My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 312

Of course Chuck didn’t want to sleep with her. From beginning to end, Chuck was just talking, but Murong Qing was serious.
But seeing Murong Qingmei always staring at himself, Chuck is strange, “President Murong, what are you thinking?”
“Ah? It’s nothing, you didn’t want me to help, you said.” Murong Qing was annoyed in his heart, playing me?
What Chuck thought was that Murong Qing had been buying this all the time. He hadn’t had time to watch these recently. Yolanda said that there was a nightclub transfer, and he didn’t have time to see it. Qing cooperation, to buy something together, then you can quickly expand your business empire.
Chuck said, Murong Qing hummed, “This is what you want me to help?”
“Well, cooperation, I have been very busy recently, and I don’t have time to do anything.
President Murong has a very good vision, and the projects I’m looking at are very good. So, see if there is any opportunity for cooperation.” Chuck said.
“Want you to flatter?” Murong Qing grunted.
“You President Murong…”
“All said, don’t call me president!” Murong Qing was annoyed and turned away.
Chuck raised this matter, and of course wanted to continue, he caught up, “how?”
“Huh, you have a good abacus, would you like me to work for you?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck.
Chuck smiled embarrassedly, “Well, business is not in Renyi, when I didn’t say.”
“Humph, didn’t say?” Murong Qing turned back, “Yes, I can promise you.”
Chuck accidentally, she actually agreed?
“Don’t leave today, I will continue to invite you to dinner at night,” Chuck laughed. Chuck didn’t have much confidence in saying it. After all, in the simplest way, Murong has a good vision and no shortage of money, as long as it is invested Yes, there are good returns, why should you cooperate with others?
“I want you to spend 200 yuan to invite me to dinner? I lack you for a dinner? Miss you 200 yuan?” Murong Qing hummed.
“Don’t you want you to order just now? You didn’t order, you said enough, blame me for what?”
Chuck whispered.
Murong Qingmei stared, “Am I saying that you are cheaper to eat? It is saying that you only invite me to dinner if you have something to do.”
“Then it’s alright, I asked you to do something for dinner? You don’t lack me for a meal.” Chuck muttered, was it okay to eat with Murong Qing? Chuck didn’t have this thought.
“You!!!” Murong Qing gritted his teeth!
Chuck asked her where to eat? You can do whatever you like, go to your mom’s hotel to eat, is that always expensive?
“Don’t eat. I have a project next. If you really want to cooperate, then you have to pay for it. It’s half of you.”
Chuck was relieved, “What project?”
“Ask so clearly what to do? Didn’t you say that, my vision is good?” Murong Qing expressionless.
Chuck collapsed, okay, Murong Qing’s vision was indeed good, since she said this, then she was stable.
“Okay, you’ll be sure by the time, tell me how much money is enough.” Chuck said.
Murong Qing hummed and turned away. Chuck couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and held her, “President Murong, don’t be angry. I really invite you to dinner at night, don’t leave.” this is necessary.
At least two people have cooperated, and dinner should be.
“I don’t eat spicy food. I just died of spicy food. I want to change to another one.” Murong Qing said.
Chuck smiled. This was agreed. There were several light foods in the square. Chuck had eaten several times and went to eat light food at night.
But Chuck thinks, should I go to my mom’s hotel? “Go to my mom’s hotel. The dishes there are delicious. There are more than 10,000 dishes. I guarantee you like it.”
“I didn’t say you want to eat expensive, just eat here,” Murong Qing shook his head.
“Well, are you going to sit in my office, or do you go around?”
“What’s going on? There have been dozens of times,”
Chuck turned back, “What are you doing so many times?”
“Acquire your square!” Murong Qing snorted, and Chuck entered the elevator, Chuck smiled.
This woman was actually very soft-hearted, but thinking of Yvette, Chuck sighed again.
Murong heard a sigh and turned his head to look at him, “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“It’s okay,”
“Did I just be too fierce in the elevator? Who made you mess around?” Murong Qing was a little gentle.
Was it scared by yourself just now? But you weren’t like this before, and it was very disgusting.
When you said that, you would continue to watch, why today. . So downcast? I wasn’t harsh just now!
“No.” Chuck said how to say, can only shake his head to say so.
The elevator door opened, Chuck went to find Yolanda, and Murong Qing also came out. She stared at Chuck, thinking that Chuck was still in trouble, but she couldn’t ask.
Yolanda saw Chuck and Murong Qing came in again. She was stunned. She didn’t ask much.
Chuck asked about the square. Sure enough, Yolanda didn’t let her down. She did a good job in this regard.
Time was fast, and at night, Chuck thought to take Yolanda to eat with him. After all, this was normal, but Murong Qing was angry, “You said to invite me to dinner, why should I call someone else? I don’t eat anymore.”
Murong Qing went out and was particularly angry.
Chuckdu forced, “Sorry, Yolanda.”
“It’s okay, I call takeout myself,” Yolanda smiled.
Chuck can only chase it out. Finally, the two people have to cooperate. This is good, and suddenly angry, how can this cooperate?
“President Murong, don’t be angry. Why are you like a little girl? If you eat more than one person, isn’t it more than a pair of chopsticks?” Chuck comforted.
“Why should I have more chopsticks?” Murong Qing was annoyed and waited for an afternoon.
He hadn’t dealt with anything from his company. He just ate this meal. You’re fine. You actually called someone. Is this a dinner? ?
“Okay, what do you want to eat? Let’s eat it for two of us.” Chuck collapsed, how could Murong Qing be so petty? Isn’t it Ludovico?
“Stop eating.”
“Sister Murong.” Chuck compromised, Murong Qing turned back, “Who wants you to call my sister? Who wants you to call?”
“No one, here, I have eaten this, it’s delicious, come here!” Chuck dragged her and went inside.
Murong Qing blushed, “Let go, won’t I walk?”
Chuck let out a sigh of relief, and finally was not angry. The two of them went in. My waiter recommended the couple’s package. Chuck waved his hand and said that he was not a couple.
Then she showed the menu to Murong Qing. She looked at it for a long time. It’s a good deal.”
“No, why do you have a couple meal?” Murong Qing shook his head.
“All right, that’s it.”
Chuck also thinks it’s a good deal. Anyway, it’s just a meal. Should couples feed each other? Isn’t that just eating?
Murong Qing looked up at Chuck without speaking, and handed the menu to the waiter.
“Mainly cost-effective.” Chuck said.
“Um, cost-effective,” Murong Qing also said.
Then, the two did not speak.
It’s been quiet until the dishes come up, Chuck feels a little funny, how can it be the same as a blind date? Chuck took the chopsticks and ate, and said while eating, “Do you think that if we eat this way, does it look like a blind date?”
“Who is going to blind date with you? You are so disgusting,” Murong Qing hummed and continued to eat, feeling very good. At noon, he died spicyly.
Chuck suddenly thought of Yvette. He sighed, and Murong Qing looked up, “What’s wrong with you? You’re actually not too disgusting…”
“En.” Chuck smiled bitterly, Murong Qing would say so, it’s rare!
After eating, Chuck received the call and it was Yvette Ran.
“Hey, I’m thinking about it, go to Huagang.” This is Yvette Ran’s voice. She wanted to go.
Chuck agreed to one thing, so what should she do? What seemed to be possible was to let Chuck go out with him.
Anyway, something happened there.
“OK, start tomorrow morning!” Chuck did not hesitate, after all, Yvette was in Huagang at this time! However, Yvette Ran did well.
“Ah? You agreed so readily?” Yvette Ran was forced.
“Yes, see you at the airport tomorrow morning.” Chuck hung up.
“Hey, hello…” Yvette Ran was forced, she looked at her mobile phone number, “Yes, why did he agree so readily?”
Yvette Ran felt incredible!
“Where are you going?” Murong Qing heard, why did Chuck go out again?
“Huagang.” Chuck did not conceal.
“I’m going too.” Murong Qing was serious. She wanted to know what happened to Chuck.

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