My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 280

Yvette was dragged back by the school owner. Yvette had more in his eyes. “Let me go, let me go!”
She chased Chuck just now, but her speed may be too slow, which caused her to suddenly not see Chuck. She panicked. Why was Chuck missing?
“Hum, let go? You hurt me!” The school owner snorted, pulling Yvette on a buggy.
Quickly returned to the school base.
The school owner dragged Yvette off the bus, Yvette’s eyes were glancing. Is this a school right? So who will this man bring himself to see?
Karen Lee? ?
Yvette thought of it, the eyes were gone, and he was dragged away without resistance, and came to the door of a room. The school boss yelled, “Be smart! Be honest. If you hurt me, I will kill your whole family!” ”
Yvette glanced at him, the school boss knocked on the door, and there was a voice inside, “Come in.”
Sure enough, Karen Lee, Yvette touched something.
The door was pushed open and Yvette was dragged in. She saw a very temperamental woman, wearing a camouflage uniform. Is this person Karen Lee?
Karen Lee, who controls her husband?
Yvette looked at her.
“Mr. Li, people have already brought it in.” The school owner was uneasy.
“OK, thank you, you can go out.” Karen Lee said, his tone was faint, without any trace of murderousness.
The school owner was relieved. He also knew that Karen Lee was rewarded and punished, and he would not do anything for no reason. He was relieved and retreated cautiously.
“You are Karen Lee?” Yvette asked.
“Yes.” Karen Lee looked at Yvette, “You were like this before, there was no killing, but now it is not used to cover up in front of me. You have experienced some things, you have changed,”
“Do you know me?” Yvette’s eyes cooled down, and a trace appeared.
“Of course I know, but depending on how you look, I don’t know who I am. It seems that person didn’t tell you, what did he say to me?”
“You control my husband.”
“Oh, husband?” Karen Lee glanced at her more, and a smile appeared, “I don’t control him, and I won’t control him.”
“I don’t care, I just want my husband, where did he go? Where did you hide him?” Yvette’s eyes were cruel.
Karen Lee sighed, “I can see that you really like Ceer, but the two of you are impossible. In fact, I listen to Ceer’s meaning, he is willing, then I will be angry at most, but I will not fight against it. , But the people on your side are different. Now letting you come here represents their attitude.”
“Don’t call my husband bit by bit!” Yvette stared at Karen Lee.
Karen Lee was stunned, a little embarrassed, “Forget it, since I’m here, then I will tell you something, but in exchange, I want to see a strategy.”
“What do you mean? My husband is here with you, you let him out to see me.” Yvette approached Karen Lee.
But Karen Lee didn’t move, just looked at her like that.
“Ah, in fact, you are very innocent and very pitiful, but at this time, you know that you can’t help yourself, I tell you, you are not only a relative, you still have a family behind you.”
“Family?” Yvette frowned, thinking of his childhood. Why didn’t a family appear?
“Yes, the family, and it’s still a big family, but your family has hatred against me…”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Yvette stared at her with more and more fierce eyes, “Are you delaying time, right?”
“Time is very precious to me now.” Karen Lee shook her head. “If I don’t believe it, I can tell you…”
Yvette didn’t move without me, but her fingers had caught the poison in her hand. She was ready to forcefully crush the poison capsules. No matter what the woman said, she couldn’t believe it…

Chuck felt dizzy. When he just looked for it in the photo, he was stunned by a sudden appearance. He didn’t have any resistance, so he was so dizzy.
At this time, his hands were roasted by things, and sitting in a damp room, Chuck struggled instinctively, but in vain and useless, locked up with iron cuffs, how could he break free? He won’t unlock, Opposite, there is an old man, staring straight at Chuck.
“How about Yvette?” Chuck asked calmly. He didn’t have any fear, because in the photo, Yvette stayed in such a place. He only felt distressed. How could Yvette be arrested? Why was it caught?
“Yvette? Ha ha, she is doing something you will be angry.” The old man smiled.
Chuck frowned, “What do you mean?”
“Your mother is Karen Lee? I know, don’t you want to hide, I tell you, your mother is very bad and very bad, she killed my three sons, three! Do you know?” The old man’s eyes suddenly turned red, old The face is grim.
His mother killed his son? what happened? Chuck felt strange, for no reason, his mother could not kill.
“That’s your three sons damn.” Chuck said.
“Damn? I don’t think you are afraid of death. Her son is now in my hands. I will kill if I want to kill.” The old man came over, his eyes as fierce as the beast!
“You are going to kill me and kill early.” This is the basis of Chuck’s composure. He has nothing to fear. When he was in a coma just now, he was dying. He had already died seven or eight times.
How can you wait until now?
The old man is staring at Chuck like a viper. He wants to kill Chuck very much, so he can avenge his son, but Karen Lee’s forces are developing too fast. If he does it at this time, then Li The peaceful revenge, it was earth-shaking, I am afraid that all of his family, it is difficult to escape.
He wants to gamble now that Yvette can poison Karen Lee, even if he cannot kill her lightly, but as long as it is poisoned, 70% may die, 10% may be unconscious for more than ten days, then kill one in more than ten days Are the comatose people enough?
Without Karen Lee, some people around her are waste!
As soon as Karen Lee died, the next thing was simple, the old man was waiting!
Karen Lee didn’t dare to treat Yvette, Yvette could leave, because her baby son Chuck was in his own hands!
The old man appeared cold!
“Let Yvette, let me go, how much money I want, my mother will give you,” Chuck said, now there is no other way but to use money, mother must be willing to pay as much as possible.
The old man gave Chuck a slap, “Karen Lee gave me? She has money, but it’s mine now!”
Chuck felt that his face was hot and painful. He struggled to stand up, but the old man did not give Chuck a chance and kicked out. Chuck and the chair fell to the ground. Pain, Chuck was going to faint, but he couldn’t.
Chuck stared at him, there was a cold in his eyes, amazing cold, he must definitely find a way to leave here, to save Yvette out!
“It seems that your mother didn’t teach you anything, but it’s a pity.” The old man kicked Chuck again, he felt comfortable, his son was killed by Karen Lee, then it was not pleasant to beat Karen Lee’s son?
Chuck coughed up blood and his eyes were getting colder and colder. This man must kill him himself!

In the room, Yvette’s eyes are ruthless, “What are you talking about? My family is big? And I was used by them since childhood?”
“Yes, use, at least I won’t treat people in my family that much.” Karen Lee said.
“Do you think I will believe it?” Yvette approached, Karen Lee still did not move, just looked at her like this.
“It’s fine if you don’t believe it, but Ce’er is taken away by your family. I have no defense. There are only a handful of families in the world that can do this. Your background is great!” Karen Lee’s face remained unchanged. “You want a strategy, that’s simple, take me anywhere you have stayed.”
As long as he goes, then that person will leave traces, and Karen Lee will be able to find Chuck by chance, otherwise Chuck should be greatly tortured if he delays this time.
“I don’t believe it, my husband was hidden by you, by you!” Yvette said, his hands holding the poison capsules pressed hard, and a silent, colorless and odorless smell came out, flowing in the air, emitting, and then Flooded.
Yvette swears in her heart that when I kill her, I will find you and take you out!

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