My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 317

Murong Qingmei looked at Yvette in a coma and said in surprise. She was not surprised that Yvette was called Chuck’s husband, but was surprised by the following sentence.
Chuck killed her grandpa?
What’s going on? Murong Qing felt unusual. In her eyes, Chuck was a bit sick, but he didn’t want to kill anyone, and he also killed his wife and grandpa?
Murongqing didn’t understand.
She walked to Yvette and looked at the bruised woman. She took out her mobile phone again and was ready to call Chuck, but she still didn’t answer, and Murong Qing was helpless.
How should I do it?
After a while, the private doctor called by Murong Qing came over. This doctor was also surprised when he saw Yvette with bruises all over his body. “President Murong, this woman is…”
“A friend of mine, how is she?” Murong Qing was surprised. Of course she knew this private doctor, and rarely saw him with such an expression.
“It’s not easy, this patient’s willpower is too strong, you see where her hand is covering, it is estimated that the ribs are about to break, this can still hold, it is too rare, this should be the talent in the army. Strong willpower?” said the private doctor in amazement.
Murong Qing was surprised, is this woman so strong-willed? Wouldn’t it be too much harm, so make her like this?
“So what should I do now?” Murong Qing felt that she had to be treated. She felt that Yvette was too badly injured, and that she was Chuck’s wife.
Thinking of this, Murong Qing hummed.
“It is better to have a comprehensive hospital inspection, otherwise there may be major injuries and hidden dangers, some injuries, it is impossible to persist for too long by willpower!” said the doctor.
“Yes, you deal with it first, and give her something.” Murong Qing felt that this matter still had to ask Yvette’s opinion.
After all, Yvette said, don’t send her to the hospital. Murong Qing still do it!
“OK!” The private doctor began to deal with it, and Murong Qing kept watching. She suddenly hummed, “Chuck, your wife is like this, and you haven’t even answered the phone…”
After three hours, the private doctor basically finished the processing. After Murong Qing transferred the account, the private doctor left.
It was almost midnight, and Murong Qing was also sleepy, and fell asleep, suddenly heard the movement, the sound of the mobile phone, Murong Qing was Chuck at first glance, she did not get angry, “Hey, how late Now, call me?”
Chuck couldn’t help it anymore. After looking for Yvette all night, there was no clue, but just passed the monitoring screen and saw that Yvette entered an alley. There was no clue for the rest. Now his own people continue to search.
In the middle of the night, when Chuck was disappointed and sighed, he suddenly thought of Murong Qing calling himself continuously. Is there something wrong?
“Sorry, what are you doing on my phone in a row?” Chuck thought, what happened to Murong Qing? Possibly, I came here together as well. If Murong Qing was in trouble, Chuck would certainly ignore it.
“I tell you, I saw your…” Murong Qing hummed, saying sorry at this time? How late is it? But when Murong Qing was about to continue talking, she suddenly saw Yvette, who had been unconscious, waking up, and she was shaking her head at herself.
“President Murong, what do you see?” Chuck here is strange. What did Murong Qing see?
Murong Qingmei’s eyes noticed Yvette’s praying eyes, she was silent, she was unconscious just now
“President Murong, why didn’t you talk?” Chuck muttered, “If you are fine, then I will hang up, I have to go find someone.”
“Who are you looking for?” Murong asked, knowing clearly, and looked at Yvette who had come off the bed.
After a few seconds of silence on the phone, Chuck’s voice said, “Wife, I came to Huagang to find my wife.”
Chuck was very disappointed because no trace of Yvette was found so far! Where did she go?
“What’s wrong with your wife? Why did you leave you?” Murong Qing asked. Yvette walked to her side, and her eyes were darkened.
“I… I killed her grandpa, she said she would never see me again.” Chuck sighed.
Murong Qing was surprised, really murdered?
She looked at Yvette around her, and there was already water mist inside her eyes.
“Don’t tell him that I am here.” Yvette’s voice was very quiet.
She was moved, but the big rock in her heart could not fall. Chuck was always the murderer who killed his loved ones. This hurdle, Yvette could not cross, and no ordinary person could cross this psychological obstacle.
Murong Qing nodded, with sympathy in her heart, she is also a woman, knowing what it means, if she puts on Murong Qing, she thinks that even if she likes this person again, but killing her loved ones, Murong Qing can’t accept it, definitely will Like a stranger, even Murong Qing would take revenge.
When starting a business, Murong Qing had tasted a thousand flavors. She was able to experience Yvette’s struggle at this time, and ordinary people would do the same, unless it was the kind of person who did not have seven emotions and six desires.
“President Murong, are you okay? What did you say you saw just now?” Chuck recovered and he didn’t want to continue to delay time. If Murong Qing was fine, then he had to take a break and continue to find Yvette .
Chuck was worried that Yvette had an accident. How to say, when watching the monitoring screen, Yvette was seriously injured.
“That line, I hung up,” Chuck hung up the phone, took a sip of water, and went to Yvette.
Chuck had found a hotel for Yvette Ran, and she followed herself all night, and Yvette Ran was almost tired.
Here, Murong Qing put down his phone, “Chuck is looking for you.”
“I know, but…” Yvette’s eyes were sad, what about looking for? How can I accept it? She really didn’t know how to face Chuck.
Murong Qing can’t say much. In some respects, she actually envys Yvette. If one day something happened to her, would Chuck find herself so full of the world?
It should not be.
Murong Qing was silent, and neither woman spoke. Murong Qing gave Yvette a good rest.
Yvette’s eyes were sad. How could he sleep? She was also in pain, sitting in a daze on the bed.
Murong Qing was curious and walked over to ask, “How do you and Chuck know each other?”
“I’m Chuck’s child-in-law. I knew him when I was six, and I have been up to now…” Yvette was sad and helpless. Her cousin was too powerful. She was not an opponent at all. Own stuff?
Murong Qing was particularly surprised that he was actually a child-in-law? This was what Murongqing had never imagined. She thought Chuck had chased Yvette. The two had known each other since childhood. No wonder they were able to imagine themselves as Yvette last night. It was too unexpected, how could Chuck be so rich, and having a child-in-law is not normal? Ten are normal.
Yvette’s heart is more sad, her husband…
Yvette knew that at this time, as long as he told Chuck that he had been bullied by his cousin, then Chuck’s ability would definitely help him. As before, he took his breath out, but Yvette couldn’t drive. This mouth.
“Are you going to never see him again?” Murong Qing asked.
Yvette was silent. She felt that it was impossible to cross this hurdle, so she disappeared.
Murong Qing is certainly not good to say.
She gradually closed her tired eyes, Yvette was too tired and too tired…
She had a dream, dreaming of Chuckqian himself, Yvette did not refuse, the two were like a loving couple, cuddling, cuddling…
When she woke up in the morning, Yvette burst into tears, and she knew that her dream could not be realized.
Yvette’s eyes felt sad and felt much better. Although her body was hurt by her cousin, it wasn’t too influential. She felt that she had to get her own things back, so she had to leave here.
Murong Qing also woke up, seeing Yvette clean up, she knew that Yvette was going to leave, but Murong Qing knew that Yvette was Chucktong’s daughter-in-law, let Yvette leave so badly, what to do if something happened What?
“Where are you going?” Murong Qing could only ask.
“I… I have my own things to do, please give me old.. Tell Chuck, stop looking for me, don’t.”
Yvette said sadly.

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