My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 325

Yvette had never seen his mother, but when she first saw this woman standing on the roadside in the car, she recognized it. This is her mother, because she is similar to this woman.
Yan Li also sighed in her heart. After so many years, she finally saw her daughter again. She looked at Chuck coming out of the car.
Chuck was distraught in his heart. This was his wife’s mother-in-law, but also the wife of the person his mother killed. Chuck walked nervously, “Auntie,”
Yan Li didn’t speak at all.
“Mom, this is…” Yvette saw that Yan Li’s face was bad.
“I know who it is, Karen Lee’s son.” Yan Li said, her voice cold to the bone.
“Yes, mother, he is innocent.” Yvette said quickly, because she could feel the coldness of her mother.
This is ready to kill Chuck.
Chuck does not worry about anything. Yvette’s mother should not be too powerful, mainly because of the bodyguard still around her. She may be similar to Betty.
Of course, Chuck can’t be Betty’s opponent now, but the reason is calm, but Betty seems to know her whereabouts, and has already sent a message to himself just now, saying that it is nearby.
So, what are you worried about? The main purpose of his coming was to see if he could resolve this grudge. How to say, Chuck especially wanted to be with Yvette.
“Innocent? Daughter, if you say something like this, your dad can’t feel at ease below, do you know?” Yan Li said, “his daughter, actually said that the son of the enemy is innocent?”
Yvette was sad, “Mom, he is innocent, please don’t hurt him.”
Yan Li felt that it was necessary to talk to Yvette about this matter. It would be better to separate early, because such a situation is impossible to bear fruit.
Must be disconnected!
Yan Li did not answer this question, but asked the bodyguard to block the car. She did not take Chuck’s car. Yvette was anxious. “Mom, my husband… Chuck, came over to pick you up, you see…”
“Daughter, I don’t make an enemy car,” Yan Li said. At this time, some taxis drove to the side, Yan Li sat in, and the bodyguard was the same.
“Wife, let’s go, I will follow you behind,” when Chuck came, he thought it would be like this. In exchange for Chuck himself, he wouldn’t do it either.
“Her husband.” Yvette’s eyes were sad, she really didn’t know how to deal with it, but she knew that she would be like Chuck and would not let Chuck be hurt.
“It’s okay, you sit in.”
“Yes.” Yvette got on the taxi and the taxi drove.
Of course Chuck drove behind him, he was thinking about how to alleviate this problem, and in the taxi, Yan Li spoke with a strong focus. “Daughter, can you stay with the son who killed your father? Are you not burdened?”
“Don’t say it, I know, but I grew up with him, I like him, I really like it.” Yvette eyes sad, this hurdle, she crossed? She didn’t think so, but the feeling in her heart was clear to herself.
Yan Li sighed, “How is he good? I didn’t see it at all.”
Yes, who has she not seen? Seeing Chuck, she was very irritable, because she looked like Karen Lee and Mei Yu.
“He’s fine, I know it myself.” Yvette turned his head and looked at Chuck behind him.
Previously, Chuck did so much for her silently. Yvette was so moved that she couldn’t forget.
Yan Li doesn’t want to talk about this topic anymore, this one can’t make it clear in a short time,
“I ask you, how did your grandpa die?”
“Me, me.” Yvette didn’t know how to answer.
“Don’t tell me, he killed him!” Yan Li’s eyes shot cold, and the bodyguard eyes beside her narrowed.
“It was my grandfather who tortured my husband first, and he resisted.” Yvette explained, but he had no confidence in his heart.
“Daughter you…you know your grandfather is dead, how much do we smile? People in the family have long wanted to eradicate me. Your grandfather has kept us because your dad is your grandfather’s favorite son, you are the most Maybe he inherited the whole family, do you know?”
Yan Li was distressed. She and the bodyguard came out and almost died.
There is only a small amount of cash on the body, very little, other cards, everything is frozen, one can imagine how ruthless the people in the family!
Yvette was particularly distressed.
“We are very dangerous. He caused it. He made me escape to Huaxia. Did you know it?”
“Mom, stop talking,” Yvette shed tears.
Yan Li’s eyes are particularly cold, “Your cousin has already dealt with us, we will be in danger at any time!”
Yvette thought of this, “Mom, we have a place to live, cousin won’t find us so quickly,”
Yan Li hummed, “Are you letting me live in his house, right?”
Yvette couldn’t answer, “Well, my husband.”
“Don’t call him that in front of me!”
Yvette was sad and didn’t refute her. For the first time, she didn’t want to be so unhappy to the city. Yvette took Yan Li and them off the car. They had to eat first. Chuck also found a place to stop and followed.
After finding a restaurant, Yvette took her mother in, and Chuck also randomly found a place to sit in another position. Yvette felt that Chuck was definitely wronged, but there is no other way.
After finishing the meal, Yvette took his mother home. She had no money in her hand, and Yan Li had only a few thousand dollars, so she could only live in Chuckjia’s house.
Fortunately, there are three rooms in the house, there is a place to live.
Chuck didn’t go up, just waited downstairs. After Yvette arranged for her mother, she came down, got into the car, and said sorry to Chuck.
“It’s okay, how is your mother?” Chuck was cheeky.
“Hubby, my mother hates you very much.” Yvette wanted Chuck to be a little vigilant, so in front of her mother, she would definitely turn over on the spot.
“Well, school starts tomorrow, are you going to be a teacher?” Chuck cares about this.
“Hubby, I can’t do it, really.” Yvette didn’t have time, Yan Li said. Cousin would try to kill herself, she must find a way to crack it.
Chuck was disappointed, “Well, it’s okay, you go to rest, I’ll go to my mother’s hotel to sleep well,”
“Okay, but, husband, I have wronged you today, so…” Yvette said, what started.
Chuck was excited, but this is the residential parking lot, hate her mother-in-law is still upstairs.
After the solution, Chuck was happy.
Yvette handled it well, put the paper towel in her pocket, and was about to lose it. She had a heart in her heart, and she did it again. It was really helpless. She saw Chuck’s eyes and couldn’t help but help him. Chuck held back.
Yvette said, “Hubby, go back to rest early and study hard.”
Of course Chuck nodded. Chuck asked her if she had made any progress? The sad Yvette blushed, “Yes… Drive carefully on the road.”
Yvette opened the car door and went upstairs. Chuck was happy. Yvette was so active, but Chuck was thinking, when can he really be with Yvette? If there is a baby, will the situation ease? However, it is a pity that Yvette was particularly sticky to that piece. When Yvette was not missing, Chuck could occasionally take a look, which is now impossible.
Chuck sighed, drove to the mother’s hotel, stayed in the hotel, had a good rest, and started school tomorrow.
It’s just that there is no Yvette’s school. How should I spend it? Chuck sighed more than…
Yvette went upstairs and suddenly thought there was no trash can, so how to deal with the tissues in his pocket? Simply flush the toilet.
Yvette opened the door and Yan Li stared at Yvette on the sofa, “Daughter, come here, I have something to tell you,”
Yvette can only go past, Yan Li sat next to Yvette, “Daughter, I will tell you again, you and him are impossible, early break is better than late break.”
Yvette was lost, she knew, but how to break it? Can’t break it.
“Answer me,” Yan Li said solemnly.
Yan Li’s eyes were cold. “Daughter, you… Hey, what’s the smell? Daughter, what did you do just now, why is it a bit weird?”
Yan Li wondered, is this going to eat seafood? Of course she was not hungry, but she asked a little curiously. Yvette heard this, and her face became red, bad…

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