My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 301

Chuck ran to the door busy, carefully opened the door, and found that Logan actually walked toward his room with a steaming face, this is the meal to talk!
Chuck felt guilty. Logan was so kind to herself, but she was looking around in her room, and she also looked at the clothes she usually wears that she couldn’t see. Chuck felt that she was too bad.
If you can’t find the mask, it means it’s not Aunt Logan, how could it be her?
Chuck came out of Logan’s room and closed the door. Fortunately, the villa was very large.
When Logan went to his room, Chuck ran to the gate, pretending to be ventilated, and came back, “Aunt Logan, I’m outside.”
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“Sullied? Well, I brought it out.” Logangang was about to knock on the door and heard Chuck’s voice coming from the door.
She walked past face to face.
Chuck saw the steaming noodles and was moved. Then she ate it. Chuck said that hunger was an excuse, but Logan made the noodles so delicious that Chuck even drank the soup.
Watching Chuck finish eating, Logan smiled deeper and deeper, and said softly, “I’ll tell me later when I’m hungry. Anytime.”
Chuck moved back to the room and couldn’t sleep anymore. Alas, isn’t it really Aunt Logan?
He sighed, how nice would it be if he really kissed Aunt Logan?
It’s a pity that it shouldn’t be, because when I found her room, there was no cat mask. Was it lost by Aunt Logan? Maybe!
Logan returned to the room, she lay on the bed, closed her eyes, and after a while she opened again, she stood up and walked under the cabinet, pulled out the cat mask, she sat on the bed, touched with a smile, suddenly eyes It’s all dim.
“Cer, only nineteen years old, and I am thirty, the gap is too big, I am getting old, and he is just youth, inappropriate, inappropriate.”
Logan sighed and couldn’t sleep. She shook her head lost in her heart. What was she thinking?
She put the cat face mask back, this one is a dark box, there are many things in it, for example, there are medicines for wounds…

“Isn’t it coming? Isn’t it coming!” Yvette Ran sat in the car and whispered. She hadn’t slept well in the past few days, all because of Chuck.
Seduce yourself in the bar and make him embarrassed to talk to him. He must have been laughing at himself at that time. Yvette Ran was angry when he thought of this.
She has been playing in the bar these days, or Logan’s bar, but she hasn’t seen Chuck, she thinks, what is she doing?
“Come, come.” Yvette Ran’s friends came, they didn’t drive, because Yvette Ran was enough to sit in the car, the two friends were in pairs, only Yvette Ran was single.
“Hey, of course, when I last compared to the bar, I saw you talking up with a muscular man?
That man’s figure is really good, how is it, he looks handsome.” A friend asked quipped.
“I saw that man too, he doesn’t have much muscles, but the lines feel good, it’s…perfect, and the man must be handsome! Absolutely!”
“What’s so handsome?? Ugly is dead.” Yvette Ran pouted.
“Really, how ugly?” The friend smiled.
“Anyway, it’s ugly, especially ugly.” Yvette Ran was angry, “What are you doing with him? He’s a liar!”
“No, of course, what did he deceive you? Body? Won’t it be the body?” The friend cared.
“Why? If he dares to touch me, I will kill him, hum!” Yvette Ran hummed, let Chuck touch himself? how is this possible?
“Of course, you are so bad. I think the man must be handsome. You should take the initiative and contact him. You see we all have boyfriends. You have to take the initiative!”
“What’s the initiative!? How could I take the initiative to him?” Yvette Ran felt it was impossible. What a joke, he took the initiative to Chuck?
“Be active, I think that person, sure… Hey, Chuck?” her friend said suddenly.
“What Chuck? That person is not Chuck, don’t you talk nonsense?!” Yvette Ran blushed. Let your friends know, that’s not enough? Don’t laugh to death?
“No, is that person the rich hanger Chuck you said?” Her friend’s finger went out.
Yvette Ran also saw that Chuck walked on the road as if entering a mansion.
He hasn’t left yet? Haven’t left yet, why not go to my hotel? Want you money, or star rating is not enough?
Yvette Ran was angry. She thought Chuck was going back. She didn’t expect to be in Beijing.
Where did she live?
Yvette Ran became more and more angry.
“Of course, what did he do in this building? You said he was especially rich, wouldn’t this be his?” The friend laughed.
This is an international film company headquarters, how could it be his?
“This is really possible.” Yvette Ran is not angry anymore, think, Chuck has squares and other industries over there, maybe it’s really the boss of this film company.
At this point, Yvette Ran did not dare to underestimate him. If not, what did Chuck go in for?
“Possibly? Of course, you keep saying that he has money, but he has a silky breath from head to toe. Where is money? If you say that to him, what are your benefits?” The friend didn’t understand.
“He really has money, why don’t you believe it?” Yvette Ran was helpless. She was scared by Chuck last time.
“Do not believe it, of course, you have to say that he is rich, you prove it.”
“How to prove? Hey, why should I prove to him?” Yvette Ran was angry, was he sick? This Chuck deceived himself! I still scratched in front of myself, and I still have pain today. How long has it been since I touched a woman? ?
Yvette Ran shuddered.
“Don’t you always talk rich?”
“I said, but it’s not necessary, he is rich, do you believe it or not,”
“You prove it, you see he came out again… Hey, hey, that hang, Chuck!” The friend reached out and screamed Chuck.
Chuck was shocked and read it.
Yvette Ran is embarrassed to death. What friends are he?
“Hey, come here, then I have something to do with you. Come here!” the friend yelled.
But of course Chuck is too lazy to ignore it, what else does he have? Yvette Ran felt that she was losing face. At least you came over, she was angry, “Hey, come here.”
Chuck hesitated and walked over, how to say Yvette Ran’s tone just now.
“What are you doing?” Chuck asked directly.
Yvette Ran is not good to speak, but angry, hello, you caught me, can’t you come over? Yvette Ran is even harder to say. This must be killed and cannot be admitted, but thankfully you didn’t ask anything else.
“Hello, Chuck, right, but then you are said to be rich, have been saying that you are rich, aren’t you?” Yvette Ran’s friends came out.
“No,” Chuck denied, are these two women sick?
“No? I don’t think you are. You seem to have no money, but you have to say that. I have to verify because I have OCD.” Her friend sneered.
Yvette Ran was angry, “Chuck, you are pretending again, you obviously have money, why do you want to pretend?”
She is very annoyed.
“I didn’t pretend, you all have money.” Chuck said.
“We are okay, as we just said, this international film company may be yours, isn’t it?”
“No.” Is this Aunt Logan’s? It wasn’t originally its own. The film company like this is not tens of billions of dollars.
“Not yours, what are you going to do?” Yvette Ran’s friend hummed.
“It’s not mine, can’t I go?” Chuck was annoyed. He had been worried because of Yvette’s affairs these days. Now that he is being said, how can he bear it?
“Of course it won’t work, it will make you misunderstand, but it was said that it was yours, but no, it turns out that we are right, but of course, you don’t say that this person is rich in the future.”
Yvette Ran was angry, “Chuck, you admit that you have money so hard?”
“It wasn’t mine originally,” Chuck collapsed. What is it called?
“Forget it, of course, don’t say it, let’s go out and play, by the way, Chuck, did you just take a picture and send it to your friends circle?” her friend laughed.
“No, I went in to find my Aunt Logan.”
“Aunt Logan? What is your Aunt Logan doing? Sweeping the floor or pouring tea and water?”
Yvette Ran’s friends sneered.
Chuck frowned.
“Does your family have land? Or should I clean it for you.” Logan walked over with a smile.

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