My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 328

“Be careful with me!”
The girl pointed at Lara and left with a cold hum, and she had to find a way to see if she could touch Du Xinye again.
“Are you all right?” Chuck supported Lara.
“I’m fine,” Lara grieved, how to say that this woman is fat, but she is all famous brand, and the package is tens of thousands, she is a rich person, she really can’t afford it.
Chuck was not in the mood, of course, too lazy to meet the girls just now, but if Yvette was there, Chuck would be very attentive.
“I’ll help you into the classroom,” Chuck felt that Lara was a bit painful. The girl just now didn’t know the importance.
“Thank you,” Lara blushed.
“You said you should eat more, then it will not be pushed down so easily just now.” Chuck noticed that Lara is very sexy today, these little jeans are so short, but they are too thin compared to that girl That girl is terrible.
However, Chuck learned to fight, of course, there is no problem in playing this kind of girl, but how to fight? Others are freshmen and women.
“Are you saying that I am thin?” Lara was a little happy.
“It’s not thin, at least the thin part should be thin, and the thin part should not be thin,” Chuck said bluntly.
Lara’s face was even redder, “Then I will continue to maintain this figure, and I will never be fat.”
Chuck looked at her, Lara lowered her head.
Chuckfu Lara entered the classroom, the students were stupefied, why Lara and Chuck got together?
“What’s going on? Lara actually asked Chuckfu?”
“Wow, Lara is so sexy today. It was actually helped by Chuck’s hanging. It was really cheap for him.”
“That’s it!!”
The students were a little envious and jealous. Of course Chuck was too lazy to take care of them, and helped Lara to her position. Lara pulled Chuck, “You sit beside me.”
“No.” Of course, Chuck was more concerned about Queenie, and wanted to ask how she was doing.
Lara was lost, “Hey, is it not good for me to sit next to you? You are bored in class, I can play with you.”
“No need.” Chuck had walked to the position next to Queenie and sat down, asked her how was she doing? Queenie said very well.
The two whispered, and Lara looked even more wronged. At this time, the new teacher seemed to be a beautiful woman, but she was far from Yvette.
The students changed their teachers and were surprised.
“How about Teacher Yvette?”
“Yes, I like Teacher Yvette most in class.”
“Ms. Yvette quit his job at the school. From today, I will teach you.” The beautiful teacher said.
Students, I was immediately disappointed, including Chuck.
Chuck didn’t have much thought, so he sent a message to Yvette during the class. Yvette returned and asked Chuck to listen to the class.
“I’ll go to you to teach me at night?” Chuck sent this message.
Yvette didn’t return for a long time, but only returned a few minutes, “No, husband, study hard.”
Yvette has already trained under the arrangement of Yan Li and her bodyguard, and has no time to teach.
Chuck was disappointed. ,”Ok.”
Yvette did not return, Chuck got up, and at noon, went to the cafeteria to eat with Queenie, Lara was very hungry, she saw Chuck left like this, she was wronged, no matter what ?
My leg is broken, it hurts!
Lara was also not good to call Chuck. Limped herself to eat in the cafeteria. She saw Chuck and Queenie eating. Lara was wronged to make a meal and found a place with a plate. She accidentally bumped into it. People are actually the fat girl who beat her again.
Lara was frightened. The girl pushed Lara angrily, “Are you sick? Come on to provoke me?”
Lara fell to the ground, and the food fell to the ground. Her leg hurts, but she still got up. “You pushed me again?”
“How about pushing you?” The girl continued to push Lara disdainfully, where can she carry it? It fell to the ground again.
Lara couldn’t help but toss this way, the girl came over, “Look at your hanging silk pattern, think that you can wear it like this if you have a good figure? Who can you show it to?”
“How do I get through you?” Lara was angry.
“Isn’t it just for the hanging silk man? Your vision is really too bad, you can also see such hanging silk?” The girl disdain.
“It’s this hanging silk girl? She didn’t give Du Xinye face when she was at the door of the school in the morning. The milk tea was prepared for hanging silk boy!” Some students recognized Lara.
“She can only prepare for hanging silk man, but also want to prepare for Du Xinye?” Others laughed.
“Hey, Xinye, come over and see. This girl with hanging silk, I met her again.” The girl was surprised because she saw Du Xinye again. He came here for dinner. The big beauty followed, like a nympho.
Du Xinye saw Lara, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.
Came over.
The girl was pleasantly surprised. Sure enough, Du Xinye wanted to see Lara being beaten, so he could please him.
“Heartfield, you see this stupid, the road is not stable just now,” the girl offered diligently.
“Really? Did you not eat? Give her a hundred dollars to let her eat well.” Du Xinye took out one hundred dollars in cash.
“Wow, my heart is so loving!”
“Yeah, my heart is the most kind.” Following Du Xinye’s nympho beauty, there was a burst of praise.
The heart was in full bloom.
“Don’t take it yet? My family gave it to you, you are lucky.” The girl took the money and threw it to Lara.
“Hey, you are too much.” Lara couldn’t help it. Why is it so bad today? This bastard Du Xinye couldn’t come to get his own milk tea, isn’t it all right?
“Do you think you are rich? My milk tea is not prepared for you, no, you don’t look at what you look like, I will prepare milk tea for you? You dream!” Lara got angry, in fact, he thought, Du Xinye is not so handsome. Chuck is more handsome than him, but Chuck does not trim, and he is not too surprised. His hair is so long that he didn’t cut it.
Du Xinye’s face cooled down.
The girl was annoyed and she slapped Lara with a slap in her hand. Lufao was knocked out with such a fat hand. Lara almost fell to the ground. Lara touched her hot face. The insult in her heart made her have all eyes. Tears turned away.
“You shut up, your hanging silk girl, what are you saying? Just your hanging silk man, he is not worthy of licking shoes to Xinye, do you know?” The girl got angry, she had to act in front of Du Xinye, otherwise she Where is the opportunity?
“What do you say.” Lara was angry.
“I said you were rubbish, didn’t you hear it clearly? Milk tea is ready to be rubbish, my heart is disdain to drink the rubbish milk tea you prepared for Susanne.” The girl pointed at Lara, this fat finger made Luya a little scared She couldn’t beat this fat woman at all, and she had no martial arts.
“Do you let your hanging silk man come out, does he dare to come out?” the girl asked, Lara Zhiwuwu, her eyes subconsciously froze Chuck, tears came out.
“Qing Qing, you wait.” Chuck stood up. Why did he just think about it? Unexpectedly, Lara was beaten again, or this girl again.
Chuck walked past, and of course Queenie stopped eating, and followed.
“Lara,” Chuck walked to Lara, her face was red and swollen, and Lara’s tears grieved, “Chuck…”
“Don’t cry, what’s wrong?” Chuck comforted, and Lara could not bear to hear such words. Cried and said, “I accidentally hit her, she just…”
“Inadvertent? If you’re blind, you’re blind. What did you say carelessly? Everyone see, this hanging silk girl, prepared milk tea, is for this hanging silk man. How ugly do you think he is?
How ugly? The girl sneered.
Du Xinye had a sneer in his eyes. This man in clothes couldn’t afford his own underwear, a pair of shoes, and he was really worried. He didn’t bother to speak.
“So this is the hanging wire?”
“It’s simply incomparable with my heart’s ambitions. It’s too much.”
“Hey, I know him. I have a friend and his class. He said, this hanging wire is very poor. I picked up the money last semester. I didn’t give it back to others. I swallowed it myself. You said such garbage. All!”
“What? So shameless? Sure enough things gather together!” The onlookers all said to me sentence by sentence, the tone was particularly ridiculous. In their eyes, Chuck was much worse than Du Xinye, and his face came out? ?

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