My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 324

Chuck considered that reading must be done, but he had to receive Yvette’s mother first.
“Read.” Chuck is simple and clear.
Lara was relieved. “It should be read. Although you are rich, reading is very useful.”
“Then you came to school and you were scolded all day long?” Chuck looked at her.
“Of course not,” Lara blushed and bowed her head. “Why dare I scold you now? You are my landlord, and there are photos of me in my phone.”
Lara was ashamed. At that time, she really looked down on Chuck every day, but now it’s different. Lara’s own store opened in Chuck’s square, and his fruit photos are still on Chuck’s mobile phone.
“I’m sorry, I will never scold you again.” Lara continued.
Chuck looked at her and said nothing.
Lara misunderstood, thinking what Chuck wanted to do herself, she lowered her head and whispered, “Chuck, why don’t you talk?”
There is nothing to say, anyway, Chuck still has no affection for Lara, and she can continue to drive because of her classmates, and Lara is crying and crying, Chuck can’t stand it.
“You and Charlotte have a good rest for a few days. The school is about to start anyway, and Yolanda will inform you to open the door.” Chuck said.
“I invite you to drink milk tea,” Lara felt that Chuck didn’t want anything, and she was even more uneasy in her heart. Is this a prelude to the storm?
Chuck looked at her in front. Lara lowered her head, “Do you mean not to drink, do you still want me to take pictures of you?”
When Lara asked this, she was courageous. She felt shy. She said nothing about Chuck. She didn’t eat any food and didn’t drink milk tea.
Chuckzheng lived, when did he want a photo? “Do you think I still need to see pictures now?”
“Yeah, do you want to see the truth?” Lara’s face was red, and Chuck meant not to look at the photos, but to see his real person? Lara found it difficult to speak, but she was looking forward to it.
How to say, since breaking up with Li Wei, Lara has never opened a house with a man again, has it been close to two months? Lara felt a little lonely at night, but she didn’t go to any people, which made Lara a little lonely and unbearable.
If Chuck really depends on himself, then Lara will not refuse, but just let Chuck say it himself!
Facing Chuck, Lara was still a little nervous!
“Don’t look, you think too much.” Chuck ignored her and walked towards Yolanda. Lara was stunned and lost her heart for a moment. Really thinking too much?
Right, Lara walked into the store in a lost way. Also, Chuck was so rich, what kind of woman hadn’t she seen?
Charlottesong, who had never come out, let out a sigh, but saw Lara’s red eyes, Charlotte sighed.
She just saw Lara and Chuck talking, so she didn’t go over.
“Cousin, is my front smaller? Chuck doesn’t want to see it.” Lara was wronged. Is his figure so well? Men will want to see it. This is Lara’s self-confidence, but Chuck hasn’t seen it at all. This is because he looks at too many photos and is not interested.
“How come? Don’t think about it, how does Chuck deal with us?” Charlotte cares more about this.
“Chuck asked me to close the door for a few days.”
Charlotte was relieved. If she wanted to let herself go, how could she find a better shop than here? She looked at Chuck, who had taken the elevator upstairs, and she sighed.
Chuck walked to Yolanda and told her to be more careful recently, pay more attention to it, Yolanda said no problem. “By the way, Chuck, it’s best to continue your studies at university, sophomore, don’t worry,”
Yolanda is a persuasion.
“En.” Chuck went to Yvette. Fortunately, the following movement didn’t make Yvette in the office come out. When Chuck went to Yvette, she happened to have explained everything with Sun Shangxue. come out.
Chuck took Yvette back. Of course, Chuck didn’t want Yvette to live where she rented the house before, and took her home directly, let her rest well, and it was more convenient when the two were together. Otherwise, Sun Shangxue will be a little more exciting as a light bulb, but it is not necessary.
However, what Chuck collapsed was that Chuck could touch Yvette, but Yvette insisted on one place and would not let Chuck touch it at all. Chuck could not be “coquettish” anyway. Yvette insisted anyway. .
And in three days, Chuck asked Yvette to help himself once. At other times, Yvette evaded and Chuck thought, Yvette gave Chuck a kiss to prevent him from thinking.
This meant that Yvette wanted to distance himself from Chuck. Chuck was more concerned, but there was no way to be sure that she couldn’t force her.
Forcing to be sure, Yvette still has a soft heart in his heart, but let Yvette feel wronged to help himself, this kind of thing Chuck still can’t do it!
Today, Yvette is going to pick up her mother, but Chuck wants to be with him. Yvette hesitates, how to say that Chuck’s mother killed her father, and that she has been widowed for so many years, her mother will definitely not give Chuck what It’s so good-looking, it’s even possible to directly act against Chuck. Yvette certainly doesn’t want to see Chuck injured!
“Hubby, you stay at home, wait for me to come back.” Yvette comforted.
“This is my mother-in-law.”
“I know, but what about my mother, you also know, husband, can you listen to me? Is it okay?
Or…I will help you once and compensate you? Is that okay?” Yvette compromised, only this, she She was “tortured” by Chuck for a few days. She refused many times because she was soft and hard. She also knew that Chuck had suffocated, and she could only do this, otherwise she could not convince Chuck.
Chuck shook his head and insisted.
Yvette sighed. “Well, you husband, you should pay attention to it. I don’t know what my mother’s temper is.”
Chuck was relieved, the two went downstairs, Chuck’s BMW 7 series was scrapped, only sports cars, but how can sports cars pick people up? Chuck had asked Betty to bring a car from the hotel, not Rolls-Royce, but an off-road vehicle as opposed to the hotel’s regular car.
Chuck drove Yvette to the airport.
At the airport, two women came out from the inside. One of them was dressed in fashion, with a particularly tall figure, wearing sunglasses, lips, and a smooth face, and was well maintained. It was Yan Li, Yvette’s mother.
She is forty-two this year, but she doesn’t look old, and her charm is still there. After all, she looks like Yvette and her daughter Yvette is so beautiful. How can she be a mother?
Standing next to her is the bodyguard she has followed for a long time, and she is also a beautiful woman with a particularly charming figure.
“Jordan sent a message just now and said to bring someone to pick us up.” Yan Li said, Yvette did not say it was Chuck, otherwise his mother would be unhappy.
“Yes.” The bodyguard felt she had to wait for a while, she was already observing the surroundings. Yan Li has not returned to China for many years. She has emotions in her heart.
China is the root. Now she is finally back.
“It’s just that I think Jordan particularly likes Karen Lee’s son. This matter is not easy to deal with.” Yan Li shook her head. She came here. When she called Yvette, of course, she heard Yvette’s thoughts. !
However, this is unlikely. When Grandpa said that Yvette was lurking next to Chuck, she disagreed because she knew what it meant to grow up together since childhood, which meant that the relationship would be particularly good. At the end, what did Chuck do.
It now appears that she was right at the time, but unfortunately she did not have the right to speak.
“Do I need to solve Chuck?” the bodyguard asked.
“No, if you want to solve it, Jordan will do it herself.”
“According to your orders,” the bodyguard looked, and found a car coming over here, and Yan Li also found that she threw the glass and saw Chuck driving, she frowned, Chuck was between the eyebrows, Like Karen Lee, how could she not see it?
“Chuck! Karen Lee’s son Chuck!” Yan Li’s eyes narrowed, but she only had a sigh in her heart.
Her daughter was able to let Chuck come over to show that she really loved her to the point that she couldn’t refuse, but this was impossible.
“Mom!” Yvette burst into tears and ran out of the car, holding Yan Li tightly.

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