looking for death? How dare you besiege your mother’s power?
Karen Lee said, “Cer, I’m going to teach you to fight in the past few days, you have to look first.”
Karen Lee said, his expression on his face changed, it was a kind of cold, the kind of cold standing at the top of the pyramid, Karen Lee walked past, more than a dozen people immediately laid siege, Chuck soon stunned Too.
Because his mother’s strength is too strong, these people are all strong men. Seeing the momentum, these people may have killed people and are desperate, but these people are actually not their mother’s opponents, their mother’s moves. There is no bells and whistles, no tricks, no tricks, no tricks!
Within a minute, these people were already lying on the ground. Is this fighting? Chuck’s eyes widened, how did he feel that his mother was merciful? Otherwise, it is a killing technique!
“Mom, who sent these people?”
When Chuck ran over, he really felt that this fighting would not be able to learn in a moment and a half. At least Chuck felt that his own physical fitness could not keep up. Can cats be effective? It must be strengthened.
“These people…” Karen Lee turned her head. She just received a call from Betty. She thought about what she wanted to do, but originally decided not to see her, but thinking of Chuck would be disappointed, she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she drove here .
But I didn’t expect that when meeting these people on the way, Karen Lee certainly knew who was sent by Yvette’s family.
“Cer, what about Yvette?” Karen Lee asked.
“In the mother’s office, mother, I’m sorry, I want you to see Yvette, I want you to admit her, so I went to you without notice. I’m sorry.” Chuck guilt, if not, then yourself Mom shouldn’t be found a chance to attack and besieged. Although it’s okay, what if something goes wrong?
“It’s okay, just, Yvette, do you really like that?” Karen Lee sighed, no need to ask any more, it must be particularly liked, otherwise Yvette wouldn’t suddenly come to see him like that.
“Yes, I like her very much.” Chuck never took it seriously. He just saw Yvette’s curious eyes. He couldn’t help it at that time. He wanted to let Yvette know that he had A super rich mother, she is really rich second generation, and super rich second generation!
Karen Lee can’t help but, “Well, I’ll see her. I can’t drive this car. You drive me.”
This car crashed like this and couldn’t drive.
Chuck was surprised, “Thank you mom.”
“Stupid boy, let’s go,” Karen Lee showed indulgence, and Chuck couldn’t wait to open the door of the sports car. However, he just hit a person and the body was damaged. Only a few days had time to deal with it.
However, “Mom, what do these people do?”
“I’ll ask Betty to come over and deal with it.” Karen Lee took out her mobile phone to Betty’s phone, connected to the address, and then hung up.
She sat in the car.
Chuck couldn’t help it, and immediately drove his mother back.
“Mom, when did you teach me to fight?” Chuck thought that what he saw just now was just like making a movie. If he was as powerful as his mom, he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone wherever he went.
“Just these days.” Karen Lee wants to take Chuck to training, which is not enough for two days a day.
“Good.” Chuck was excited. He slammed on the accelerator and the car was galloping on the road. After a while, Chuck drove to his mother’s hotel.
Chuck and Karen Lee got off the car, and the two walked to the elevator door. After a while, the elevator door opened and the two went in. Karen Lee saw her son’s expectation, and she knew what to do, Yvette determined There is a problem, but she doesn’t know it yet, but letting such a time bomb stay next to Chuck, Karen Lee is worried. Forget it, see Yvette first.
Ding, the elevator door opened.
Chuck ran to the door of the office, pushed the door and said, “Wife, I have a super rich mother, I introduce you to know.”

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