My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 319

Chuck has no idea!
If in the past, as long as Yvette was called, then she must have put down all the work at that time and came to the place where she had “car accident”.
When I came, it must have burst into tears and wept anxiously.
But now it’s different. In the past few days, my relationship with Yvette has changed dramatically. My mother killed her father, and she killed her grandfather.
This relationship, how can Chuck have the confidence, how can he expect Yvette to come over?
Yvette said that he would never meet himself again.
Chuck can only make this decision now. If Yvette comes, then the relationship between the two people may ease. If he does not come, then Chuck’s disappointment is definitely there, but it can be known that Yvette is fine, and Chuck will be at ease. a little.
Chuck was anxiously waiting. Soon, he saw Murongqing’s car galloping at a terrifying speed.
The emergency brake stopped and the door opened. Only Murongqing came out.
Chuck was disappointed at once.
Murong Qing looked around anxiously and saw Chuck sitting on the side of the road, she ran over, “Chuck, you get up quickly, I will take you to the hospital, I have contacted the best hospital in Huagang, I will now Don’t be afraid to send you over. They are all the best doctors in Huagang. You will be fine.”
When Murong Qing was in the car, he contacted everything and would definitely not let Chuck be in trouble.
“Thank you.” Chuck sighed, Yvette did not come.
But fortunately, Murong Qing should take good care of her last night.
“Don’t say it, go to the hospital with me, slow down, where does the pain tell me,” Murong Qing helped Chuck up, “can’t you move? I’ll carry you, go to the hospital.”
“No, thanks, I didn’t have a car accident.” Chuck sighed.
Murong Qing froze, Chuck thought Murong Qing would be angry, because Murong Qing had arranged so many things, but Murong Qing was relieved, “Is it really okay? Don’t lie to me.
Don’t lie to me.”
“It’s fine.”
Chuck didn’t see the person he wanted to see. He was downcast and didn’t want to talk at all.
Murong breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s okay if you don’t want to make jokes about this kind of thing in the future. Are you cursing yourself? Is it not allowed in the future? Have you heard?”
Murong Qing was not angry, but rather serious.
“Well, I’m sorry.” Chuck sighed.
“No, you don’t have to say sorry to me, you are okay is the most important thing, you say, just to see if Yvette will come?” Murong Qing wanted to understand. The reason why Chuck did this, he certainly did not It is necessary to make such a joke with myself, only to say yes, Chuck is
“supernaturally powerful” and knows that Yvette is beside him.
So I want to use this method to bring Yvette over. In fact, Murong Qing thought so, but he was still a little disappointed. If Chuck was only joking with himself, then Murong Qing would be very happy, but now it is not.
“Yes, but she didn’t come,” Chuck was disappointed.
“She is going to the United States, and of course she won’t come,” Murong Qing said straightly.
She knew that Yvette could not cross that hurdle. In exchange for Murong Qing herself, she should not.
It’s human nature.
“Well, how is she?” Chuck was more concerned about this.
“I called the doctor yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, it was fine.”
“That’s good.” Chuck stood up, but what did Yvette do in the country? Is it to get revenge on my mother? After all, my mother didn’t come back in the country!
“Are you hungry? I invite you to dinner.” Murongqing invited, Yvette Ran was not at Chuck’s side, so he could take Chuck to his restaurant for dinner, and the steaks by air were delicious.
Where does Chuck have an appetite?
I was going to stand up and call my mother and ask what happened to my mother, but Chuck squatted for too long, plus he didn’t sleep all night, his leg was numb, he fell to the ground, Murong Qing was scared, “Chuck ,what happened to you?”
“It’s okay.” Chuck shook his head and seemed to have a good rest and eat something. He was ready to agree, but at this time, a lazy voice came into Chuck’s ear, “Husband.”
Chuck froze.
Seeing a taxi parked on the side of the road, Yvette opened the door and ran down. He ran to Chuck’s side with tears in his eyes, “Hubby, where did you hurt? I took you to the hospital, I…
Yvette’s eyes widened because Chuck suddenly kissed her.
When Murong Qing saw such a scene, she snorted softly and swayed her long legs into her car.
Could it be a light bulb?
This kiss was for a long time. Yvette shed tears. Chuck let go of her, and she was surprised.
Yvette came over. It really came. From childhood to big feelings, Yvette remembered.
“Wife, you are here.” Chuck was gentle.
Yvette’s eyes were sad, “Hubby, are you okay?”
“It’s okay.” Chuck felt distressed, and Yvette’s complexion was all pale. Was it hurt multiple times? ?
“Wife, don’t go!” Chuck was scared that Yvette turned and left, and of course Chuck got up and chased her.
Hold her.
“Old… Chuck, you let go, you lied to me!!” Yvette’s eyes were gone.
“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Chuck gently walked in front of Yvette and saw her again. Chuck didn’t want anything, just wanted to stay with her.
“There is no next time, you will drive again next time…I will never come next time you have an accident, absolutely! You lied to me!” Yvette struggled to open Chuck’s hand, Chuck must not let go!
Chuck sees her struggling so hard, Chuck can only hug her.
“Let go, have you heard, I will kill you!” Yvette said coldly, “Well, no!”
Chuck kissed her, and Yvette rebelled.
Tears came out, Chuck stopped, Yvette was sad, Chuck wanted to slap himself, Yvette could come here, how much pain did he suffer? And she did this to her.
“Don’t let go, please beg your hand.” Yvette’s eyes were sad, “Your mother killed my father, you killed my grandfather, how do you let me face you? Do you still want to kiss me? Do you still want to Come to me??”
Chuck shook his head, “Sorry,”
Yvette’s emotions are on the verge of collapse. Over the past month, she has suffered too much.
You must know that she was a teacher before, but this time it became like this.
“Wife, I found it out. The person who hit you is your cousin, me.” Chuck felt that he must help Yvette. When Betty called just now, it was analyzed. Yvette should take it. Legacy, but the cousin was unwilling, so there was a conflict.
In this case, Chuck cannot ignore it. Yvette should not be able to recapture these now. Moreover, Betty has found out that Yvette’s cousin seems to be going to the United States tomorrow.
There is still a chance.
“I don’t want you to care, we don’t care anymore.” Yvette’s eyes cooled down.
“Well, I don’t care.” Chuck “compromise”.
“Don’t lie to me again! This is the last time!” Yvette turned and walked, but Chuck also took her hand, Yvette struggled hard, “Let go, I bite you!”
Yvette bit Chuck’s hand, painful, and passed it on.
But Chuck was laughing. Although it hurt, Yvette didn’t use much energy. She still couldn’t bear it, and she still liked herself.
It’s just that his mother’s affairs and her own murder of her grandfather made Yvette put away this love.
It’s no wonder that Yvette, Chuck can understand her.
“Let go, I bite your finger.” Yvette’s teeth pressed hard, and Chuck smiled like that.
“What are you laughing at? What’s laughing? Who made you smile?” Yvette’s eyes were cold, and she opened her mouth, seeing the clearly visible teeth marks on Chuck’s fingers, her eyes were red.
Chuck hugged her, “wife, I know what you are thinking, I will give you time.”
“It doesn’t matter how much time, you killed my grandpa! He is my loved one!” Yvette’s eyes were cold again.
“Then you killed me to avenge your grandpa.” Chuck calmly.
“You! Who is going to kill you! Let go! I’m leaving!” Yvette struggled, but Chuck just hugged her, so unwilling to let go, Yvette’s eyes were sad and sad, “Hubby, please beg You let go…”

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