My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 297

Yvette became more and more nervous, no, he still had to re-check what should be done online.
After all, Yvette had no experience there.
She picked up her mobile phone and was ready to open the website to search, but there was a prompt on the mobile phone text message, and she didn’t read the text message. She hesitated or acted subconsciously, and she opened her finger.
Then there is a picture, Yvette has conquered, and the trembling point of the finger is wide open.
This picture shows a woman holding a baby. The woman has tears on her face. She is very sad.
After Yvette saw it, he froze for more than ten seconds. She didn’t have any impression of this baby, but she had this woman, which was instinctive.
Because this picture is so similar to myself, it is okay to say it is carved in a mold. This picture has a sense of age. Is the trouble your own mother?
Absolutely. Real photos of the age are only available more than 20 years ago, not to mention, Yvette has no impression of holding this baby, which is definitely not a computer!
Yvette can be sure of this!
Yvette hurriedly looked at the number. This is the old man’s number. What’s going on? How could he know his mother!
Yvette was stunned and dialed according to the number.
Soon, answer.
“People in this picture…” Yvette was nervous, and his heart was so throaty that she had no parents. She had been inferior for a long time since she was a child. She thought that her parents had died, or did she deliberately abandon herself?
She thinks about the good, that she was abandoned and her parents are still alive.
But today, Yvette saw the photo, then.
“It’s your mother.”
Yvette shivered, “Yes? Where is my mother now?”
She felt that her heartbeat had to stop. This was the time when Yvette had almost forgotten for twenty-five years and had news of her parents.
“Your mother is still alive, but your father died.” The old man sighed.
Yvette burst into tears, “Who are you?”
“I am your father’s father, that is, your grandfather, your mother is now on my side, she misses you very much.”
Yvette froze, grandpa? My grandfather actually tortured himself so much? Why!
Yvette suffered, how could his father die? When did this happen?
“Why do you treat me like that? Why?” Yvette felt betrayed. The pain was almost the same as blood dripping.
“Exercise you, train you, what you keep is my son’s blood, my son is a master of fighting, and you too, I have seen great potential from you, and you will be an excellent master of fighting, and you Dad is the same,” said the old man, Yvette’s growth, he saw in his eyes, given the time, the absolute strength will not be worse than Karen Lee.
“No, I don’t want to be a master of fighting, I just want to be with my husband, have children for him, and live together,”
“Shut up! Do you know how your father died? Also, your mother is waiting for you here! Come and find me, I will tell you everything!”
The phone hung up suddenly, and Yvette froze, she quickly wiped away her tears. At this time, Chuck came out and he came over nervously.
“Wife,” Chuck had a illusion when he just took a shower. How would Yvette take care of himself?
Chuck was excited when she thought of Yvette’s shy expression.
“Hubby, I’m sorry, I’m not in a mood today, I’m sorry.” Yvette at this time, her parents are in her mind, where does she have a little bit of thought?
After being excited, Chuck was splashed with cold water, and he smiled, “It’s okay, my wife, you’re tired, and go to bed early.”
Of course Chuck was disappointed, but he saw that Yvette was not interested, so how could it be forced?
Fortunately, he was able to hug Yvette to sleep, and Chuck was also satisfied. There was no idea, Chuck slept fast, and soon fell asleep. Yvette has always opened her eyes. She carefully opened her phone and looked at the photos.
When she came out of Chuck’s arms, she kissed Chuck and said, “Hubby, I’m sorry, I will be back when I go out, and immediately, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”
Yvette stood up and opened the door quietly and went out. Of course, Chuck, who was asleep, heard of it, but Logan heard it. She didn’t sleep at midnight and couldn’t sleep. When she heard something, she opened the beauty. Looking at it, puzzled.
Yvette was ready to go out, but Logan opened the door.
Logan saw Yvette’s eyes and knew what Yvette should have known. She didn’t break it. “Are you going out at night?”
“I’m sorry about what happened last night, I don’t know.” Yvette was sincere, she also hurt Logan’s hand yesterday.
“It’s okay, you went out and didn’t tell Ce’er?” Logan was worried. When he left like this, wouldn’t Chuck be worried again?
“No, but I will call him tomorrow morning, and I should be able to come back tomorrow,”
Yvette thought, figuring out how his father died, and then seeing his mother, he should be able to come back soon.
Logan sighed in his heart, this is not going to be able to come back in a day or two. If you know that your father, who had died more than a year, died in the hands of Karen Lee, will you come back?
The other thing I don’t want is that Logan loves Chuck, and I don’t know that Chuck knows that Yvette will really kill Karen Lee one day. What should I do?
“Trouble helping me take care of my husband.”
Yvette went out, and Logan was silent. She wanted to keep Yvette here. How to say that she stayed with Yvette? It was still a breeze, but how to stay? What is the reason to stay? Keeping Yvette from knowing the truth has been cruel to her.
Logan sighed, walked to Chuck’s sleeping room, opened the door, and saw that Chuck was sleeping soundly, but the quilt was kicked away.
“Honestly sleeping, what to do if you have a cold? How uncomfortable?” Logan smiled and walked in to cover Chuck, but Chuck dreamed and took Logan’s hand, “wife, dear,”
Pulling Logan vigorously, Logan was embarrassed, “This boy, let go, be good.”
Loganqing struggled and patted Chuckxin to make Chuck sleep better and let go. Logan relieved and she came out.
Yvette walked to the road and took a car to a place. She called the old man in the car. The old man told her how to do it. At the place, there was a car parked by the road. Yvette opened the door to enter and drove to the old man. Go somewhere.
In front of a hidden house, Yvette knew that the old man was careful to do anything. She opened the car door to go out and pushed the door in. When she saw the old man, she did not know how to describe it. This is her grandfather, but she actually Tormenting myself for so long!
Yvette has hatred in his heart, but how can he get up with hatred at this time?
“Grandpa, what about my mother?” Yvette came to see it, but he didn’t.
“Your mother is abroad, you have to go abroad if you want to see.” The old man did not hide this, it is.
In the country of rice.
“How did my dad die?” Yvette sighed sadly.
“Your father died miserably and was tortured to death. He started in the United States and made his family’s business so big that it envied others to be jealous and jealous. Business, just use your yin to deal with your dad, arrest your dad, and force him to surrender all the company’s money.
Your dad did as he did, but he was still tortured and killed.” The old man sighed and said with his eyes All red, old tears, hatred, sadness, his body shivered, his face terrified and terrifying!
Yvette heard this, and the coldness and cruelty in his eyes appeared again, “Who, who is this man who killed my dad?”
At this time, Yvette was cold, like ice cubes.
“Do you really need to know?”
“Yes, I haven’t seen my dad, but this person dares to hurt my dad so much, I must let her pay for her life! I want to make this person suffer a hundred times!” Yvette said coldly, she absolutely must do so, She should have had a good childhood, a beautiful and happy family, but it was just destroyed by others, and it was difficult to calm down the hatred in her heart without killing it!
“Okay, I tell you, this person you have seen, is your so-called husband’s mother, Karen Lee!!!”
The old man said, hatred in his voice!
“What? Grandpa, what did you say?” Yvette froze.

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