My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 286

“Mom, no, I only like Yvette,” Chuck has other thoughts?
My mother has said that Yvette is fine, but Chuck is still worried! After missing for so long, Chuck has known Yvette for so long and has never seen her for so long.
When Yvette went to university, he didn’t.
Chuck worries, and will not think about it any more.
Karen Lee sighed his son, you didn’t listen to me who it was!
“Okay, emotional matters, you come by yourself, I will not force you.” Karen Lee will not mention this matter, let it be!
What happens if Logan and Chuck happen?
“Mom, I’m out.” Chuck went for a run.
“I will teach you to fight tomorrow.” Karen Lee said seriously.
Chuck couldn’t wait any longer, he went out and turned back, “Mum, what about Aunt Logan?”
Karen Lee smiled and said that she had no other thoughts?
“Quiet in her room.”
Chuckli went to Logan’s room, Karen Lee smiled and sat down, but soon she received a call, her brows frowned…
Chuck knocked on the door and saw Logan’s appearance improved. Chuck was relieved and more determined to strengthen his mind!
“Aunt Logan, is it better?” Chuck walked with concern. Logan was sitting on the sofa at this time, wearing a set of sportswear. She still had injuries on her body. Of course, she could not wear skirts or the like.
However, Logan’s figure can’t be concealed by sportswear. The body after exercise is uneven, especially when Logan sits quietly.
The long legs are charming and the sitting posture is elegant. At first glance, it can be seen that the women of the upper class are all attractive.
“A lot better.” Logan stood up, Chuck supported her worriedly, Logan smiled, “It’s okay, the injury is almost done.”
“Where? Aunt Logan, you have so much blood, how can you do it in a few days? Sit down.”
Chuck is serious.
After Logan was stunned, he sat down obediently.
Chuck felt that Logan had to take a good rest, so he didn’t plan to stay any longer. He was going to run. After all, Logan had already been seen.
“Aunt Logan, you rest, I went out for a run.” Chuck stood up.
“Cer, proper rest, the combination of work and rest is the best.” Logan cares, Chuck has changed a lot in the past few days, which is gratifying to her, but too tired is not good for young people.
“Well.” Chuck walked to the door, but the door pushed open, and the mother came in suddenly, and his face was not very good-looking.
“Mother, what’s wrong?” Chuck felt bad.
“Your dad has something wrong with the United States. I’m going to go there now, maybe I will be back in ten days.”
“What happened to Dad?” Chuck was worried. What happened? Didn’t my mom say that if Dad had dealt with the affairs in the country, would he return to China?
“Yes, I’m going to help with it in the past, and I will be back soon. Betty is still in China,” Karen Lee has already ordered Betty to prepare the plane.
“Is it serious?” Logan cared.
“This won’t be known until I pass, Ceer, I will let Betty teach you first in your fight, and I will continue to teach you after I come back.”
“Sister Qingyou, otherwise, I’d better advise.” Logan said.
She felt that her body was no longer painful, and there was no problem with teaching and fighting. Anyway, she was bored with it.
Karen Lee nodded, “Well, that’s the trouble, I’m leaving.”
Karen Lee left anxiously after finishing the speech, Chuck was worried, what would happen to Dad?
Logan comforted Chuck.
Karen Lee got on a helicopter, and Betty was about to fly Karen Lee to the nearest private airport. Karen Lee said, “Pay attention to the safety of Ceer. This is not so simple.”
“Li always assured that I will protect the young master.” Betty said.
Karen Lee stared at one direction. This is the direction of the United States. Has the matter started?

Logan asked Chuck to go back to bed first, and then start tomorrow. Of course, Chuck was obedient and went back to the dormitory to go to bed early. Other students didn’t teach Logan alone, and still the instructor Ning Yu taught them.
Early the next morning, Chuck went to Logan. She put on her camouflage uniform today and covered up her bumpy figure. Chuck felt that Logan was injured. He must not be too close. In case Logan wounded Bleeding tears, that piece of policy can’t be heartbroken to death?
But Logan was serious. Since she began to teach Chuck, then the usual gentleness certainly did not.
“Come on, Ceer, come over and attack me,” Logan said.
“Aunt Logan, I.” Chuck worried.
“Come on, obedient, you can’t hurt me now.” Logan smiled.
Chuck nodded, so to speak, Chuck didn’t take care of it, rushed over and attacked, but Logan smiled and lifted his long legs, kicked out, Chuck was scared. The speed of this action is not like a serious injury at all. !
Chuck was kicked and kicked, and he was killed in seconds.
Chuck gritted his teeth and rushed over again. This time Logan still used his legs, but Chuck learned to hug Logan’s legs directly. This feeling, Chuck was not willing to let go.
Logan was stunned. “It’s okay to hug your legs, but you can only do this if you have enough strength.”
With that, Logan exerted his strength, and Chuck fell out, and Chuck grinned with pain in his feet. “Aunt Logan, your shot is too heavy.”
Chuck couldn’t help whispering, she was a gentle Aunt Logan!
“Heavy? Is there any injury? I’ll come and see.” Logan disappeared seriously, came over with concern, Chuck got up, and immediately embraced Logan’s hand, Chuck didn’t dare to force it, after all, Logan’s wound There must be no healing.
Logan smiled, “I changed the attack?” That’s good,”
Chuck fell out again, Logan’s fighting was too powerful, how to subdue her, she has a solution.
Chuck was painful and excited because Logan taught him everything. Chuck learned a lot of fighting skills in the afternoon. How to kill people at the fastest speed. Logan explained the details in detail. Chuck felt that the gain was too great.
In ten days, it just passed in a flash.
Chuck feels that he has improved significantly. Fighting should be regarded as an entry. Of course, it is impossible to compare with those who have learned for several years, but the next time, just training every day will become more and more powerful!
But Chuck was worried, didn’t her mother say that she would come back after ten days? Why not? Chuck called and asked at night. My mother said that the matter had not been resolved, and it might be a few days later.
Chuck sighed.
Twenty days later, Chuck was ready to go back, Logan had been out for a long time, and she had to go back to Beijing.
“Aunt Logan, I still have 20 yuan. Let’s go to eat, the cafeteria.” Chuckxing is frugal, so there is only a little left.
Ready to go back by helicopter after eating, Chuck also had to go to see the square, Yvette Chuck also had to work hard to find, so long, if not the mother has already said, Yvette is fine, Chuck really got Suddenly.
“Okay,” Logan couldn’t eat anything. She followed Chuck to the cafeteria.
Chuck spent fifteen yuan to make a meal for Logan and ate a steamed bun himself. Logan saw it and shook his head in amazement. “Cer, you eat this, I eat the steamed bun.”
How could Chuck certainly refused, “Aunt Logan, don’t mind, I’ll take you back to eat delicious food,”
“Stupid boy.” Logan smiled.
“Oh, what about eating?”
But at this time, a discordant voice sounded, Duan Zilong, he knew Chuck was leaving today, then he had to entertain and entertain! Chuck must be taught well.
He left yesterday, so he had a cell phone. He called more than a dozen Taekwondo masters to come over and say something, and he had to get his last face back.
A crowd of people came around, the other students became energetic, and there was a good show again.
Chuck frowned, “Go!”
After all, Tang Ce and Chuck didn’t want to be disturbed.
“Fuck your uncle, pretend! Lao Tzu called someone over today. Did you kneel and hear now?”
Duan Zi Long sneered. He saw Logan, and he was amazed in his heart, his mother. This boy has such a good peach luck, actually looking for such a good-looking girlfriend?
“Oh, your girlfriend is so beautiful and beautiful. Come with me? I’m better than him…” Duan Zilong hadn’t finished speaking yet. Chuck kicked out angrily and Duan Zilong fell to the ground.
Chuck coldly exasperated, “Dare you dare to tease my Aunt Logan?!”

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