My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 282

In the room, Yvette suddenly opened his eyes.
She jumped off the sofa and found that she was not dead?
She looked down at her hand and there was a wound.
Yvette clearly remembered that she couldn’t hold her breath, just took a breath of air, and she lost consciousness when she was blank.
She did not expect that Karen Lee had never breathed since she came in. She said she could hold her breath for half an hour? Is this really possible?
She had seen a news before, and it was also a record. She said that there was a foreign man who held his breath underwater for 23 minutes. This is a world record. Karen Lee is actually higher than this record?
She is incredible! This talent is different from ordinary people.
Yvette didn’t continue to think about it. She started to look around and found no one. She was looking for it in this place, but she didn’t see Chuck in a circle. Yvette was exhausted. “Hubby, where are you?” ?”

Chuck was in a damp room. He was trying to get out. The old man had already gone out. He had to seize this opportunity to leave here.
But he has no experience in this area! My hands are handcuffed, how should I leave? He was also anxious in his heart, but there was no way. He tried to get himself up, but it hurt.
Chuck moved his body to the side, but the door was pushed open, and the old man came in again.
At this time, he was holding a mobile phone with a light spot on it. This is Yvette’s positioning.
The old man put a sensory positioning in her body. When there is a heartbeat, this sensor is still flashing, indicating that Yvette Nothing.
“Sure enough you didn’t dare to deal with her, but it’s a pity that after such a long time, you haven’t come back, indicating that you have seen through my means… But your son Chuck is in my hands, I am afraid you will not die?”
The old man’s eyes were full of murderous intentions. He stared at Chuck and suddenly kicked a foot. Chuck felt that his ribs were all kicked. His coughing coughed up bleeding.
Painful, Chuck just stared at him, his eyes getting colder and colder.
“I tell you well, I have let someone you can’t think of kill Karen Lee.” The old man came over.
“Dare you kill my mother?” Chuck’s anger erupted, clicked, and Chuck’s handcuffs were squeaked by Chuck.
“Don’t think about it, Karen Lee is handcuffed by this pair of handcuffs, she can’t open it, let alone you.” The old man sneered, “I found someone you can’t think of, would you tell me who this person is? ”
“You dare to find someone to kill my mother, I want to kill your whole family!” Chuck was angry!
My mother is Chuck’s biggest counter-scale, no mother does not have Chuck, not even Chuck’s super rich second-generation status.
“Kill my family? You can’t protect yourself, but it’s lucky that Karen Lee, I let the person who failed to go, but I am with you in my hands, I’m afraid he can’t come?” The old man opened the phone jokingly, shooting video.
“I want Karen Lee to see how happy her baby’s son is in my hands! Haha!” the old man said, punching Chuck.
Chuck’s physical fitness has just started training, how can he bear it? He coughed up vomiting blood and passed out.
“Garbage! It’s not enough to enjoy a punch? Why does Karen Lee have such a trashy son?”
The old man stepped aside and splashed Chuck with water. The cold water splashed on Chuck’s head, and he woke up suddenly.
“I haven’t enjoyed it yet. Come and look at the camera obediently and let Karen Lee see how you enjoy it.” The old man laughed, his eyes full of revenge.
Since Yvette did not succeed, he can only retreat and use another method. He is ready to send this video to Karen Lee, then she will definitely come over and let Karen Lee come by then. Stay here forever!
This method is still a bit risky. After all, Karen Lee has experienced death many times, but she finally survived. The old man must be cautious!
The old man slapped Chuck and Chuck’s face became numb, but he stared at the old man without saying a word!
“Relax, I will soon let Karen Lee come over to accompany you, I will send this video to her, she will come over, come over, I will entertain him personally!”
Chuck is anxious. If the mother sees it, she will definitely come over. It will not be too dangerous!
Chuck didn’t want to hurt his mother anymore. After all, he was too impulsive this time. When he saw Yvette’s photos, he panicked and came over impulsively. If he had learned a little escape techniques in advance, he might be himself Can escape.
This is because I made a mistake. How can I even cause my mother to have an accident?
Chuck struggled to move the chair over, and the old man kicked out. Chuck fell to the ground and was stuck by the chair, unable to stand up.
“Karen Lee, come here!” The old man sneered and prepared to click to send. Suddenly he frowned, because there was an alarm here, and someone broke in.
“Impossible, Karen Lee couldn’t find here so quickly, impossible!” The old man was shocked, but immediately sneered. “Huh, no matter how you come, then I’m too lazy to wait…”
He took out the intercom, “Listen, bring me the intruder…”
There was a twisted neck in the intercom. The old man frowned, “Huh, so fast?”
Chuck is anxious, is the mother coming? Chuck himself didn’t feel how far away from the training forest, his mother’s ability must have locked the suspicious location and found it here.
But if the old man wants to threaten his mother with a wait, then Chuck’s willingness to die will not let the old man succeed! Can only be sorry for Yvette.
“Everyone listens, who will break in…”
On the intercom, it was the voice of the broken neck. The old man looked ugly, and he turned to stare at Chuck.
In the dark, a person was guarding vigilantly, but suddenly a person appeared and twisted his neck with a click. In the dark, the figure disappeared again and continued to go deeper.
She is very fast, has a strong posture, silently assassinated, one by one without any resistance, she has locked a room according to experience…
“Chuck, Karen Lee can come so fast!” The old man grabbed Chuck, he was kicked on the ground just now, the old man dragged him up, and then walked aside, took out a special chain and came out and caught Chuck’s handcuffs, the other end fixed.
Chuck struggled, but how could it break the chain?
“Don’t worry, Karen Lee is in the state-owned high-tech company in Mi. I also have. This chain is made of newly-discovered metal. The fire and water will not invade. One chain can drag ten train boxes. No key, no one can open it,” the old man Smiled, he didn’t bring out the key himself, Chuck was locked in this way, so he only died here, because this is in the mountain, how to find the locomotive to pull it?
Chuck also found out, but he was not afraid, “What do you want?”
“It’s easy, Karen Lee killed my three sons, then I shouldn’t kill her too much? It shouldn’t kill you too much? As long as she comes, then she’s not far from death, don’t worry, haven’t finished it yet.” The old man sneered to come up with something again.
He was 100% sure that he could kill Karen Lee this time, because there are not many opportunities!
Must succeed!
He tied a time bomb to Chuck, with a remote control in his hand, and then clicked, then Karen Lee and Chuck would be killed here, this is his other backhand.
He can’t wait to wait for Karen Lee to come over, so he has to torture Karen Lee well, the opportunity is rare! And there is no chance anymore.
The old man sneered and thumped!
The voice of someone falling to the ground outside, the old man smiled, “The speed is so amazing, it is worthy of Karen Lee, this place, where the top soldiers come in, there is no such speed, forget, this door is also made of special metal, you I can’t open without the key, I can only open the door to greet you.”
The old man walked over and opened the door. In the dark, he saw a pair of eyes like ice cubes, which was particularly obvious and exudes killing intent.
“Well, come here! He has been waiting for you for a long time.” The old man said, walking to Chuck’s side, pinching Chuck’s neck, and a person came by the door.
The old man frowned after looking at it, “How could it be you?”
“Aunt Logan…” Chuck was shocked.

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