My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 306

Loganmei looked at Chuck, who walked away. Without any hesitation, she went back to the room silently, opened the wardrobe and quickly closed a black dress. She quickly reached the door of Chuck’s room.
Opening the door softly, I saw Yvette curling up on the quilt and sleeping soundly. She said dreams and kept shy, “Hubby, you are so cute, you are so powerful…”
Logan heard a little embarrassment.
Fortunately, Yvette fell asleep. She closed the door and immediately followed Chuck.
When she left the villa, she saw Chuck walked to the side of the road, took a taxi and left, Logan remembered the license plate number, took out her mobile phone and called someone, “Check the license plate number…this is to go Where.”
“Yes, Mr. Tang, this is your company’s taxi, the line is to the suburbs.” This is the voice on the phone, with respect.
“Suburbs? What’s Ce’er going to the suburbs? This is to meet people? Ce’er, see someone tell me, what happened in the evening, what happened?”
Logan was puzzled, took his cell phone, drove a long parked car on the side of the road to catch up.
When Chuck arrived in the suburbs, he had already called Betty. She said she was almost approaching, just wait. In the distance, Logan had already caught up. She was in a hidden place, and she saw a piece of empty space in front, Logan suddenly understood what Chuck came to do.
Sure enough, in less than ten minutes, a helicopter flew in the distance. Logan saw the helicopter and immediately understood that Betty was here.
She knew that Karen Lee had gone to the rice country, only Betty came.
But why did Chuck ask Betty to come over? Why is this?
Are you not here? Logan was helpless, but the child who looked at Chuck’s eyes softer was definitely worried about trouble, but I am your Aunt Logan, what’s the trouble?
“Sister Li!” Chuck was confident. Betty was fully armed, and brought five elite teams, all of which exuded a strong breath.
These five people are all masters of fighting.
“Master!” the five people called respectfully.
“No need to be so polite.” Chuck waved his hand, these five people wouldn’t come out easily.
This time, he met Chuck for the first time and felt very friendly.
“Master, where is that man?” Betty was wary.
This is not a joke. Karen Lee called to make sure that Betty must be safe to ensure that Chuck’s safety is not too far away from this place. It is about ten or twenty kilometers away, and their physical strength can be run directly.
Chuck said, Betty nodded, “Okay, Master, let’s go, we will solve that person tonight!”
Chuck couldn’t wait for a long time, and of course immediately set off with Betty and them, but Betty carefully gave Chuck two things. “Master, you have taken these two things. This is Mickey’s stainless steel dagger. It is extremely hard. It is the best as an attack. And this is a special spray. You are not strong enough, young master. Use at a critical time. This spray is sprayed on people. No one can bear it unless it is a dead person.”
A sharp dagger and a bottle, similar to the anti-wolf spray, Chuck put it away, he now has no chance of facing the master, especially the old man, who accidentally died, can only be used These aids come to life at a critical time.
“Sister Li, can you resist this spray?” Chuck was curious while running.
“Can resist for about ten seconds.” Betty told the truth.
Chuck was surprised, “Sister Li, you are amazing!”
“No, I’m far away. Master, your mother, Mr. Li, can resist for a long time. This is completely willpower. If you spray it on people, everyone will hurt. This is instinct. The key is whether you can resist it, you can’t bear it, General Manager Li and General Manager Tang are very strongwilled people who can persist for a long time.” Betty continued to add.
Chuck was surprised, his mother must be powerful, but Logan was so gentle, how could she have such a strong willpower?
This has something to do with the personality of the person. Chuck asked, saying that Logan was very gentle.
Betty said helplessly, “Mr. Tang is very gentle with you. Others don’t. As gentle as he is with the young master, Mr. Tang’s willpower is temporarily out of contact with the young master. She has a strong sense of everything. Force, she can withstand any temptation and maintain her original heart. This cannot be done without super willpower.”
“Aunt Logan is amazing.” Chuck smiled.
“Of course it’s great, otherwise, Mr. Li won’t let Mr. Tang…” Betty shut her mouth in a hurry and almost said that she was leaking. Logan would definitely be embarrassed.
“How did my mother let Aunt Logan?” Chuck asked curiously.
“It’s nothing, young master. From now on, try not to speak. The man’s alertness is very high.”
Betty was wary, Karen Lee specifically asked Betty to bring some weapons over. just in case.
Chuck felt that he was breathing heavily and quickly ran with Betty and they quickly entered the dark suburbs.
Logan followed behind, she was vigilant in her heart, but she could see that Betty was fully armed, what was it for? Logan decided to keep up.
After a while, Logan stopped, because she saw Chuck and they stopped and watched in a place.
In the distance, there was an ordinary house, like a village.
Logan took out his mobile phone, “Check me who is at this address. Yes, turn on the satellite and use the satellite to check.”
In less than a minute, Logan’s mobile phone had a satellite picture. Logan saw the blurry photos and found out who it was. Logan was touched in his heart. “Cer, are you here to avenge me? So don’t tell me ?you are so nice.”
She continued to call. “Let the number three team come out, yes, I unlock my custom order, give me out at this time! Fifteen minutes, show me!”
Logan was relieved, and she continued to follow because she saw ChuckBetty and they had gone deeper.
She must chase it!
In the room, Yvette touched the side confusedly, and found that it was empty. She suddenly opened her eyes and found that there was no one beside her bed. Yvette immediately got out of the bed, “Hubby, where have you been? Where is it?”
She opened the door and found out that Chuck was not at home. She walked to the door of Logan’s room and knocked on the door, but no one responded. She opened the door and saw that there was no one on the bed. Yvette’s eyes were surprised, “Logan also No longer, husband, what are you two doing?”
She hurriedly went back to the room and put on her clothes, and ran out of the villa. She felt that she did not know where to look, but she suddenly felt particularly uneasy. This kind of uneasiness seemed as if her loved ones were dying.
“Family? Husband, are you in trouble?” Yvette immediately became wet and anxious, but she suddenly thought of something, is it? Grandpa yourself?
She hurried to the roadside and stopped the taxi to go there.
She called Chuck, but Chuck turned off for a long time in order to be careful. Otherwise, the phone rang suddenly during the action, which is harmful to others!
Yvette called his grandfather again, but Grandpa didn’t answer and didn’t know what he was doing. Of course, Yvette didn’t know. The old man saw it, but didn’t answer. He wanted Yvette to learn to solve the problem by himself instead of relying on him. Yourself.
“Hubby, don’t kill my grandpa, don’t,” Yvette’s eyes were sad. She took the car to the neighborhood, and got off and gave it money to run.
The old man said, be alert to anyone who can’t expose her whereabouts, so Yvette ran for about seven kilometers and saw the house, but she found the surrounding quiet and terrible. She was nervous and she held her breath. , To hide herself with darkness, she is near the house.
Soon, she found a place far away from the house, many people were lurking. She found these, and immediately took out the dagger from her body. Yvette’s eyes were ruthless, like a female leopard, she seemed to be integrated into the darkness. , Relying on his own movements, heading towards the house. She can’t let grandpa do something.
But the sadness in Yvette’s heart reappeared, “Hubby, your mother killed my father, and now you want to kill my grandpa again? Husband, don’t treat me like that, don’t…”
There were tears in Yvette’s eyes, which were sad tears.

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Fun sad….what a combination. I find Yvette somehow pathetic for not telling her hubby everything. too many secrets…at one point she lost almost everything because she once to do things her own way and nothing else

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