My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 333

Do not believe?
Yes, Du Xinye still can’t believe it by 100%, but can make a woman who opens Rolls-Royce so respectful, can ordinary people do it?
The obese girl was also unbelievable, “Are you kidding me? Is he really your square boss?”
If there is such a large square, it is definitely worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but if it is placed on a sophomore, is this different?
Still studying, there is such a big industry. This whole Huaxia can do this, and there are few families? So how much money is there in Chuck’s family?
“Yes! I already said that he is our boss, but you just don’t believe it!” Yolanda didn’t want to ignore it anymore.
She walked through the crowd to Chuck, leaving a simple sentence like this, but let Du Xinye and the obese girl’s face seem to be beaten with fists, hot and painful.
“The square really belongs to him? How is this possible?” The girl shook her head and was in a daze. She felt her face was beaten hard by invisible face.
“Xinye, is this true?” The girl continued to mumble.
Her family started a company, and her net worth is hundreds of millions, but she is also a student. Chuck actually has a square, and she only has a car. There is nothing else. This is a huge gap!
“It should be, I didn’t expect to look away!” Du Xinye’s face was particularly ugly.
“Me too, this silk hanging man, actually… incredible, wearing such poor clothes, so the silk hanging person, there is such a square!”
The girl is a bit more complicated, so I look away? Yes, she did look away. At this time, Yolanda and Chuck said a few words. Chuck gave Lara and Betty a cup of milk tea. Yolanda took the milk tea and pointed at Du Xinye. Chuck Looked over.
At this instant, the girl felt that Chuck’s eyes were dazzling, and she subconsciously dared not to look at them. There was no expression in her eyes, but the girl felt ironic, as if she had been slapped invisiblely by Chuck. .
Du Xinye was even more annoyed. He felt he should do something.
“Don’t tell anyone about this, have you heard it?” Du Xinye sneered, there can be such a square, then the sports car he said was repaired, this should be true, and more likely, his sports car Probably about 5 million, is this not up to the requirements of the school flower Ouyang Feifei?
A person with a 5 million sports car is eligible to add her WeChat? Chuck met the requirements, Du Xinye absolutely did not allow such opponents to appear, and must be strangled in the cradle.
The obese girl nodded, she certainly wouldn’t say it!
“So what should we do now?” The girl thinks, there is a square, please invite the whole school to drink milk tea, what’s the matter?
When Du Xinye wanted to answer, Yolanda and Chuck came over, and Yolanda smiled, “This is our boss, you have seen it.”
The muscles on Du Xinye’s face were twitching, and his face was hot. He stared at Chuck, trying to swallow Chucksheng alive. No one has beaten his face like this!
“Do you want to drink milk tea? I invite.” Chuck was too lazy to pay attention to this look, but instead smiled indifferently.
Du Xinye was annoyed, and the girl also stared at Chuck. Du Xinye suffocated for a long time and said a sentence, “No need.”
“No? I still can afford a cup of milk tea.” Chuck said.
“Humph, it’s you!” Du Xinye was annoyed. His face was even uglier than the pig’s face. His handsome face was hot and hot, and he was deformed with anger.
“Young Master.” Betty hadn’t left yet. She came across the crowd and glanced at the two men without expression. “Master, do you need anything?”
Du Xin’s ambitions are even hotter, Master? These two words are very familiar, because he is at home, and the servant in the family calls himself that!
“No need,” Chuck shrugged. .
“Then Mr. Li has given you…” Betty came here to talk about this matter. The private jet is almost the same. It can basically be transported here. However, a private apron has to be repaired.
Formalities, she has already dealt with these.
Of course, when she spoke, she looked at Du Xinye.
Du Xinye converged, and he felt a bit dangerous in this look.
“Give me a call first,” Chuck was still looking forward to it. How comfortable would it be to take Yvette to sit?
“Okay, Master, you are busy! By the way, I said this to Mr. Li just now. She said that you have done a good job of asking the whole school to drink milk tea this time,” Betty did just call to mention , Mainly because Karen Lee asked why so noisy? Betty said smoothly. Karen Lee laughed as soon as she finished talking…
Chuck smiled, his mother actually praised herself?
“By the way, how is my mother doing recently?” Chuck was more worried about this. For many days, my mother seemed very busy, and she didn’t know what happened to Mi Guo.
“Fortunately,” Betty said simply.
Chuck sighed that he had just started school here and had little time to go to the United States, but there was nothing really wrong with Mom, so Chuck could not help solve it, but would also be on the same front as Mom.
“This stares at my young master so much, is there something wrong?” Betty raised her eyebrows with a blank expression.
“It’s okay.” Du Xinye hummed away, and the obese girl certainly followed.
But the students came around, “Heart, what are you doing so anxiously? Milk tea, let’s drink milk tea.”
“Go away!” Du Xinye opened it with his hands in exasperation, but the classmate didn’t pay attention, the milk tea lid was opened, and the milk tea splashed on Du Xinye.
At this moment, Du Xinye was embarrassed.
“Heartfield, sorry, sorry.”
Du Xinye stared angrily at Chuck, angrily.
“Master, do you need me to give him a lesson?” Betty asked, with such a bad look, she didn’t like it very much.
“Forget it, just ignore her for now.” Chuck is too lazy to care about him, but if this Du Xinye provokes himself again, then Chuck will not be polite.
“Yes. Then you are busy, I’m going back,” Betty said. Chuck had no opinion. Although he was going back to the hotel, it was still early. Chuck had to think about where to buy a villa.
Helicopters can be parked on the roof.
Betty walked to the side of the road and opened the door to enter.
She started calling Karen Lee again.
Some students at the scene stopped taking pictures. They looked at Chuck more curiously.
Among them, there were freshmen, sophomores, sophomores, and even seniors. Today, Chuck has been unknown. Not only did they spend money to invite the whole school to drink milk tea, but there was also a woman who started Rolls-Royce looking for him, which really subverted their understanding of hanging silk!
What’s going on? It has been obscured, how can you have the money to invite everyone?
It’s so weird. It’s not that they really got a cup of milk tea for free at this time. They really didn’t believe it.
Especially Chuck’s class of students, they were most shocked because they came here to see Chuck’s joke, thinking that Chuck could not afford it, but now it seems that they are wrong and Chuck can afford it. But why can you afford it?
Even Du Xinye, the school curator just now, was angry, but they heard about it in the group. The reason why Chuck asked to drink milk tea was because he was compared with Du Xinye. Now that Du Xin is wild, Chuck actually won.
“Chuck, wouldn’t it be a rich second generation?” Chuck’s classmates muttered to himself, otherwise there would be nothing to explain, drink milk tea again, and a woman who opened Rolls-Royce Who came to find him, can there be a better explanation than the rich second generation?
“Isn’t it possible, what did Chuck look like before?” The other students denied it.
Chuck is too poor, too hung, especially with such long hair and wearing such a spread of clothes, can this be related to the second generation of rich? In my opinion, you can’t beat Baganzi!
“Yes, he may have picked up the money again, maybe.”
“I think it must be that he was so lucky. Last time I picked up the money, this time I found it again. Alas, envy…”
They said, there was a lot of jealousy, and they imagined it as good as it is today, but without this strength, after all, they feel that they do not have such good luck that they can pick up money one after another like Chuck… …

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