My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 32

After giving it some thought, Chuck decided to renew the contract for Yvette. As for Zelda Maine, he could only let Director Wendel tell her.
“Yes, I do know her.” Chuck remained calm and collected.
“That’s good.”
Director Wendel smiled in relief. “Well, this makes things easier for me to explain then. I actually made a deal with Zelda a while back, she wanted to take over the training company on the fifth floor of the square before, and I agreed. Since Zelda’s restaurant is very popular, if she can open a restaurant here, the flow of people in the square will immediately increase and at least help bring in some income to the square. What I’m trying to ask is, can you let Zelda proceed to take over the training company?”
“There’s no need for that. I have other plans.” Chuck said.
Director Wendel had no choice but to obey, “Well alright, I’ll have to tell Zelda later.”
“Yes, just tell her that your square has been taken over by someone else, and the new boss has a new plan. But be careful, don’t mention that it’s me!” Chuck added.
“Young Master Cannon, what are you….” Director Wendel was surprised. However, in an instant, his curiosity was replaced by nothing but respect for Chuck. If it were his good-for-nothing son who took over the square, he would probably be extremely eager to announce the news to the whole world. He also understood that real rich people would prefer to keep me low-profile. This young man standing in front of him was a perfect example of that since despite knowing “that person”, he was still willing to be so humble. He was keeping a low-profile, but doing things in a high-profiled manner.
“Just do as I say. Besides, I don’t want anyone else to know that I took over the square.” Chuck added.
“Understood!” Director Wendel nodded.
“In that case, there’s nothing more for me to add here. Just give me a call when the contract is ready.” Chuck Cannon spoke as he stood up.
Director Wendel said in a hurry to make Chuck stay, “Well, Young Master Cannon, since it’s so late now, would you like to go to one of my clubs to relax?”
There were a lot of beautiful women and models at his club. This was an opportunity for him to get on Chuck’s good side, and he didn’t want to miss it. If he could get to know that person through Chuck, his fortune could increase to at least twice that he had now.
“No need!” Chuck immediately shook his head and walked out without any hesitation.
Director Wendel could only watch as he walked out and he sent him out politely. After a while, he took out his mobile phone and called Zelda Maine. The phone was connected.
Zelda’s cheerful voice could be heard from over the phone. “Hello, Director Wendel.”
“Zelda Maine, I have something to tell you.” He was in a dilemma. He had promised Zelda that she could come to renovate the place as soon as the training company on the fifth floor left. Words sounded nice, but he never did expect that with just a phone call, his square would be taken over by someone else.
“Director Wendel, please do say it, I’m all ears!”
“Well, it’s about that place that you inquired about, the shoplot on the fifth floor of the square that is currently being occupied by a training company.”
“Oh, have they moved away in advance? That’s great then, I can start looking for interior designers to help design and renovate the place tomorrow then!”
“No, it’s…..”
“What is it?” Zelda was slightly unnerved by the seriousness of his tone. She had her eye on that place for a long time, and since she only have to pay half the rent, as long as she could open shop, she would definitely make money.
“To tell you the truth, the square is no longer mine!” Director Wendel said.
“What? What do you mean it’s not yours? Director Wendel, are you kidding me? I called you the day before yesterday to confirm. It’s been only two days, and you want me to believe you’ve sold your square to someone else?” Zelda’s voice was a mixture of both surprise and anger.
She clearly knew that even if the ownership of the square was transferred, it was impossible to sell it off so quickly. It would need a few months, even a few years to complete the transfer of ownership, since the amount they would be dealing with wasn’t in the thousands or millions, it was in hundreds of millions! How was it possible for the own to be transferred away in merely two days? It was impossible!
“Zelda Maine, please don’t be angry, I have no reason to lie to you, right? I know that with your restaurant comes many financial benefits to us, but the point is that the square is no longer mine. The new boss has taken over and expressed that he has other plans in mind, so…..” Director Wendel tried to explain.
“Who is the new boss?” Zelda asked. Although she could not believe that the square had been transferred in a span of two days, there was really no need for Director Wendel to lie to her. This was because in his case, refusing her offer meant refusing the money that came with it, and who would just give away chances of making money just like that?
“Well, the new boss said he doesn’t want others to know his identity or the fact that he has taken over the square.” Director Wendel said.
“Is that so?” Zelda, who had just returned home, frowned. This new boss was maintaining a pretty low-profile, who could they be? There weren’t many people in the city who had such financial wealth to be able to afford hundreds of millions of dollars at once! She thought hard but still couldn’t pinpoint who it could be. At least, she didn’t have the foresight to know who it was.
“Alright, I see.” Alas, Zelda had no choice but to agree in resignation.
“I’m really sorry for that, I’ll treat you to dinner someday.”
“Okay.” She hung up the phone.
Zelda Maine sat down with a twinkle in her eyes and muttered to herself, “Who took over the square? The new boss, it seems that I have to talk to you in person, but I don’t know who you are!”
Chuck came down from the stairs and saw Yvette standing in the distance waiting for him. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a T-shirt, showing of her curves sexily. She was pacing around the place restlessly while waiting for him. Chuck took a few more looks at her and walked over, “I’m done.”
Yvette abruptly came to her senses. Her whole mind was full of Chuck as she was curious about how he managed to know Zelda Maine. How did he manage to coerce her into calling the owner of the square? These were all questions that she wanted answers to. The atmosphere between them hung awkwardly as both of them didn’t know what to say.
“Where do you live? I’ll drive you back.” Yvette offered, but Chuck automatically shook his head and rejected without thinking. He had driven his own car here too, and if he took a ride with Yvette, didn’t that mean he had to come back again tomorrow just to pick up his car?
“I’ll send you off. The taxis at night are very expensive.” Yvette insisted. She didn’t know why she offered, perhaps Chuck’s change today was so drastic that she also changed her perspective about him.
Chuck had no choice but to agree, and followed Yvette into the parking lot. They went into the elevator and the doors to the elevator closed with a shut. They were now alone in such a big place.
Yvette just stood some distance from Chuck, a position where her curves were entirely visible to him when he lowered his head. Chuck could feel his blood pressure surging.
“By the way, where do you live?” Yvette turned around to ask Chuck, but noticed that his gaze was focused downwards. She paused and followed his gaze, this angle…….. Was he looking at her bottom?
Chuck tried to laugh it off awkwardly after he was noticed. Yvette bit her lip and repeated, “Where do you live?”
“Highstreet,” Chuck accidentally blurred out.
“You live in Highstreet?” Yvette Jordan was surprised, because houses in that area costs at least three to four million dollars. Was this really where he stayed? The rent for this place costs at least 5 to 6 thousand dollars, could he really afford to pay for it?
“Oh, it’s the Midland village nearby.” Chuck quickly changed the place.
“Okay.” Yvette was less surprised by his answer, since he could probably afford to stay at Midland village. The elevator door opened and they got out.
However, Chuck’s phone chose that precise moment to vibrate. He opened his WeChat carefully, to avoid letting Yvette notice, and found that it was from Lara Jean. This…. Chuck panicked slightly.
Because at that moment, Lara took a selfie in front of a BMW 7 series. The venue that she was at was the parking lot of the City Square, and the car in the photo was actually his!
Did Charlotte Yales tell her that the car was his? For a moment, Chuck felt betrayed, but it was dispelled soon as Lara’s next message came in, “Baller, isn’t this car nice? It’s my dad’s new car!”
Chuck did not know whether to laugh or cry. Did Lara want him to be her boyfriend or her daddy? But why was Lara in the City Square parking lot? Was she just looking for a car to take selfies? Seemed like his priority was to avoid her first. If she wanted to take pictures, she could go ahead.
“WeChat? You also have WeChat?” Yvette blurted out. She knew that Chuck didn’t have a WeChat account before, but when he was keeping his phone just now, she had a glimpse of his phone interface. She noticed that the background app that was running was WeChat, and she was surprised.
“Yes, I always had an account.” Chuck knew that things were not going his way. If Yvette asked him such, didn’t that mean that she was going to add him on WeChat? If so, he was done for!
“You do? I always thought you didn’t. Well, I’ll add your WeChat account so that you don’t have to call me in the future. In this way, you can save money for the phone bill. Open your WeChat then, I’ll scan you and add you.” She took out her phone and was prepared to scan his phone.

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