My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 323

Chuck doesn’t know who is targeting him, because he doesn’t seem to offend anyone, but what he has to do now is to solve the current problems. These people are all poisoned and vomited, but it is not a trivial matter.
Yolanda has already started to deal with it, and the security guard of the square has come.
Lara grieved tears, “Chuck, what the hell is going on? Will it have a great impact on your square?”
“Absolutely.” Chuckde tried to find a way to suppress this matter.
“Sorry.” Lara said with a cry, she had never encountered such a thing, and she was terrified just now.
“It’s okay.” Chuck shook his head and immediately called Betty to ask her to come over and do whatever he wanted to do. If he should lose money, Chuck would not lose.
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After making the phone call, Chuck felt relieved, and Lara wiped her tears, “Chuck, I don’t know what happened.”
She hasn’t been out for more than a month recently, and she has been taking care of business in the shop all day.
“It’s okay,” Chuck turned to look at her. After not seeing her for more than a month, Lara changed a little, of course not her figure. Her figure was as good as ever, but her eyes changed.
There was not much arrogance in the eyes, so wronged that Chuck wanted to comfort her.
“Will you stop me from doing it?” Lara whispered, worried, she could come up with such a big thing and influenced the square. Her store business has been very good recently, and her cousin every month. Everyone has an income of 134,000, but Chuck will not let her do it, it will definitely be gone!
“Yes.” Chuck said.
Lara cried anxiously, “Don’t, Chuck, don’t stop me from doing it, I really don’t know what happened?”
Chuck glanced at her, “What are you crying for? Then cry and send you fruit photos.”
Lara hurriedly wiped her tears, “No, you don’t want to send me a picture.”
Chuck ignored her. Of course, he wouldn’t be so bored. He just didn’t want to let Lara cry, but Lara’s heart was a bit strange: did he still see his pictures?
Thinking of this, Lara blushed.
In any case, Lara still believes in Chuck and will not send her photos indiscriminately. Chuck sees it by herself.
But Lara didn’t know, Chuck hadn’t seen it in a long time.
Soon Betty came to deal with this matter in person. She had a lot of experience in this area. The people who brought her quickly arranged for all vomiting people to go to the hospital. The treatment was particularly fast. Chuck was relieved, and Yolanda arranged for security. For the evacuation of the onlookers, fortunately, this time, not too many people.
Otherwise, the impact will be greater.
When Bettylu handled it, Lara whispered next to Chuck, “Chuck, please continue to let me do it.
I promise that this will never happen again.”
“You can’t guarantee that the door will be closed in the past few days.” Chuck felt that he had to do this, but Lara was wronged and cried again, Chuck stared at her, “Crying again? You want me to send a photo, right?”
“No, I listen to you, as long as you let me continue.” Lara lowered his head.
Chuck didn’t answer her. At this time, Betty had dealt with the problem. She looked at Lara and her eyes were very cold. Lara was frightened and hid behind Chuck.
“Master, this matter is not that simple. President Li told me to tell you that you still have a cousin, who might have been asked to do it.” When Betty came, he called Karen Lee.
Karen Lee analyzed it this way, and Betty thought so.
Chuck was very surprised, cousin? Does this mean that my mother has brothers and sisters? Also, the mother should not be the only child, but what does his cousin do to himself?
For no reason, I have never seen him before. What is the purpose of this? Chuck felt that he still had to figure it out. If he was really his so-called cousin, then Chuck would definitely retaliate.
Chuck asked about the specific situation. Betty didn’t say much, that is to say, Li was always a big family, and there must be some intrigue in the family. This can’t be avoided. Chuck can only pay attention to it now. Betty will send someone over to look after it.
Chuck was relieved, but also sighed. This cousin who hadn’t seen him suddenly did this. Is it necessary?
Betty left and said that she did not go back to China to check her cousin. This must be checked.
Yolanda continued to deal with it, and Lara followed Chuck, and Chuck gave her a white look,
“What are you doing with me? Go back to sleep and sleep.”
“I can’t sleep.” How could Lara fall asleep? It would be a loss to close the door for a few days, so she couldn’t sleep tonight.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of him and remembered something. Chuck walked towards Betty who had not left yet. Lara followed, nervously asking, “Chuck, do you still keep my picture?”
“Not only to keep, but also to see, have opinions?” Chuck turned back.
“No,” Lara blushed. She was very confident in her figure. Chuck would definitely watch it.
Chuck walked over, but didn’t pay attention, stepped on a step, almost fell to the ground, Betty saw it, hurried out of the car, and ran to support Chuck, but Chuck could have stood on his own.
Betty appeared so suddenly, he felt embarrassed, because his hand seemed to catch Betty in front.
Betty is also embarrassed, “Master, be careful.”
Chuck was red-faced, “I’m sorry.”
She let go in a hurry. Last time she photographed Betty. This time, Chuckxin collapsed. She didn’t come. She wouldn’t fall, but Betty was worried that Chuck fell.
“It’s okay young master,” Betty quickly recovered.
“Don’t tell my mother, I didn’t mean it.” Chuck was worried about this.
“No, Master rest assured.” Betty shook her head, her heart was still a little broken. After all, she had followed Karen Lee for so long, and had never been touched by any man. Counting this time, she was touched by Chuck. Twice, the key is that Betty can’t get angry.
If it was replaced by another person, Betty had already let this person break his hand. She could not take the shot of her young master. After all, in ancient times, did the young master be able to move the manual feet of all the maidservants in the house?
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. The main purpose of his coming was to tell Betty, don’t appear in front of Yvette, try your best, because Yvette’s mood is a little stable now, but seeing Betty may change, just in case Yvette Jordan wants to fight against Betty, what should he do?
“Well, I know, Master, is there anything else for Master?” Betty also intends to do the same.
“It’s okay, I’m really sorry for what happened just now,” Chuck said.
“It’s okay,” Betty thought she couldn’t talk about this topic anymore. She returned to the car and drove to the hospital to continue her treatment.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, but he was particularly surprised. Betty didn’t expect to wear a suit and wear her habit. She was so unexpected in front of her. This was something that Chuck never thought of. It felt very touching.
Chuck didn’t think about this matter. At this time, Yolanda had roughly evacuated the onlookers.
Yolanda came to ask Chuck, how to deal with Lara? Chuck said, even if the door was closed for a few days, of course Yolanda had no opinion, she continued to deal with it.
Lara came over in aggrieved, “Thank you.”
Chuck feels so unprecedented, Lara actually said thank you to herself? Lara went on to say, “The school is about to start, you are not going to study,?”
Chuck felt that reading must be done, but Yvette didn’t work as a teacher, Chuck didn’t think much about reading.
“Continue reading, I will bring you milk tea every morning.” Lara said.
How can I say that I haven’t seen Chuck for so long, and Lara thought that Chuck wouldn’t read it anyway. After all, Chuck is so rich, but what effect does it have if he doesn’t study?
Just have money.
She thought that she was still a little lost, and Chuck could not be seen at school.
“No need.” Chuck doesn’t like milk tea very much.
“Free, I will bring you free, every day.” Lara is wronged, don’t you want free? You know her milk tea is delicious.
“No more.”
“Then I invite you to dinner, thank you for not blaming me,” Lara said nervously, and Chuck also said no, no need.
“So do you still study or not? You are just a freshman, or do you want to continue reading,” Lara asked, sophomore this year. It’s still early, you can continue reading.

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