My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 336

Is there something wrong with these two women? Chuck was baffled. He hadn’t seen them before, let alone provoke them. How could he see himself speaking in this tone?
Do you look like a bad guy? Isn’t it that the hair is very long, wearing the previous clothes? As for this?
“I’m telling you ha, don’t worry about coming here. I’ll tell the security guard at the door tomorrow, don’t let idle people wait,” Lin Daner said.
“Why can’t I come here?” Chuck looked at her.
“Why? I haven’t made it clear enough? Why didn’t you rent a house in this community? Why did you come in? Because of your thick skin? You are a layman, etc. The ghost knows what you came in? As long as you are in the community , As long as it is a normal person, will not agree to you come in!” Lin Daner was angry, how could there be such a shameless person?
Just ask the whole school to drink milk tea on credit, even in the middle of the night, I wander around in other communities. What is this for? There is really no money for the milk tea shop, so you have to come out and steal? Is the robbery right?
Ouyang Fei frowned, disgusted in his heart.
“Must rent a house to get in?” Chuck looked at her and asked.
“Yes, but people who buy a house here can also come in, but your implication is that you are buying a house here?” Lin Daner sneered, thinking that the three views must be subverted by Chuck in front of him, how could this be the case People who like to act hard, so shameless!
“You said nothing…”
“No? Why are you so shameless? Can you afford the house here?” Lin Daner sneered impatiently.
Chuckzheng lived, does this woman know herself?
“Beauty, do you know me?” Chuck was weird.
“I didn’t know, nor did I bother to know, but what you did today made me realize you, and realized that a man can actually act like this.” Lin Daner said.
Ouyang Fei didn’t even bother to speak.
Chuck understood. This is really my classmate, it is estimated to be freshman, Chuck looks at Ouyang Fei, so beautiful, will it not be a school flower? When Chuck was in class today, of course, I heard about the freshman students at the school, and the two schools were used as soon as possible. According to the description, it should be the cold Ouyang Fei.
“I didn’t pretend, I…” Chuck was going to explain, these two women misunderstood themselves too much, right? Where did the misunderstanding come from?
Chuck really can’t figure it out, isn’t he just asking the whole school to drink milk tea today?
“What about me? What else do you want to explain? Say you have money to invite the whole school to drink milk tea? Do you think I don’t know?” Lin Daner hated.
“What do you know?” Chuck collapsed. Who are these people?
“You credit, you know the milk tea shop owner, you credit, others don’t know, but the two of us know.” Lin Daner continued, she felt that she must be fiercely beaten Chuck’s face today!
“Credit? Who said?” Chuck was particularly surprised. Is this a false accusation?
“Who are you talking about? You can’t pretend to be in front of us anyway,”
“I think you misunderstood, I did not have credit, and I…” Chuck explained.
“Enough, what else do you want to quibble about? You can really brag, really pretend, did you just want to say that you bought a house here? So come around and wander around, right?” Lin Daner was aggressive.
“You’re right, I really bought a house here.” Chuck shrugged. Originally, this community used to be Yvette’s house. Chuck bought it. Although he lives for Queenie now, it is under his own name. !
“Hehehe, don’t pretend? You really make me feel sick!” Lin Daner said impatiently.
“You…” Chuck was speechless.
“Trouble making drafts before you brag. You are the one who has to buy a milk tea and you have to pay for it on credit. Why did you buy it here? Is it creditable? The developers and the homeowners will take care of you? Do you think you have a thick skin? What account can I get on credit?” Lin Daner really didn’t want to go on.
“I bought this, you think…” Chuck glanced at Lin Dan’er, “Forget it, you can’t believe me without help, and I’m too lazy to show you the property certificate.”
Does Chuck still run up? He is too lazy to run!
“Oh, you still have a real estate certificate?” Lin Dan’er smiled, Ouyang Fei’s beautiful mouth, outlined a smile, but only very ridiculous.
“Don’t you pretend to be okay? Alas,” Lin Daner was particularly impatient. “If you have a real estate certificate, why don’t you take it? Let me see what your real estate certificate looks like…
…Huh, why is it too much?”
Chuck felt that he wanted to continue talking, but the phone rang. Chuck took it out to see Yvette. Chuck was surprised and busy answering, “Well, okay, okay, I will come out here,”
Chuck went out.
“Who, if you can’t talk anymore, just pick up the phone and leave on purpose?? Return the property certificate? I see the junk certificate is almost the same. I slipped when I pierced it. I walked a little slower. !” Lin Daner mocked.
Ouyang Fei was too lazy to watch Chuck, and the two went in to take the elevator.
“There are all these people, and I am drunk. I have to pretend to be anything. Do you think Feifei likes such a woman?” Lin Daner thinks no, unless the woman is a fool and blind.
“Leave him alone, wasting saliva.” Ouyang Fei didn’t want to mention it at all.
“Well, I don’t want to say him anymore, disgusting, yes, Du Xinye really changed the car, would you give him a chance?” Lin Daner asked, she thought she liked Du Xinye, so handsome and handsome , But people don’t like themselves and are only interested in Ouyang Fei.
“The threshold, he changed the car for more than 5 million, and can only enter the threshold. It is impossible for me to give him a chance, without strength! This depends on whether he works hard or not.” Ouyang Fei said.
She is not a stupid woman. When someone else changes a car, she sends herself out.
“Also, I think Du Xinye will definitely work hard!” Lin Dan’er thinks so.
“Look at him. I gave him a chance. Next week, see what kind of car he changes.” Ouyang Fei said, the elevator door opened, and the two went out.
“Well, Feifei, I ask you, don’t be angry. If the guy who likes to play hard has a sports car, would you give him a chance?” Lin Daner was curious.
“No, people like him, I won’t give him a chance if he has a plane!” Ouyang Fei’s tone was particularly weak, but with disgust.
This is a very obvious thing. Such a person, let alone now, is it impossible to have more than 5 million cars and planes in a lifetime. That is even more impossible.
“Also, he can’t afford it all his life. I think the money he made all his life is only enough to buy a sports car, a wheel, and an airplane. Not to mention, people like him can’t afford it in ten lives!”
Lin Daner said, money is all used to pretend, where can I buy a sports car plane?
“Can’t afford it, he can’t afford it!” Ouyang Fei opened the door to enter, and Lin Dan’er followed in…

Chuck came out of the community. Yvette asked Chuck on the phone where? Of course Chuck said, in fact, he wanted to go home to see, but Yan Li was there, Chuck was not easy to go, after all, Yvette’s craftsmanship was still good last time downstairs.
Chuck thought of it. After a while, Chuck saw that a car was coming. It was the car that Chuck bought for Yvette before. He stopped next to Chuck, and Chuck Yin looked at him alone. Chuck was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly opened the car door to enter. “Wifey, I miss you so much…”
This is an opportunity, Chuck thought.
But Chuck saw that Yvette was sweating all over. What did he do? Trained? It should be that Yvette turned his head, his face very serious, “Hubby, how are you going to school today?”
“Very good. But you are not used to it. I hope you go back to being a teacher. That’s…” Chuck hopes.
“No, it’s impossible. I’m training now. Husband, you have to work hard. I’m afraid you won’t be able to beat me by then. What should I do?” Yvette was more worried about this. She was found a place by her mother to fight today. She thought I have a bit of a snack, and feel that I am really fighting material.
But Yvette knew that the reason why her mother taught was not only to cope with her cousin, but also to deal with Karen Lee, and… Chuck, she didn’t want to see this scene. At the very least, Chuck’s strength should be with herself It’s almost enough, otherwise, how can Yvette ensure that Chuck can live a peaceful life?

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