My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 305

Chuck collected his mobile phone and returned to the room from the balcony, waiting to kill the old man. This is a particularly dangerous thing, and he must not let Yvette know.
Chuck can see that Yvette is very tired, she needs a good rest.
At this time, Yvette came out of the bathroom, wearing pajamas. Although there were still scars on his body, it was still as beautiful as the hibiscus, and Chuck was excited.
Chuck walked over, “wife, you sleep first.”
Yvette shook her head. She really didn’t know what to do. She had hatred in her heart, but she couldn’t hate the man in front of her.
She just came over and hugged Chuck. “Hubby, will you sleep with me? I can’t sleep without embracing you,”
This is indeed the case. Since Yvette has changed, he has always been uneasy when he has been sleeping alone. It is very simple. Yvette slept with Chuck from an early age. In those years, he also slept in a room. Yvette was used to After all, Chuck suddenly disappeared, and she felt panic.
This is a habitual sense of security, Yvette wants to avoid it, but she tried hard, but it was useless.
Chuck smiled, “I haven’t bathed yet.”
That means let Yvette sleep on his own, how to say that he will go out later, he must avenge Logan!
“Even if you don’t take a bath for a month, I like to hug your husband and sleep, okay?” Yvette kissed Chuck.
Chuck smiled.
He thinks that he should coax Yvette to sleep first, otherwise how will he go out? He was not relieved that Yvette was tossing and turning in bed alone.
Chuck hugged her.
Yvette had too much to say, “Hubby, what kind of person is your mother?”
“Very good person.” Chuck said, indeed, his mother’s character is still very good, so rich, still low-key to people.
“Is it?” Yvette’s eyes were subconsciously ruthless, good people, just kill my dad like that?
Chuck wanted to ask, after all, “Prince”, but send photos and videos of Yvette and the old man, are they Yvette’s relatives? This is what Chuck wanted to know. He also struggled. What if he killed Yvette’s family?
“Wife, is there anyone else in your family?” Chuck asked, looking down at Yvette who was looking down in his arms.
Yvette was quiet for a few seconds, and his heart was sad. “Hubby, I will be your only relative.”
The old man was her grandfather, but Yvette had been tortured for so long. Yvette didn’t know how to face such a person. He might suddenly appear and make Yvette caught off guard. For that old man, Yvette didn’t have much in mind. Affection.
But it is also a loved one. This needs to be cultivated in the later time.
What’s more, Yvette cannot let Chuck know this.
Chuck was relieved that this old man might be someone that Yvette knew. The “Prince” also said that Yvette planned to kidnap himself. At this time, Yvette in Chuck’s arms was like a frightened kitten. ,how can that be possible?
Chuck does not believe it.
In this way, Chuck’s killing heart is even heavier, find the old man, then kill him, and his family!
That day, the old man asked Logan to stabb himself, and appeared in Chuck’s brain again. Chuck really wanted to kill him immediately.
“Wife, go to bed early.” Chuck was gentle.
“Yes, husband.” Yvette was at ease, lying on Chuckxin’s mouth to sleep, but she suddenly opened her beautiful eyes, with a beautiful shyness, “Hubby, do you want to?”
Chuckyi Zheng, he thinks every day, but he will go out later, how can this be?
Chuck gritted his teeth, “I don’t want to,”
“Pooh, husband, you are so cute, do you want me to know, cute husband.”
Yvette smiled and looked more shy on his face, “It’s okay, my husband, we have been together for so many years, and we have been sleeping together for more than a decade. I haven’t done my duty as a wife. Wife.”
Chuck heard with emotion, yes, for so many years, but this is no wonder Yvette, only in recent years, Chuck knew that she has been sleeping next to a woman, and when Chuck discovered, Yvette had already Disappointed with myself. After all, sleeping together for so long, he did not move her, Yvette thought he knew.
“Wife, you really…” Chuck felt dreaming.
“Really, really, but husband, you have to forgive me. I have a lot of injuries on my body and it’s ugly. So, tonight, I can’t let you see anything, because it’s so ugly, there are injuries all over my body, which affects you a lot. Mood.” Yvette said blushing, Chuck understood that Yvette wanted to be the same as Zelda’s two times.
However, Chuck would not dislike Yvette. Her figure is so good. The blue and purple pieces on her body will not affect Chuck’s impression of Yvette’s perfect body. Was tortured to that look.
“No.” Chuck shook his head, a distress appeared in his heart.
“I will, I want my cute husband to see you at my best. I feel ugly myself. How can I let her husband see you?” Yvette’s voice was quiet, which was a sign of lack of confidence.
Chuck feels that Yvette, like himself, wants to show each other his strongest side. Chuck is like Yvette.
“Hubby, I don’t know much, just checked some information, don’t mind.” The beautiful and shameful face of Yvette is more obvious.
Chuck closed his eyes.
Logan was in the room, with her hands on the back of her head, and her eyes kept looking at the ceiling.
Ceer, what are you doing in the room? What else can I do? Although there was no movement there, how could Loganer’s hearing fail to hear anything? She heard the painful cry suppressed by Chuck just now.
This is pain.
Logan’s small loss appeared again. She kept watching her eyes and closed her eyes. She muttered to herself, “Cer, if this continues, will a baby come out soon?”
Loganmei’s eyes closed, “It’s normal to have to sleep. What do the two couples do together?”
Logan still couldn’t sleep. She came down from the bed and took out the cat mask. She kept watching her eyes and she smiled…
Chuck thinks it’s still very good, similar to Zelda’s.
Chuck was even more looking forward to Yvette’s health, and he would be a good husband and wife.
However, Chuck was nervous just now. I was afraid that Yvette would make a joke. After all, his experience was the same several times. Fortunately, it was normal just now, but it happened to be on the passing line. Of course, Chuck did not know that it was caused by too much tension.
How stressed is he? I deliberately went to training and insisted not to touch other women for so long, just for this day, but the huge pressure was afraid that Yvette would be disappointed.
But Yvette pouted, “Hubby, you are so cute, I’m tired, do you sleep well?”
Yvette was pleasantly surprised. She was nervous just now, afraid she would disappoint Chuck, but now it seems that she seems to have talent? Thinking of this, Yvette himself was shy.
This is the first night since she was 25 years old.
Fortunately, Chuck is quite satisfied.
“it is good.”
Chuck felt relieved and relieved. Yvette went to the bathroom and came out.
After a while, Yvette fell asleep on Chuck, very tired, of course not because of the three minutes just now, but because she has been insomnia recently, she did not take a good rest.
Chuck has been looking at his beautiful wife, and he is so lucky that he has such a wife, and… so gentle and Aunt Logan who is so good to himself.
After a while, Yvette fell asleep, Chuck gently put her down, covered her with a quilt, crept out and walked out, he went to the hall to see Logan’s room. The following door gap is dark, indicating that Logan has rested, and Chuck is at ease, and this matter cannot be told to Logan.
He would just go out and wait for Betty’s arrival at this time.
Chuck opened the door and went out. Logan, who had never slept, opened her eyes. She jumped out of bed and opened the door to go out. The whole process was silent. She worried that Yvette had left again, and Chuck was sad again.
But when she got to the door, she saw through the window glass and found that it was Chuck.
Loganmei was curious, “What is Ceer doing?”

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